Sunday, 28 September 2014



HEY LOVES! I hope you're grand! :)
I went to church this morning and left feeling great as per! I wanted to share with y'all my outfit of the day. I wore a black turtle neck and a pair of mustard cropped trousers. In general I dress quite simple, not wearing a lot of prints but mainly neutrals. A hint of fuss and splash of colour with these leopard prints heels and faux fur electric blue bag completed my look. The sun came out to play, so this black turtle neck was not so fun standing in the heat lol.


BAG- Coast

Even though the weather is not proving autumn is near and here, we will soon be transitioning to jumpers, thicker jackets and longer coats. Waiting for the autumn leaves to fall, I am always inspired by the colour palette. My favourite colour in this season is khaki green. I have many coats and have a habit of buying different styles but in the same colour lol. These 4 khaki jackets have different shapes and can be dressed up or down. 

JACKET- Cow Birmingham
This light weight khaki jacket is great for the current climate. It is heavy enough to keep me warm yet cropped and slightly oversized to allow the breeze to sweep in. Khaki green is an earthly tone complimentary to other colours.

For cold summer nights, this long dusty green cardigan is ideal for me to throw-on over whatever it is I am wearing. Typically I usually wear an all black number and fling this on with a sproocey scarf. It's simple but warm, because of the wool and cashmere blend. I nicked this from my mama, so I don't wear it often...she won't let me claim it... yet! hehe :).
JACKET-  Market
This bomber jacket is one of my new favourites. It is definitely a autumn/winter must. For me, it has the balance of keeping me warm without weighing me down. I can get away with wearing just one layer underneath. It is more for a casj night out with my girlies and needs specific styling...the colours work well, but I wouldn't wear these particular pieces together.

COAT- Alex&Co
I bought this coat from a charity shop a good while back and it has not let me down. I love how oversized it is. It pretty much goes with anything, although I feel it is more geared towards casual wear. I like to wear this coat over the top of a slinky dress or with loads of layers and ripped jeans. This is one of my favourite autumn/winter coats.
I hope the different styles inspire you as you transition into autumn/winter wear.
Style Tip: As the season changes, switch up your colour palette and style! Be inspired by your surroundings.
Enjoy your week! Stay stylish! x

Tuesday, 16 September 2014



After the excitement of day 1 at Somerset House, I was all geared up and ready for day 2. The weather was gracing us with more sunshine, so I decided to wear something a little bright. Now... I'm not really the type of lady to wear pink, but I was all pinked out giiiirl.
Here is a closer look at what I wore.


This fushcia pink textured top was something I nicked from my mama's wardrobe. I loved the feel of it, the bright statement in colour and the length. I prefer oversized, floaty and baggy clothes, so the size of this top was not an issue. I teamed it with some leather trousers and a leather gillet. To pull this look together I wore girly pink heels, carrying a black beaded handbag and vintage glasses.

TOP- My mama
GILLET- Topshop
TROUSERS- Charity Shop
SHOES- Chinese Boutique
BAG- Bday pressie

I dragged my bestie with me and she gave me 10 minutes to style her. Because she thinks I dress weird, I didn't want to take her out of her comfort zone, so chose to dress her in a blue striped satin blouse with high waist acid wash vintage jeans.
Nadine is naturally beautiful and has curves in all the right places, which meant that her natural beauty and firey red hair was all the style she needed.


Again I bumped into a lot my favourite instagram friends and beauty vloggers/bloggers. One of my favourite bloggers is this young lady Romeo. I went over to say hi and she was super super nice. She oozes quality and always looks dainty and lady-like. Even in this edgy black number, she looked fabulously feminine. The colour palette that lifted the black is very chic.. the textures of leather, sequins, the splash of silver all thrown together, add the drama to this outfit. Check out her blog, she is also a designer! 

This colourful cutie is Maga! I loved how vibrant her pieces were. It really reflected her personality. She was so full of life. Maga came to London from Brazil especially for LFW. She was working as international press, blogging her experiences and reporting back for Brazil MTV. Her website...


This spice of life is someone I follow on instagram. She is an incredible designer with a fetish for fabrics. Her clothing line is something I can not wait to get my hands on. She makes unique pieces and pays such attention to detail.  It was really refreshing to conversate with a cultured individual who is unapologetic about what her niche is. Payzee is her name. Follow her whereabouts on instagram @fetishforfinefabrics. 

