Friday, 30 January 2015



An outfit is never complete without some type of accessory. Whether it be a hat, earrings or belt, that extra piece of spice always completes the look. It also adds some flavour and style.

I like to accessorize with a hat or a pair of glasses! I love wide brimmed fedoras and baseball caps. They suit my personality and are ideal for bad hair days.
A great pair of glasses for style purposes, really spruces up an outfit. It not only brightens up your face, but adds character.

Now, for the sistas, we usually wear a headscarf for protection and maintenance purposes, however it can also be worn as an accessory. As shown in the picture above, it can be styled in a bow to look youthful and flirty. Throw on a lose fit pair of jeans, an oversized t-shirt and a fitted blazer and your look is complete. You could also rock this look with a playful skater dress and biker jacket, giving off an 80s vibe.

Fedoras seem to be right on trend at the moment. They are very structured and quite chic. As shown in the picture above, I have tucked away, all my hair so you see nothing but face and the hat is the focal point. I would rock this look with a heavy knit jumper, a pair of skinny jeans and some heeled boots. A long pea coat, a mini (leather) skirt and blouse would also look great with this hat as an accessory.

The sporty look, is a great medium for those days you do not want to make an effort but still want to look attractive. The cap worn in the picture above can look very feminine by teaming it with a turtle neck, a pair of high-waisted joggers/harems and a boyfriend blazer. You could also throw on, a long lose fit t-shirt (to cover the booty), a pair of jeggings and a baseball jacket.

A belt is a great accessory to play with. Depending on how you wear it and what you are wearing it with, it can either enhance or highlight a part of your body.
Here I am wearing an oversized wool cardigan. The cardigan is not only very big, but has detailing that emphasizes it's size. It can be worn as is for a casual look. To create some shape, tying the belt around your waist shows your waistline and cinches it in .

My favourite accessory is a pair of glasses. There are so many shapes and sizes that can add character to your face.

A pair of glasses can be the staple piece of a really simple outfit. For any formal occasion, the pair of cat-eye glasses are a nice touch of style. They are flirty and sophisticated. These could be worn with a power suit for an interview. You don't have to look boring just to be taken seriously.
Pictured in the second shot are a fun pair, for a games night with friends. They are 'geeky looking' to wear with a preppy ensemble. A pleated skirt, a denim jacket and some converse would pull this look together.
The aviator style glasses are my most worn. They remind me of the prescriptive glasses my dad used to wear. They have that vintage feel.
These would compliment a leather jacket, a maxi skirt and an over-sized scarf; with a pair of booties.
The last pair of glasses pictured above, are becoming a trend. I first purchased these from Camden a few years back and broke them. Of course I had them replaced and noticed recently, a lot of bloggers and fashionsitas have also gotten their hands on a pair. They're quirky, different and oversized! These could be worn with a cropped pair of trousers, a cropped tee and a fitted blazer. A pair of loafers or ballet flats would really complete this overall look.
As well as diamonds being a girls best friends and jewellery playing a big part in accessorising an outfit, shoes are also a girls best friend. The right shoes can take an outfit from a 5 to a 10.
The right shoe is dependant on your body shape as well as the fit of your trousers, jeans or skirt.
If you are like me and have really skinny ankles, a more dainty shoe is definitely more flattering.
If you are a victim of the 'cankle' (calf & ankle are not defined in ratio) then a strappy shoe (1st pic) can alter the shape of your legs.
A heel is always more feminine for a dressy occasion. I'm not the type to accessorize by matching a handbag with a choice of shoe, however I have seen it done and it most definitely can bring a look together. 
Shoes, bags, jewellery, hats, scarfs and glasses are definite options when wanting to add that extra 'something' to an outfit.
STYLE TIP: A woman's best accessory will always be her smile and character! Ensure your choice of accessory compliments you! 


Friday, 23 January 2015



 Do you check his shoes too?! lol I know I'm not the only one! In all honestly, when looking for a suitor, the exterior isn't ALL that matters. For me personally, I would like for my future boo, to take a little care in his appearance.
Most guys are really laid back when it comes to what to wear. They have the luxury of simplicity. They, throw on a tee, some jeans/joggers, a jacket and their favourite trainers. On a good day, they'll iron a shirt and maybe wear that one pair of 'nice shoes'.
 In all fairness, it is VERY attractive for a man to be rugged and 'not so put together'. However, for the ladies who want their hubby to clean it up slightly and the men who wouldn't mind a few tips... this post is for you :-).

