Thursday, 21 April 2016


Isn't it crazy how it's never the people you expect to hurt you, that hurt you?!

Life has a funny way of showing you the truth. It is the subtle situations, brief encounters and minor mishaps that teach you so much. I (along with many others) have experienced things with friends and family that has allowed me to now quickly sharpen my tolerance for foolishness and as I grow older, I find myself leaving no room for strike 2 let alone 3. This paragraph reads super aggressive lol but it's not :)

I'm sure we all want a peaceful life, less grief, no pain and no doodoo, but unfortunately that's not how the cookie crumbles. The things we have experienced and will continue to go through, ultimately build our character. I have endured some dodgy situations this year and its cray cray how I haven't allowed those things to affect me negatively. With all things in life, as long as you 'get on with it' and stay positive, there's nothing you can't conquer.

If only we could prepare for what is to come, if only we had chances to relive certain situations... but I guess that's the beauty of  learning, maturing and enduring certain trials.

Being the only girl and youngest in my family, I was totally spoilt by my mom. She made a big effort to spend time with me in every way as a child. I worked out my personality quite early on and realised balancing her traits along with my daddy's traits would mould me into the person I am today.
My mama is super sweet, and soft spoken, while my daddy held presence and took no prisoners! I've learnt how to control the other characteristics I've developed (stubbornness, impatience, ratchetness).  I actually pride myself in how I deal with situations because of how much growth and understanding/knowledge I have gained. I say all this to make the point that, no matter how much someone will TRY YOU, you can't allow them emotional access to you.
It's so easy to sometimes react to petty behaviour but, why ? What will it do for your life? What will it achieve? You may feel better at the time but it the long haul, you've given them power over you. Self-control is a must!

"Never make permanent decisions on temporary emotions"

Sometimes you can not change how people see you or how they think of you. As much as your character will prove them wrong, they've made up their mind.
I am big on respect! I've realised it can be earned and sometimes shouldn't always be given away. I believe that you should always treat people the way you wish to be treated but not to treat people the way they treat you if it is wrong. I am most definitely not saying to allow others to disrespect you, but never allow them to take you to a place that is out of your character. It is easier said than done TRUST ME, but there is so much more satisfaction in forgiveness,  and taking the high road. It frees you from the burden of that exchange.

Being that I am a chocolate sista, I unfortunately at times experience racial profiling. There is the stereotype that I am "ghetto, loud, angry, difficult" etc etc... some of those people that choose to look at me in that light, have had the pleasure of being around me, quickly to discover that I'm cool as a cucumber; while others are annoyed that they can't find those traits and pick fault.
There's also the frienemies that play super nice, watch you like a hawk, criticise your whole existence but then imitate your life... I mean GIRL LET ME LIVE lol.

"When life throws you lemons, make lemonade!"
 These growing pains are so valuable! I love who I am, who I am becoming and what I can share/teach/impact others with, because of some of these experiences.
I completely appreciate that I am able to be compassionate towards others even though they do me wrong. I love that I have found the ability to overlook things that could easily get under my skin.
Taking the high-road is soooo satisfying.
Never let anyone ruin your day! Make that lemonade!! You're going to be thrown many lemons! Always strive to leave a long-lasting reputation of humility, kindness and strength ;)

'Situations, will arise in our lives but you gotta be smart about it..' -Usher (lol)

Think of the bigger picture, think about where you are going, what you plan on achieving and the imprint you would like to leave on people's hearts. Be kind, be patient, be less ratchet, think about how your words affect people, take a breath to register what is happening and make a smart decision that will benefit you and others around you.


STYLE TIP- "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel"- Maya Angelou

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