The street style was as amazing as  day 1 at LFW . There were faces I saw the day before and new faces to interact with. These snaps don't do these beauties justice. If only you were there to digest the textures, colours, prints, patterns etc.  'Pure genius type' styling and fashion.
I headed over to the Freemason Hall to watch SS15 Collection by Dora Abodi. I hadn't planned on going to this particular showcase but there were pieces I fell inlove with. The bomber jackets were to die for and the shoes were awesome. Here are a few snaps.

Here at LFW it was selfie nation. People were soaking in each others creativity. There was even a booth for you take pictures. Aswell as professional photographers taking constant snaps, bloggers were snapping away and so were the random spectators. This lovely lad came over to take the ultimate selfie with my friends and I. He had the most high-tech gear I've ever seen. He was prepared with his extendable stick and clicker to take the pictures lol. I was pretty impressed.

I was pretty pooped after a long day at LFW marching around in my pink heels, but never the less had another amazing day. I unfortunately didn't get to stick around for the last 3days, however with the amount of wesbites and posts I've seen, it has felt as though I am still there. Bring on Paris Fashion Week'd be so great if I could make it!
STYLE TIP: ''In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different'' - Coco Chanel
Enjoy your week love bugs! Stay STYLISH!!! Ciao x

Monday, 15 September 2014



London Fashion Week is where it is at! Day 1 was a fun filled fashion forward event, full of paparazzi, models, designers and street style. It was mainly held at Somerset House, but there were also other shows being held at places, such as The Freemasons Hall. I am so glad I made it to take a peak at some of the SS15 designer collections.

 I unfortunately don't have pictures to show details of what I wore, but here you can see that I kept it bright and chic! I chose to wear something simple and comfortable as I knew it would be a busy day walking around. I wore a black long sleeved blouse with mesh detailing and a pair of cropped tailored high-waist trousers. I livened up the all black by throwing on an orange oversized blazer, topping it off with my wide brimmed mahogany fedora. On my feet were flat 'Dr Marten style' patent shoes.

BLAZER- Alexon
TOP- Ebay
TROUSERS- Charity shop
SHOES- Newlook
What I loved most about day 1, was the energy around me. Everyone there was networking, working for a fashion magazine company, up and coming designers showcasing there work, fashion bloggers connecting with stylists etc etc. And lets not forget the street style!! I mean...from these pictures you will see the creativity, the style and the expression. It was so great to be around.


I met a lot of my favourite beauty/fashion vloggers from youtube. It was so nice to have briefly chatted with Tasha Green. She was super humble and sweet. This monochrome look Tasha wore, was clean, neat yet stylish. Check out her youtube channel:
I just so happened to spot fashionista and creator of Serge De Nimes fashion label, Proudlock from Made In Chelsea. I loved his camouflage suit. This print on print two piece suit was definitely eye catching yet swauve. Check the lady in the back though... those wide-legged cullotes were beautiful, teamed with her neon coral heels, clutch and pink hair. She was working it!

The street style was incredible. Everyone had their own personal thing going on. No-one looked like the next person. There were similar colour palettes, but for the most part the level of uniqueness was inspiring.

Here are few snaps of the first show I attended. SS15 Eudon Choi. I loved the masculine yet feminine touch to his pieces. The garments were perfectly tailored, the lines were clean and the shapes were interesting. This collection was one of my favourites because of that androynous feel, which is what I apply to my everyday style.

Across the way from Somerset House was MELondon Hotel. A media lounge was especially there for the people of London Fashion Week to mingle, network and chill in between showcases. I bumped into RoughCopy and caught up briefly with Kaz. I really liked his ensemble. He had quite an ethnic feel to his style.

Overall the day was epic! I had such a great time meeting new people, sparking conversation about life, fashion, style etc and just being back in London in the 22 degree weather! DAY 2 LFW stayed tuned!

STYLE TIP: Be inspired by the people around you..dress to up and show off! People are interested in you!

Stay stylish ! :) Ciao xx

Monday, 8 September 2014




Have you guys noticed how the weather is back to being glorious! It's a bit annoying cause I've already been layering up, but I won't complain! haha
Yesterday was my niece's christening and the sun was shining!! It was such a nice day. I prepared to wear something wintery because I was convinced that the weather man was lying about the 20 degree climate... but I guess he was telling the truth.
This is what I wore:

I chose a white blazer to wear over the top of this embroidery textured, purple top. Underneath that, I had a satin white vest, to emphasise the detail of the embroidery. I paired this with, cut off leather trousers and pink heels. I chose to wear these pink shoes especially for my little princess. They were very girly and fitting for the occasion.