A nice long pea coat/trench coat is something to invest in. It is timeless, smart and fitting for a gentlemen. Here the model Tim, is wearing a grey pea coat. I styled him in a plain white t-shirt, adding a cardigan. This khaki cardigan opens up the colour palette, contrasting against the shoes. Adding layers to an outfit, will not only keep you warm, but will give some dimension to your overall look.

A contrast of colours is one way to enhance ones style. It's ok to be matchy matchy, however coordination is my preference. Although this grey coat has a simplicity about it, the detailing is what creates the drama. This statement coat is what I call an 'all purpose' piece.

COAT- Disorder Boutique
TEE- River Island
CARDIGAN- River Island
JEANS- Primark
SHOES-Cow Vintage

A pair of jeans can go a looooong way. A good pair of jeans are what every man should definitely have. A slim fit pair are ideal... they look more flattering for the shape and work for most occasions.

Tim is wearing a plain black tee, a pair of light weight jeans and a khaki jacket. To create a more stylish look, I added some texture using a few accessories. A simple look like this, is easy to achieve. Accessories make all the difference. The scarves add colour, picking up the detail on the jeans.  

JACKET- Disorder Boutique
JEANS- Disorder Boutique
HAT- Vintage
SCARVES- Vintage

The sport luxe look, is a great look for a date night. It shows a nice amount of effort without looking too eager to impress. It can be pulled together with your favourite jeans, a neat pair of trainers and a sports jacket. For this particular style, I have opted for the pea coat shown earlier.

An all black outfit always looks clean, chic and put-together. With this 'all purpose' pea coat it gives the ensemble that extra umph! Because the coat is very fussy, wearing all black pulls the look in.

COAT- Disorder Boutique
TEE- Primark
JEANS- Primark
TRAINERS- Converse

 It's all about the FIT when wanting to look effortlessly great. It's easy to wear the latest trends, but ensure you wear clothes that are suited to your body shape. Here Tim is wearing a plain jumper and a snazzy pair of stretch jeans. Although this is a very minimalistic look, the way the clothes fall on his structure is what makes the difference.

Knowing your size is important. Most men are guilty of guessing what size they are in shirts and t-shirts usually, opting for a L or XL. It must be an ego thang, but be real with yourselves, it's ok to be a small or extra small. As long as your clothes are flattering for your physique, that's all that matters. Ensure you know the correct measurements for your trousers. Sagging jeans ain't always cute! Wear a belt when needed. 

JUMPER- Fruit of the Loom
JEANS- Disorder Boutique
TRAINERS- Converse

Investing in pieces of clothing that are interesting to look at, as well as complimentary to your physique and individual style, are a must. A suit blazer that can be worn without the full suit is convenient to have. You are then able to wear it to an informal occasion with jeans and tee.
A pair of harems are a nice change from your standard trouser, jean or joggers. They are not only comfortable but stylish and different. They can be quite fitting for most casual nights out. However, depending on how they fit, they can appear to shorten your legs. 

These suggested items are for the fellas who are interested in something different. They do not necessarily need to be worn altogether as shown in the picture above, but can be styled individually with other pieces that aren't so dramatic. The trousers (pictured on the model Tim) are a great staple piece. The zip detailing on the leg, allows for you to have an harem-style look. You can also zip the trouser leg right up! It stills gives these slim fit trousers some flavour!

JACKET- Disorder Boutique
JACKET (underneath)- Disorder Boutique
TEE- River Island
TROUSERS- Disorder Boutique
SHOES- Primark

STYLE TIP: Dress to impress yourself, but be mindful of what you want to say in what you wear! Think about the FIT and invest in some staple pieces (they're easier to recycle).


Friday, 16 January 2015


As a creative person, I find myself wanting to share my creative juices, especially when they have not yet been exercised or activated. I have a natural tendency to sometimes over share with people I assume are trustworthy, secure and encouraging; however not everyone wants the best for you! The shade is real!!
Evaluating the people in your life is a must!



