Wednesday, 25 February 2015



This day at LFW was a struggle for me. The weather was frostbite cold and windy. Although the sun was shining, it didn't help that I had the flu. Nonetheless I soldiered through the day and still had an absolute blast. I might've felt like death, but I sure wasn't about to look like it lol.
I chose to wear a simple dress by designer Burbo K'ture. This tartan print was effortless yet fussy. The detail in the shape is what gave the dress a slight edge. I could manipulate this tunic by adjusting the belt and wrapping it countless times around my waist adding more ruffles to become more figure hugging; or wear it quite loosely. I opted to wear it a little lose.

I threw on a long black coat ensuring the dress was the centre piece. Now don't get it twisted, it may look like this is all I wore, but honey I had on so many layers underneath this dress... two heat-tech long sleeve tops from Uniqlo, a vest top and a pair of tights AND a pair of leggings lol.

 JACKET- My mama
DRESS- Disorder Boutique (Burbo K'ture)
SHOES- EBay (Chinese boutique)
On my feet were a simple pair of mesh peep toe booties and I added my saucer glasses for style.


The designer showrooms, give buyers, press, bloggers etc., the chance to view beautiful collections from outstanding designers. Each showroom has a completely different vibe from the next. Two of the showrooms that stood out for me were the complete opposite in terms of the style and detail of the clothing.

 The Heavy Room presented Four different designers that all had one thing in common. Their collections were provocative, loud and extravagant.

Pictured to the left is the collection CHEEKLDN. Charlotte Yamanda is the mind behind this playful, youthful line. It is a womenswear brand geared towards the fun, tongue-in cheek type woman. Her classic mini skirts, candy colours and PVC textures are for an extravagant lifestyle.

OBSCURE REBELLION is another womenswear brand for the fearless. Not only are these pieces bold, but also quite futuristic. It takes a sexy lady with an attitude to rock this line.

 Along with there being showrooms showcasing designer's collections, a buyers and press lounge was available for bloggers to update their sites, keeping us all informed on social media of what was happening right then and there.
Maybelline also had a lounge where makeup artists were on deck.

 After being blown away by the plethora of designers, I came across Mark Kenly Domino Tan. This clothing line was one of my absolute favourites. Mark is known especially for sculptural tailoring and the use of fabrics and materials from the furniture house of Kvadrat in Europe.
These pictures absolutely do not give this designer's work justice (truly exquisite). The skirt to the far right was created from the same fabric as the interior in a Ferrari; meaning any spillages would vanish with one wipe away.
Mark's collection had a unique twist to the detail as well as tailoring. The textures were a cut above the rest and beautifully formed. Not only were the clothes pristine, but were made with unusual textiles such as carpets and curtains.
 Mark has presented his work at Fashion Week in Copenhagen and christened this seasons London Fashion Week showrooms.

I met and spoke briefly with friendly faces and strolled around being snapped by the many photographers. This bundle made my experience a lot more enjoyable seen as I felt like death warmed up! I met Sylvia during this season of fashion week. A Lawyer by day and Blogger by night ! She was giving us Olivia Pope-esk style!(far left). I also hung out with this hilarious lady by the name of Julda (third in from the right). A Fashion Marketing PR, thoroughly living life in the fast lane.
Not forgetting Artist, Journalist, and Model Tim Victor who had me crying with laughter. They say laughter is the best medicine... it really is! Can't wait for the next season!

 STYLE TIP- Learn ways to disguise your layers, don't suffer for beauty haha


Tuesday, 24 February 2015


#LFW- AW15

This season of London Fashion Week celebrates the British Fashion Council Business Pillar. With this in mind, I was geared up and ready for a great few days of shows and events. The line up for Day 1 had some of my favourite designers such as Sass & Bide and Eudon Choi.

