Having studied dance at University, I gained a huge appreciation for the arts. I quickly learned throughout the process of production, that music, lighting and costume make a huge impact during a performance. I developed a love for fashion and styling in particular after this realisation and began to exercise my abilities in this area.
I have an eye for pristine statement pieces and adore unique textures and shapes. My style is very minimalistic, chic with a hint of urban.
I like to look feminine, but I'm very inspired by menswear. My signature look I would say is boyishly chic! 

My advise to all, know your shape and dress to your size! It's important to get the FIT correct…it makes all the difference!
If I could raid any ones wardrobe it would be a choice between Rihanna and Solange... Rihanna takes RISKS and Solange has great tailored pieces!


  1.  I like to change my hairstyle every 2 weeks
  2. Exercising makes me happy
  3. I wanted to be a midwife when I was younger
  4. I hate to hear people snap when they eat
  5. My feet get cold really quickly
  6. I love Vintage clothes
  7. I'm obsessed with food
  8. I eat cornflakes every night before bed
  9. I clean when I'm angry
  10. It's the little things that make me happy...like getting my nails done

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