Tuesday, 30 December 2014



I am really looking forward to entering the new year, with an EXRA fresh outlook! I vowed to myself that I would end 2014, how I intend to enter 2015. I have set goals and stayed consistent in doing things towards those goals. I want to take things up a notch in all aspects of my life and I'm thoroughly looking forward to a new beginning.
Everyone sets 'New Year Resolutions'... I think it's a healthy thing to do! Once you tell yourself you are going to do something, you work towards doing it. HOW to achieve, WHAT needs to be done, WHEN will it be accomplished. Planning ahead makes a huge difference. An old friend of mine taught me the importance of planning. It allows for you to dream big and take action!!

I'm sure many of us have plans, to celebrate making it through 2014 and feeling blessed enough to see 2015. I have a black and white do at my church. So I have thrown together a few basic outfits to work around. These fits are just the basis of an outfit...you can add accessories, a blazer, layers etc to look more glam!

A leather top and a pair of white trousers can go a long way. Wear this with a stiletto heel and printed blazer or jacket to spice up the look. If you're wanting to look extra glam, a statement necklace or dangly pair of earrings will do the trick.

TOP- New Look
TROUSERS- Charity Shop
SHOES- London
BAG- Charity Shop

 Again this is a plain outfit to work around. I'm wearing a black bralet, a pair of leather high-waisted jeans and a cropped jacket, made by my mama. To sprinkle some fabulousity onto this outfit, adding gold accessories (a gold cuff, necklace or earrings) a statement clutch and a bold lipstick, will enhance the whole look and have you ready to dance around in style.

HAT- London
JACKET- My mama
BRALET- Primark
SHOES- United Footwear

This look can be enhanced by adding layers. A boostier or waist coat over the top of the shirt will add some flavour. Or even a thick waist belt with the shirt tucked in will allow a chic sassy feel. Adding pieces of jewellery always gives that extra glamour!

SHIRT- My mums
SKIRT- Boohoo.com (Altered in skirt, was a dress)
SHOES- United Footwear

A pair of thigh-high boots are a great staple piece for a night out! I am wearing it with a soft mohair white jump-dress. This look is comfortable and cute. To vamp up the whole look, a loud hair-do and sultry makeup will pull this look together.

BOOTS- Ebay (Chinese Boutique)

I hope these looks have inspired y'all in getting ready for the new year! Go out in style!!

STYLE TIP-  Ensure the choices you make serve a purpose! Be deliberate and courageous... Let go of all the negativity and think positive! Start a fresh, you have been given another chance! Stay stylish whilst doing so ;)


Tuesday, 16 December 2014


Christmas Cheer

Christmas is around the corner and we'll soon be into the new year! With all the prep to buy loved ones the perfect gifts, there are work do's, Christmas meals and socials to get dressed up for.
I find at this time of year, it's fun to join in the festivities and look the part. I tend to wear a lot of tartan, reds and knitwear. Without realising I gravitate to these specifics, in this cheerful season.
Here are 5 outfits to inspire you. Enjoy!!! :)

This maxi skirt is soft, flirty and simple. I paired it with a cropped glittery jumper and a pair of shocking red heels. This outfit is cute and casual for a night out to the movies with some friends. Throw on a leather jacket, an oversized scarf and you're festively fabulous for the night!

SKIRT- Vintage Shop
SHOES- United Footwear

For a snazzy dinner with the work colleagues, this look is very fitting. Here I am wearing a gold lace cropped shirt, paired with wide leg trousers. The trousers are chic for any dressy occasion. The gold shirt adds colour, texture and a Christmas feel. A fur coat and a clutch bag will take this look up a notch.

SHIRT- Charity Shop
SHOES- United Footwear

I bought this dress around 3-4 years ago to wear to my friends hen night. It's a fussy dress with a loud print. Because it is quite a statement piece, less is more. The hounds tooth pattern is flattering for any shape, giving the illusion of an hour glass figure. To compliment the dress, I have chosen to wear a mesh pair of boots. This outfit is ideal for a Christmas party. Team it with a long trench coat and a dainty body bag!

