Friday, 20 March 2015



I was invited by a friend last Sunday to attend a local fashion show  held in Birmingham. The event was called Runway UK. A handful of designers gathered at Players to showcase their clothing lines. Food and wine was provided for those in VIP booths and a bar for the spectators seated along the runway.
I chose to wear and all black outfit with a pop of red for drama. Here is a closer look at what I wore.

These PVC jeans are one of my favourite go-to bottoms when it comes to jazzing up an all black outfit. The texture is loud and stylish! I paired them with a simple black round neck top and a black faux fur gillet. I didn't fancy wearing high heels, so opted for these kitten heeled sling-backs. This outfit was simple, comfortable and stylish...the 3 things I try to remain :).

To add some flavour, I threw on this hot red coat. Now ladies, these long floaty jackets have been in style since the fall. They have been a huge trend since Kim K was snapped wearing the famous camel and tan waterfall coat. I came across this dupe in a corner store and bagged it for a quick buck. It isn't has high quality as I would like but is pretty decent for the price. I think they're a great piece to have in the wardrobe. They're light weight, easy breezy and quite timeless.

TOP- Uniqlo
GILLET- Internacionale
COAT- Marketplace
BAG- Camden

During this fashion show, I definitely left quite pensive.
The standard we set for ourselves  not only stems from the things we're inspired by, but our aspirations. It takes a level of bravery and confidence to venture into entrepreneurship, however it is important that the standard is high. To produce a range of clothing and sell it to an audience requires creativity, great work ethic and a mind for business. When tackling a clothing line, it is also important that you have a target audience in mind and a range of clothing that is ready to be presented.
The Runway UK had designers who were definitely enthusiastic about their vision but in my opinion didn't quite grasp the quality aspect. A visionary takes into consideration, all aspects of what it is they are presenting to the world. Fashion and style go hand in hand but style will get you recognised, so it is essential that the quality of style is thorough. (hopefully that made sense)

STYLE TIP- Decide what it is you want (to look like) and go for it! Don't lose sight of your vision, but take your time!

Saturday, 14 March 2015


Some of us are unaware of our shape, which makes it a little easier for us to commit fashion crimes. Although you are free to wear and dress entirely how you like, these fashion don'ts in my opinion are unforgiveable!
It's important to get it right. By knowing these basics you will definitely be on your way to becoming fashion savvy and more importantly stylish!




Leggings (for me) are for the gym. They should be worn underneath dresses or trousers to create layers and warmth but really girl, not everyone can get away with wearing a pair of leggings and make it look cute. So if you're going to wear them, keep these suggestions in mind.
  • Purchase a quality pair that are NOT transparent! We don't want to see your Victoria secrets.
  • Purchase the right size! Too tight means camel toe may be in full effect...that's a no no!
  • Purchase leggings and not tights...they're not the same! Tights are thinner. You will commit a multitude of sins if you wear them as leggings!



#Bra straps
When wearing a strappy top, it is essential to ensure your under garments are undetectable. We sometimes do not give this any thought, however this mistake can leave you looking sloppy and unkept. Given that it is some what a 'style' to show off the straps, ensure you do it properly.
  • Invest in a strapless bra! The picture above is not on point.
  • Wear clothes that fit correctly. Double check before you leave the house that everything is sitting neatly
  • If showing your under garments is a part of the look you're going for, ensure your underwear is fresh, clean and pretty.


#Clothes too tight
My pet peeve is seeing that clothes don't fit correctly. We sometimes may be in denial that we have gained weight, or maybe we haven't accepted that we are a little taller or shorter than the average height. This is sometimes shown by the way our clothes fit us. It is important we try and understand our body's shapes and sizes.

  • Measure yourself. Find out your height, width, bra size, inside leg etc. Knowing this information will help you shop.
  • If you want your clothes to be fitted, get the correct shape, don't just opt for a smaller may look like its too small.
  • Ensure the clothes you wear allow movement... we don't want to see your booty crack when you bend over!



#Visible Pant Line
Now girls, this is a BIG no no! Not only is it unflattering for your shape, but it also sends out a message to the thirst buckets. Not all, but some guys will look at you as an easy target or a cheap thrill to play with. So lets get it right first time.

  •  Invest in a body shaper. They suck you in and allow for fitted clothes to look seamless.
  • Invest in nude underwear. Wearing a white skirt with white underwear looks vile. Black underwear against Caucasian skin tones doesn't always work either. Get those nudes.
  • Don't buy such tight's not working for you!! ok!
 STYLE TIP: Keep in mind the pros and cons of fashion don'ts! They never go unmissed. Buy a mirror and use it thoroughly!

Monday, 2 March 2015


#Adventure Time

A classic black leather boot, with distinctive yellow stitching, gained popularity in the 1990s as the grunge fashion arose. When I think about Dr Martens, the first thing that springs to mind, is the British punk style. Docs have that edgy, rock feel to them. There is nothing comical about this shoe, however Dr Martens are releasing a new boot with a playful touch.
Adventure Time is one of the most popular shows on the Cartoon Network. They are soon to be an animated feature on the big screen developed by Warner Bros. If you're not a big kid like me, or don't have any toddlers around, you probably aren't familiar with the story of Adventure Time.
Adventure Time follows the adventures of  Finn (a 12 year old boy) and his best friend Jake (the dog) who fight to protect the Land of Ooo, from the Ice King who is searching for his Princess Bubblegum
As part of Dr. Marten’s STANDFORSOMETHING Spring/Summer 2015 campaign, they have created three styles inspired by the show’s characters—one will feature Jake the dog, the second will feature Finn and the third will be an all-over print of both.

To promote this collaboration, The Cartoon Network set up a 'Bounce Mob' on Carnaby Street. All involved in this attention seeking movement, were given a colourful onsie and a bright pair of Dr Martens. I took part in the fun and bounced along on my space hopper.


It was quite a workout bouncing on that thing! I felt my booty tightening up and my thighs working out! I'm glad I could keep this space hopper.. will definitely add it to my home workouts lol. We were fortunate enough to keep the boots too.
How to rock these yellow Docs?!
I definitely can say that these boots are very comfortable. They have a soft bouncy sole and don't feel as heavy as they look. Personally, I think Dr Martens are too masculine for me. I have skinny ankles so find it a little difficult to style, however I have adjusted to rocking them with baggy/floaty pieces of clothing (look-book coming soon).
These new Dr Martens are fun and silly. With the bright colours and animated prints, they call for a laid back playful outfit. If you're a fan of the limited addition boots, you can rock these with  an all black outfit or style them with a subtle spring/summer colour palette.

Style Tip- Fashion and style should always be fun! If you don't enjoy dressing up what's the point!
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