Being that LFW is predominately geared towards fashion enthusiasts, bloggers, designers, buyers and press, it is an 'invite only' occasion for those that would like to see the actual shows. However, the British Fashion Council make this seasonal event accessible in other ways, so that you can feel like you are actually there.
Watching the shows live online or onsite at Somerset House on the big screen, is as close to sitting on the FROW. Following LFW, is London Fashion Weekend, which is open to the public, enabling them to buy tickets to see these same shows. 

One of the highlights of being at LFW for me is experiencing the street style. London is a city known for fashion, but on occasions like these, everyone steps it up a notch. I'm always inspired by other styling and looked forward to meeting bloggers, designers and fashion enthusiasts.

The weather has been pretty poo and it certainly was cold waiting on shows to begin whilst posing for photographers. It seemed as though the weather had everyone matching in monochrome. Black will always be the new black haha.
It was nice to see that people still made it out for street style. Some fashionsitas mainly come specifically for this. It's a great opportunity to mingle, exchange business cards and network.
Photographers swarm the celebrities that enter and exit the shows, trying to get the best shots and angles. They also capture the most outrageous styles to the sophisticated and regal outfits.

As cold and gloomy as the day was, there was a pop of colour from a few lavishly dressed people.

This fresh faced model dressed in Lulu Liu, wore a lovely red heavy weight coat, perfect for the fresh weather. Effortlessly chic, yet bold.
I loved the contrast of spring colours worn by the young lady in the second picture. Bright and vivacious!
Reality TV star Phoebe, looked eccentric and cool wearing a metallic dress, pink and red accents of colour with just the right amount of fur.
 As relaxed as this stallion was dressed, his statement piece, was all about his 6 inch red bottom heels. Many girls kill for a pair of Christian Louboutins, and this dude effortless strolled around Somerset House in these killer boots. Definitely an eye-catching moment.

Seeing and conversing with the lovely Tasha Green was also a highlight for me. If you don't already know, Tasha is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle vlogger on YouTube. With a huge following on Instagram as well as YouTube of over 100,000 subscribers combined, she has a huge influence and platform.
Briefly chatting with Tasha, it was very refreshing to come across a genuine and humble being that finds time to speak with her subscribers, not letting the 'YouTube fame' change her interaction with people who are inspired by her work, lifestyle and tutorials. Tasha is an effortless, natural and minimalistic beauty. Check out her channel

Interestingly it was an eye opener to also converse with mainly females that felt a negative energy during LFW. Being that it is a place to 'show off' and 'present' your fashion sense, it can also become an scene from Mean Girls.

What I wore:
Dressed in head to toe Disorder from Disorder Boutique, I chose to wear this two piece design by the Hooligans. I was drawn to the shape of the blouse, the loud 60's reminiscent print and the A/W colour palette.


BLOUSE & SKIRT- Disorder Boutique
SHOES- Market place
SCARF- My mama
STYLE TIP: Don't get lost in the crowd, stand out for being exactly who you are...unique and individual!

Friday, 13 February 2015


#Love and Basketball

Love is such a beautiful thang! Although I have a bit of fight in me, I am such a lover. I'm very tactile, affectionate and give the greatest hugs :). Whether it be a friendship, relationship, or family bond, valentines day gives us the opportunity to do something EXTRA for that loved one we have in mind.
The bitter singles will probably hate on every cute couple they see, or pretend like valentines doesn't phase them lol but c'mon now, we all want some loving in our lives! As a single gal myself, I actually enjoy this day. I don't do anything out of the ordinary, but I do buy my mama some flowers, myself a tub of Ben and Jerry's cookie dough ice-cream and watch my favourite movie, Love and Basketball!


If you're in a long term relationship or marriage, hopefully the hubby is planning to do something sweet... So ladies, lets get our glad rags on!  

A first date with a potential love interest, usually is a casual night to the movies, dinner and drinks, or a snazzy jazz club.
Dressing comfortable is probably more appropriate, especially if the suitor hasn't filled you in on the plans made. A pair of fitted jeans, a vest top will suffice. Heels show you've made a cute amount effort and also ensure you look feminine.