DRESS- River Island

The tartan print for me always feels very festive, especially in red or blue/green! These high-waisted trousers are perfect for a social with friends. They're comfortable yet dressy. I chose to pair these trousers with a plain nude turtle neck (being that I'm a girl of simplicity).  To liven up this ensemble, a bold statement necklace can be worn, along with a power shoulder blazer.

TOP- Ebay
TROUSERS- Market (I think)
HEELS- United Footwear

For those ladies that feel more comfortable in trousers, but still want to look and feel feminine, this outfit is for you. A glossy fitted shirt or blouse, paired with long tailored trousers and high heels, will have you feeling comfortable yet stylish. I chose these items to wear together, as the colour of the trousers and texture of the shirt is festive! Along with the vibrant heels, makes for a chic, effortless look. A long camel trench coat will pull this look in, having you feeling lush for any Christmas event.

TOP- Exte
TROUSERS- Marks and Spencers
HEELS- United Footwear

STYLE TIP: You may not celebrate Christmas or care for the real meaning, but allow yourself to be around loved ones. Use this season to cherish and spend time with family and true friends! Be kind, extend an olive branch (or mistletoe) and do a random act of kindness. Dress in the spirit of love!


Sunday, 14 December 2014


Evening kittens!
I really love spending time at church on Sundays. I leave feeling encouraged and loved. The main thing I took away from the service was 'Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen'. This is a scripture that really tests your faith. Believing in something you have not received, whether it be a new job, passing an exam or successful relationship.
Faith is something we subconsciously use, throughout our everyday lives. Faith gives you the strength to aim high, to hope and to believe in your dreams.
Anywho I had a great time at church today, followed by a social with my church folk! I chose to wear another relaxed, simple outfit.

I wore a black faux fur coat, a crotchet textured jumper, my comfy skinny jeans and a pair of thigh-high suede boots. This look was very easy to put together. I knew I wanted to wear a long enough jumper to cover my booty, and also a pair of jeans that weren't black, so I reached for the items that never let me down. 

I then threw on my 'doss around' coat to keep me warm. This coat I purchased from Primark.  I bought it with the intention to stay warm, but also as an everyday coat that I don't mind getting a little 'run down'. It is serving its purpose.

Again I raided my mamas closet and stumbled upon this old, vintage looking body bag. I love the colour and size. It fits all my lady tools and looks pretty good.

COAT- Primark
TOP- Birmingham Market
JEANS- Topshop (Joni)
BOOTS- Office
BAG- Mama
STYLE TIP: When making decisions in how you dress, have faith that you have chosen well. Trust, hope and believe that you look great, so you can be GREAT!

Monday, 8 December 2014

Little Black Riding Hood

Hey Lovebugs!

Here is an outfit of the day of what I wore to church yesterday. It was a cold morning and I just didn't have time to be cold, so I threw on an all black ensemble with a sheepskin coat.
This coat was a 'hand me down' from my mama! She blessed me with this coat about 5years ago! It never fails me each winter! It is black, long and most importantly WARM! It has a slight flair towards the hem line, and a huge hood. These details make me feel like little red riding hood lol.

This look is very simple to achieve. Grab a pair of your favourite jeans and team them with a black loose fitting jumper. Choose your most comfortable court shoe (heels) and the look is complete.
These jeans I purchased from Primark. They are by far my favourite pair, simply because they're high-waisted and flattering.

Excuse my dry, unimpressed facial expressions, it was cold)
COAT- Papaya
JEANS- Primark
HEELS- Monkey Schuu
STYLE TIP: Black works every time!

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Boatlife- Omars Birthday!!

Hey everyone!!! I hope y'all had a great and productive week!

My weekend was spent with family. My (not so) baby cousin Omar, turned 21!
All Omar's close friends and family were invited to celebrate at Westminster Pier on a snazzy boat ride around the River Thames. We all got dressed up, mingled, ate and danced the night away.

