Friday, 8 April 2016

Less Is More!!

Now don't get it twisted!! I'm not telling y'all to wear less clothes...

I am a firm believer in effortless style. I love to see those minimalistic fashion enthusiasts who aren't wearing anything too fancy but look sooooo well dressed. Some people are naturally gifted in knowing how to throw things together, others have that creative flair, but most just don't get it!
For those that are clueless and can not understand the art of mastering a style, there are timeless trends that can assist in keeping you on point!

  • Black on Black on Black on BLACK!!! 
Black is such a classic, chic and secure tone. It is literally the lifesaver to all fashion crimes (depending on what you are wearing). A black jacket paired with a black loose blouse, black wide legged trousers, black high heels and a black body bag... effortless, edgy and stylish without being too 'extra'.

  • MONOCHROME is life! 
Again, black is a tone that works well as the basis when putting a whole look together. White too serves the same purpose. Together it can create such simplicity in styling. A black and white striped top, black mom jeans, a white denim jacket and black pumps, is a casual way of serving a minimal outfit.

Anything with an interested print does all the work for you. You can heavily rely on making a statement wearing one elaborate item of clothing, without worrying about what to wear the printed item with. Whether it be a fussy pair of jeans, a floral tee or an embellished blazer, that statement piece will do the work for you. Pairing basic staple pieces such as neutral coloured tees etc (black, white, grey, cream, beige) will compliment the look you are going for.

Sometimes it doesn't require a whole lot for you to look great! Less Is More!! There are many other ways to look great without the fuss of accessories, fancy hair do's and extra layers. Don't get me wrong, the EXTRA in any outfit can sometimes take you from a 'oh gosh' to a 'yasss, slay!!' but minimal is timeless.

STYLE TIP- Wear your most flattering fits!
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