Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Is It SUMMER Yet???

I am trying to be patient but I just CAN NOT with the rain! Sunshine where are you!

Honey I am so ready to wear cute colours and light weight jackets. The sun has been peaking in and out, and on the days it's been shining a little longer than 5 mins I've been ready girl lol.
As some of you may know I'm forever inspired by classic lines, fun colours, and edgy textures. While the weather is been annoying, I've literally been wearing all black everything, but I want to be a little more playful. Black is that one tone that can be worn all season long, however spring and summer encourages vibrant, loud, obnoxious styling :)

I recently spent some quality time with my mom while she was off work. We went to a local rustic pub to grab a bite to eat.
I'm a big foodie (and sometimes wonder if the fat girl inside of me will ever come out), so was looking forward to a healthy portion of whatever they had on the menu.

I was pretty casually dressed adding a suitable heel and a light accessories for added spruce.
Here I chose to colour-block my outfit wearing splashes of colour. I went for a clean dainty skirt, a slightly oversized denim jacket and a white vest top.

JACKET- Oasis Market
SKIRT- Charity Shop
SHOES- Public Desire
GLASSES- Giant Vintage

High waisted pencil skirts are always flattering to any body type. The ankle boot compliments this look well taking it from frumpy to edgy.

STYLE TIP- A wide colour palette is a fun way to experiment with your style. Try something new! Colour-blocking is playful, simple and easy to achieve!
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