The term 'frienemy' is used to describe people who have ulterior motives and hidden agendas, posing as a friend but living as an enemy.  I personally do not want to associate myself with anyone that isn't genuinely wanting to see me win. If you can't be happy for me, why are you here???
Building a friendship and creating a bond with someone, takes valued time and effort, so it sometimes isn't as clear to see that you're dining with the devil. You almost don't want to accept that YOUR friend, ain't your friend! tut tut :(
I believe the true definition of a frienemy is someone who is either insecure, intimated or both!
Insecurity, comparisons, jealousy and intimidation all go hand in hand. People with these issues, occasionally 'act out' towards the people who they feel 'have it all'. In the midst of this, its important that you mind your own business and ensure they mind theirs lol!
Everyone is on their own journey, so to compare, compete or feel intimidated by the next person, is pretty pointless. It only slows down the process to your progression and distracts your focus.

Ensuring you are surrounded by like minded people is a bigger deal than we sometimes realise. Your peers shouldn't be your competitors. We all hold something unique in character, ability and style.


When a positive attitude is not reciprocated towards you and your goals/aims/accomplishments, it is important to be selective with who you allow, to access to your life. Paying close attention to who celebrates your successes, gives insight as to whether they genuinely want you to soar... And belieeeeve me, those haters are gona HATE! 
While you continue your journey, protect your craft. It's okay to have haters... your thing won't always be everyone's cup of tea, just ensure you don't allow the haters emotional access to you. Getting caught up in all the negativity will only hinder you. You can block, unfriend and delete! Stay focused on your business.


Life gives us the opportunity to live. We have free will (to an extent) and are able to make choices and decisions for ourselves. Our up bringing shapes our mentality. Whether negative or positive, you make the choices to exist or live! To live consists of taking action, challenging yourself, stepping out of a comfort zone and trying new things.  Once you reach the age of adulthood, you set the standard for your life style.

Being insecure about your ability, looks or intellect is a state of mind. CHOOSING to ACCEPT and believe the negative words you may think of yourself, or have been called, is the reason why you feel insecure about the insecurities you have. Changing the way you think, is 80 per cent of the change you need to make. The other 20 per cent consists of faith and action! Once you give that 100 per cent of commitment to unleashing the greatness in you, there's no going back!! I'm telling you girl! :)

 STYLE TIP: Don't share your clothes (gifts, ideas, abilities) with people who don't know how to take care of them! Keep your stuff to yourself. What you have is precious!


Saturday, 10 January 2015



Lets talk ;)

The media has a great way of influencing our everyday thoughts. Whether you realise it or not, you are your environment. What you read, watch and subconsciously retain, can sometimes affect the way you see yourself; whether it be your body image, intellect or abilities/skills.
The cover girls (men as well as women), dancers, entertainers all portray society's perception of perfection. If you look at most magazine covers, the person on the front page looks glossy, snatched and the bone structure is everything!!!
Naturally you look in awe and sometimes envy, wanting to feel beautiful, be adorned or just plain look like homegirl on the cover. I think its completely natural to feel that way temporarily but, to begin to constantly compare yourself to that standard is unhealthy. Lets not forget that it takes a team to produce that one shot... an outstanding photographer, a lot hard work in editing, a stylist who is great at their job and the celebrity who probably eats well and exercises.

Comparison can sometimes be the reason why we lose ourselves. It's so easy to get wrapped up in wanting to be like the next person, or trying to fit in with what everyone else is doing to be successful. To stay current and relevant, it is important to have knowledge of what's going on around you. Its vital that you don't belittle your craft in the process of knowing what's out there, which brings me to body image, style and fashion.


Style is an individual preference. It's your take, your expression and your way of doing something
I think we can agree that there is a general similarity in taste, when it comes to fashion. The trends are in almost every high street store. (an example) Summer 2015 denim will make its comeback! Most stores will stock up on all things denim and  I can confidently predict that there will be a high percentage of people wearing something denim.
There is a MAJOR difference between being on trend and looking stylish! BUT the foundation has to be set...  to love the skin you're in.



We are all built differently. We have similar shapes and sizes, which soothes the difficulty in figuring it out alone.  
Knowing the shape of your body, makes a huge difference when clothing it. It allows for you to accentuate the good and take away attention from the bad. However, the most important detail is deciding to accept you as YOU.
Making a conscious decision to 'Love the skin you're in' is a big deal. It sometimes takes years to acknowledge the beautiful assets of our exterior. Without thinking, I'm sure you could straight away name all the things you don't like about your body. This isn't always negative. It means there is room for change, whether it be to gain more weight, to enhance your curves or eat healthier to tone the body. Putting more emphasis on the things you like about yourself should be more of a focus. Changing the way you think, look and feel about yourself will make a huge difference in how you present yourself to the world. It can change your demeanour, attitude, the way you walk and style!
(I will do a separate blog post, for those of you that have difficulty in finding clothes to suit your shape).

