Sunday, 29 November 2015



Hey guys! 
So as some of you may know, I love to go to church. It feeds my mind, body and soul. When I need encouragement, confirmation for something or just a place to hang out, my church is open to help meet all those needs.
Growing up in a church where the congregation was predominately West Indian, it was apart of our 'culture' to dress up! Even though this was not a requirement, for my family it was.
I now attend a church that is multicultural and quite laid back in terms of attire, which is neither here or there... church certainly isn't about your exterior! I loved dressing up for church growing up and I love that I now have the option.

What I wore

Last Sunday I wanted to be comfortable (as per usual) yet cute. I decided to wear a dress, a pair of trousers and an oversized coat. The colour palette was very neutral with a hint of pastel pink.

This simple crew neck dress is a great mini that can be worn with knee high boots, ankle booties or heeled sandals. I chose to wear it as a long top over the top of these waxed jeans. I liked the slight contrast in textures alongside the patent black boots. To add an Autumn touch I through on a khaki scarf and rocked a plum lip.
I accessorised using my phone case.

DRESS- Neon Rose
BOOTS- River Island
COAT- Jaegar
SCARF- Brick Lane
LIPSTICK- Colourpop (Lax)

STYLE TIP- Come as you are!! Dont worry about being accepted! The man up stairs has got your back!


Friday, 20 November 2015



I'm back with a new post... this is long over due! To all my loyal readers, sorry to disappear for such a period of time. It's been a little hectic over the last couple weeks trying to sort my life out. I hope everyone is well adjusted to the Autumn weather and preparing for Christmas do's! I have a lot of beauty, style and make-up tips to share throughout this season!

So, while I have been M.I.A on the blogging scene, I managed to do an impromptu shoot with blogger, model and YouTube guru Miss Breeny Lee. I met Breeny about a year or 2 ago briefly through one of my best friends. She is very striking and has bone structure for dayssss! Naturally I was drawn to her look, especially her beautiful skin tone wanting to (at some point) style her. The opportunity presented itself and we made magic!!

The initial plan was to do an epic on location photo-shoot ,where I had complete creative freedom to style Breeny. We went for a simplistic approach instead due to conflicting schedules and timing. The end result was still pretty fly. 


JACKET- No Name Brand
TOP- Primark
JEANS- Oasis Market 
SHIRT- Descamps
SHOES- Primark
BAG- SkinnyDip London

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