I chose to wear another simple chic outfit. A black fitted blazer from the Kardashian Kollection, a gold lace shirt and a pair of high-waisted tailored trousers. The little details in each of these pieces, are what made this outfit classic for the occasion.

BLAZER- Kardashian Kollection
SHIRT- Charity Shop
SHOES- Monkey Schuu

The emphasized shoulder pads, add structure to this blazer. I paired it with a gold shirt, as it really softened the structure complimenting the shape. The collar and cuffs, highlight the gold detailing. I chose a plain pair trouser to bring the look together. Although the trousers are simple, the fit is what tied the whole look in. The cropped leg and tailoring, teamed with a nude shoe allowed for a sleek overall look.

I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my family. To celebrate the life of my handsome (not so) little cousin was a blessing. I really value my family. Even if I don't see them often or speak with them as much as I would like, I love them dearly. I try not to take them for granted. It's so easy to get wrapped up and consumed with work and everyday living, but it's so important to cherish your loved ones.
Now that my cousins and I are older, although we live distances away from each other, we're developing new bonds and friendships. It made me smile to see Omar on his birthday! He threw himself a grand little boat party for us all to enjoy! I'm super proud of him and excited to see his journey as a young man!

STYLE TIP: We all take extra care of the things we like, love and value... Take that extra care with the people you like, love and value!

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Comfort Clothes!

Leather Jackets & Jumpsuits

I'm sure we all have items of clothing that we will always feel MOST comfortable wearing. There are usually pieces in our wardrobes we reached for most frequently. 
My favourites are usually a pair of harem trousers and an lose fitting top, however since I got my hands on a few jumpsuits/boiler-suits over the summer, I can't live without them! 
I found this thick, quality vintage suit from an online store called Thriftwares. Its great for this season and simple to rock. I bought it in a size bigger than I usually wear although, it also has a belt which allows for it to be worn in a more feminine way too.
Sometimes, I'm very guilty of repeating an outfit 2 days in a row! Don't judge me, I know y'all be doing it too!. I know its a fashion crime...daaahhh well, as long as you are smelling good!!! I do however switch up the way in which I wear these things. A change in shoe and jacket can make such a difference. 
My go to jackets lately, are the leather ones. I have a variety of these jackets in different designs and colours. 

I recently checked out the Eastend Thrift Store and purchased a few great finds. This acid-wash green leather jacket, being one of them. It effortlessly edges up the khaki boiler suit and brings out the colour.

JACKET- Eastend Thrift Store
BOILER-SUIT- Thriftware.com
SHOES- Monkey Schuh

I also purchased this old fashioned lengthy leather from the Eastend Thrift Store. It requires some tlc and revamping in maintenance, but it was an absolute steal! 

JACKET- Eastend Thrift Store
BOILER-SUIT- Thriftwares.com
SHOES- Somewhere in London 

I tied the belt to cinch in my waistline and paired this fit with a bright leather jacket. The richness of the red is quite contrasting to the khaki green suit. The slight alterations to how the boiler-suit is worn with this jacket, allows for me to look casual and feminine.

JACKET- Primark
BOILER-SUIT- Thriftware.com
SHOES- Somewhere in London

I've had this particular jacket for quite a while. I like how it feels and fits. The sleeves are slightly shorter than the standard fitting jacket and also has a box cut shape. As you can see, it changes the dynamic of how the boiler-suit looks emphasizing its shape. I teamed this ensemble with a white pair of stylish heels.

BOILER-SUIT- Thriftware.com
SHOES- Chinese Boutique 

The versatility of this suit is what I enjoy most about wearing it. Being that I bought it a few sizes bigger than my size, allows for me to wear it lose and boyish when I'm feeling chilled.

It has detachable sleeves ready for any season. They simply unclip so that they are shortened to a capped sleeve. I love the fact it buttons right up (turtle neck style).

Another bonus to this suit is the belt, which can be tied to your liking. Depending on how tight, it will show off your waistline. This can lengthen your figure and give shape.

STYLE TIP: Sticking to what you know gives you stability, but try not to get complacent...risks should always be taken in style.
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