Gabourey Sidibe is undoubtedly someone that sees who she is! She can look at herself and enjoy her reflection. Not solely based on her exterior, but a combination of what she can offer to the world. This quote says to me, that Gabourey has accepted the great things about her and chosen to focus on how to continuously enjoy and enhance those great things. Your body is your temple. How you view it, treat it and what you enter into it, determines its outcome.
  • Work out
  • Cream your skin
  • Plenty of rest
These things replenish your body physically and maintain youthfulness.
  • Read
  • Conversate
  • Think
Socialising is also an important element to help stimulate your mind. Isolating yourself can sometimes hinder you from learning the natural abilities to listen, engage, contribute and relate.
  • Healthier eating
  • Soul searching
  • Self expression
What you eat plays a big part in how your body feels and behaves. Taking the time out to ensure you attain a standard for yourself morally, reflects on how you treat others. Ensuring you have 'ME TIME' is a must; you can learn so much about yourself.

Invest in yourself. Love what you see in that reflection. Make those changes if you don't. Focus on the good. What matters most is what you think and how feel about you.

STYLE TIP: ''Your body is your temple, it's your home, and you must decorate it.'' - Gabourey Sidibe


Thursday, 1 January 2015

Hey 2015!!!


You should never take life, people or dreams for granted. I am forever thankful that I have been blessed enough to see 26 years of life. I have experienced failed friendships, relationships, highs and lows in different fields of work and everyday drama with family..  but I'm still here!! woop!!
Now we're into 2015, I am literally so excited about achieving! I can truly say I have matured and learnt some life lessons the hard way.
At 18, I thought I was sooo grown. I really believed I knew it all, and had it all figured out...  but boy was I wrong!! lol Between then and now, I have found myself (and still continue to work who I am). I know I am deserving of nothing but the best, I won't settle or downgrade my standards and I certainly have the potential to be GREAT!
It took me a good few failed friendships to realise, not everyone is for you or supportive of your journey. Your closest friends sometimes don't  want you to succeed if it means you may be doing better than them.. I learnt that the hard way, but it has strengthened my character and taught me how to move on and let go.
The last relationships I  have been involved in, I have come to realise that, everyone has different standards, different ways of viewing things and not everyone respects your opinion or cares to hear it. Coming out of these situations I've learnt not settle. Compromising things to make someone else happy isn't always wise, especially when it can leave you feeling sad. Committing to someone is a big deal, whether married or not. Making that conscious decision to accept that person with all their flaws, simply because you want to love them regardless, is a challenging thing to do. Love shouldn't be conditional, but so often make it to be that way. Nonetheless I've learnt to dash way the people that don't hold the same respect and integrity I feel a relationship should hold. Compatibility is a must when it comes to morale.
Anywho, what I am trying to say is, DO YOU this year! Make you YOUR priority. Don't hold back and don't downgrade your dreams or your standards!!!

So, my New Years celebration was very low key this year, but it was perfect! I was with my family and church family. Everyone was dressed in black and white. We ate, danced along to the live band and said a little pray of thanks.
I chose to wear all black and a white blazer. Details below :)

I purchased the white blazer months and months back at a charity shop. I kept my look dressy and chic by keeping all the drama in the trousers. Because the trousers had a lot of texture, I chose not to emphasize anything else. A simple water fall top and strappy shoe, tied everything in.

BLAZER- Charity Shop
TOP- Primark
SHOES- United Footwear

I hope everyone enjoyed their New Year celebrations (if you celebrated). This time of year  most people get a little carried away and drank or have a super low key night and do absolutely nothing lol. Here are a few pictures from last night. Enjoy!

Everyone looked beautiful and I'm sure we all had a great time. Best dressed for the night in my opinion went to my twin! He looked real stylish and dapper. Didn't quite stick to the black and white theme, but what fashionista does! ;) (He was feeling himself lol look at the stance)

STYLE TIP-  Out with the old, in with the new!!! Lets go shopping haha :)
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