JACKET- Chinese Boutique
TOP- Marks & Spencers
SHOES- Chinese Boutique

To celebrate the life of my niece and to pray over her future, that she be protected and surrounded by love, was a lovely occasion at church. She had proud parents oozing with pride, happy grandparents, Godparents ready to spoil her for a life-time and friends of the family in support of ensuring she is thoroughly looked out for. It really does take a village to raise a child, and having her christened showed how much support my brother Matthew, his wife Kim and the little princess Krystle really do have. 


I love this picture of the Pastor holding the princess. I believe that Pastor Trevor is a man of his word and I truly hope Krystle will get to grow up in this church. Revival Fires is not only a church but a family.

I must say, I'm very proud of my brother. He is so committed and dedicated to creating a better life for his family. In today's society, it seems as though people aren't afraid to walk away from responsibility and lead double lives...but noooo honey, my mama and daddy (rip) didn't raise no fools! Matthew is one of the very few good men out there. Being that he is a professional musician, it so easy for him to fall into that crazy life style... the groupies that throw themselves at him, the constant partying, drinking etc...yet he has never drifted or surrendered to the pressure of certain peers. He remains humble, faithful and reliable. I'm super proud! 

Aww isn't she adorable! She is the sweetest little baby. She was content the whole day, happy to be held by everyone that wanted to cuddle her and just look soooo cute! I love my little princess! Aunties favourite girl. If her parents allow me to dress her lol she will be the most stylish little girl walking into nursery lol.

STYLE TIP: Clothe yourself in pretty pink positive things. Be present...especially when it comes to your style choices.


Monday, 1 September 2014



Hey y'all!! Another day of productiveness! Let me introduce you to Tim Victor (if y'all don't already know). Tim is a sanger!! Yes I said sanger. He is launching the beginning of his greatness, this Friday night at Velvet Rooms. The event is called Timtroduction. It will be an introduction concert for us to get to know more about his music. 
Now being an artist, YOU are your brand. Although your music is what you want people to remember you by, your image plays a huge part of the package.
Today we stopped by Cow in Birmingham as they were kind enough to supply all the goods for Tims d├ębut. The stylist that pulled the look for Tims final fit goes by the name Ramario Chevoy. Let me tell you!!! This guy is DIRECT and he knew exactly what he had in mind for Tim.

Ramario first got a feel for Tims personality. We all got chatting and caught up whilst he was scanning the rails. He pulled quite a good few looks which were all completely different to each other. 

  The first look: Tim was wearing a tartan green vintage blazer with a black silk shirt. Ramario pulled a pair of black corduroy trousers to finish the outfit. Ramario was unhappy with the finished product so opted for a change of shirt and a better fit in trousers.

With such a simple subtle change, the look was enhanced. Here you can see Tim wearing a silk beige shirt and satin trousers. Although this look was stylish, it wasn't what Tim had in mind for his night to come.
Ramario proceeded with showing other options.

Some looks worked, while others didn't. These trousers stood out with the print, texture and fit, but again it didn't represent Tims artistry.

Here Tim is wearing a 'biker style' black denim jacket, with a lavender print shirt. It was teamed up with a pair of black denim loose fit jeans. This was closer to what Tim wanted in terms of that 'laid back' feel, however the fit of some of these items allowed for an unfinished look. To see the chosen ensemble, you will have to get your butt to Timtroduction on Friday.

Seen as we were in one of my absolute favourite shops in  Birmingham, I couldn't help but take a look at a few things for myself. I was mentally shopping, buying things in my head lol. Cow Birmingham have a range of bags, fanny-packs, shoes, trainers, leather jackets and trousers, all types of denim...distressed, acid wash, high-waisted, skinny fit, jumpsuits, leotards, baseball jerseys etc etc. You will definitely find unique pieces and outfit for all types of occasions.

I came across many stylish and creative looking individuals that were shopping around. These guys caught my eye simply because they complimented each other as a clique. They were all dressed very casual in denim on denim, mainly with printed shirts or plain tees. This picture does them no justice. (Sorry guys)

Overall the day was very productive and a success. It was great fun assisting and catching up with an old face doing new things! Ramario is someone I am inspired by. His attitude alone is contagious. Ramario is a dancer, choreographer, model and fashionista. He is unapologetic for who he is, what he is about and how he carries himself as an creative. Follow him on instagram @ramariochevoy for all his looks. He definitely doesn't disappoint.

If you haven't heard about TIMTRODUCTION, find yourself at the event friday evening to get all the scoop and entertainment! You don't want to miss it. 

Velvet Rooms
200 Broad Street
B15 1SU

Time: 8pm
Entry: £6

STYLE TIP: Don't be afraid to seek for a little help when enhancing your look and finding your style. Other peoples perspective will always be fresh and different. Be inspired.

Stay Stylish, Ciao! 
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