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So last week I intended on going to an event as a spectator. The event is called W.A.W.N (What a Woman Needs). It is hosted by a dear friend of mine, the artist (singer) Monique Thomas. It was held at the old library in the Custard Factory.
I  was really looking forward to going, seen as I had been to her previous events, knowing that the vibe would be great! It was a girls night in... women empowerment, celebrating each other with plenty of encouragement to go around!
I received a text from Monique a few weeks before the event, asking if I wanted to do a mini segment to do with styling! I was like yassssssssss!!! I replied straight away willingly, but then it settled in...I'd be speaking in front of a room full of people OMG!!

Being that the topic was "I AM BRAVE" I told myself, girl this is your moment to be brave lol.
I've always been quite shy and quiet growing up, so the thought alone, already intimidated me. The last time I remember doing any type of public speaking, was years ago at church. My mum and dad would literally FORCE my brothers and I, to read out scripture verses from the bible to the church congregation lol.

It turned out great in the end! My nerves calmed down after the first 10mins. Here is a snippet below!

I chose to wear a simple black outfit that I would most definitely feel comfortable in. A pair of black skinny jeans, a black dress (worn as a top) and a leather gillet for a bit of edge. To keep me warm, I opted for my camel coat adding a bit of colour. I also chose to wear these vintage saucer glasses to hide behind lol.

 COAT- My mama
DRESS- Bought in 2006, no tag)
JEANS- Primark
BOOTS- Market
 It was a night to remember. Different woman shared their personal stories and connected with one another. There were a lot of laughs, relatable moments and great conversation. Nibbles were provided, a bar to help ourselves to cocktails and champagne... I mean what girls night is complete without cocktails and wine :)


It was really nice to see different ladies from all walks of life, dress up for this girls night in.
The ladies and I were asked to write down, why we consider ourselves brave. As simple as the task was, it was also quite difficult for some (me).
Until this event, I never gave any real thought as to whether or not I am brave. During the preparation process, I discovered my bravery stems from embracing who I am. It's so easy to conform and be like everyone else, but for me, bravery is giving myself the freedom to completely be myself regardless of what others may think.

A massive thank you to singer, wife, mother-to-be, friend, phenomenal woman Monique Thomas. Without events like this, us women forget to support each other and unite . This event is continuously encouraging, refreshing and uplifting!
Monique is probably unaware of this, but she is someone who truly inspires me. The conversations we have motivate and push me to be something great! Thanks Monique!! Continue to be an ELECTRIC LADY!!!

STYLE TIP: Another woman's beauty is not the absence of your own! BE BRAVE!

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