Here I have thrown together a real simple look with a pop of pink! It's simple, clean and fun. If you are naturally more glamorous, add a dangly pair of earrings and a chic shoe.

MOHAIR JACKET- Charity shop
JEANS- Primark
BOOTS- Newlook

For a more laid back look, choose your favourite lose fitting top and pair it with some joggers and heels.

 Here I am wearing a sheer top, made by my mama. Worn with these joggers, it comfortable and chilled.

TOP- Material from a market (made my Mom)

If you have been asked out for dinner, giiirl you need to get it together!! A form fitting dress would be perfect. Something that leaves something to the imagination, but doesn't scream 'look at me, I look good naked'.

Here I am wearing a velvet black dress made by my mama. It is figure hugging at an appropriate length and sits in all the right places. I teamed it with an oversized leather jacket for some edge, keeping the look casual. I chose these mesh ankle boots, as they are classy and neat. The overall look is fitting for dinner, not too dressy but also not underdressed.

JACKET- Eastend Thrift Store (London)
Dress- Material from a market, made by Mom

A formal night out to the hubby's work event or double dating at the Shard, requires and upscale outfit. Fashion forward with a touch of Anne's fashion flair, will having you looking like a piece of art.

This outfit is just the foundation of the glam required for an upscale night of romance. I have chosen a tight fitting vest top to wear underneath a structured blazer. I have paired it with a pair of high-waist trousers that are very flattering and sleek. To up the amp, a pair of OTT earrings or statement necklace, would really pull this look in, topped off with a few curls or a slick top knot. If you have shorter hair like myself, slicking it back off your face, will lengthen your neck and show off your facial structure!
TROUSERS- Charity Shop
JACKET- Kardashian Kollection
STYLE TIP- Love you enough to put yourself first! Dress to impress yourself...if he likes it too, great!! :)

Friday, 6 February 2015



So last week I intended on going to an event as a spectator. The event is called W.A.W.N (What a Woman Needs). It is hosted by a dear friend of mine, the artist (singer) Monique Thomas. It was held at the old library in the Custard Factory.
I  was really looking forward to going, seen as I had been to her previous events, knowing that the vibe would be great! It was a girls night in... women empowerment, celebrating each other with plenty of encouragement to go around!
I received a text from Monique a few weeks before the event, asking if I wanted to do a mini segment to do with styling! I was like yassssssssss!!! I replied straight away willingly, but then it settled in...I'd be speaking in front of a room full of people OMG!!

Being that the topic was "I AM BRAVE" I told myself, girl this is your moment to be brave lol.
I've always been quite shy and quiet growing up, so the thought alone, already intimidated me. The last time I remember doing any type of public speaking, was years ago at church. My mum and dad would literally FORCE my brothers and I, to read out scripture verses from the bible to the church congregation lol.

It turned out great in the end! My nerves calmed down after the first 10mins. Here is a snippet below!

I chose to wear a simple black outfit that I would most definitely feel comfortable in. A pair of black skinny jeans, a black dress (worn as a top) and a leather gillet for a bit of edge. To keep me warm, I opted for my camel coat adding a bit of colour. I also chose to wear these vintage saucer glasses to hide behind lol.

 COAT- My mama
DRESS- Bought in 2006, no tag)
JEANS- Primark
BOOTS- Market
 It was a night to remember. Different woman shared their personal stories and connected with one another. There were a lot of laughs, relatable moments and great conversation. Nibbles were provided, a bar to help ourselves to cocktails and champagne... I mean what girls night is complete without cocktails and wine :)


It was really nice to see different ladies from all walks of life, dress up for this girls night in.
The ladies and I were asked to write down, why we consider ourselves brave. As simple as the task was, it was also quite difficult for some (me).
Until this event, I never gave any real thought as to whether or not I am brave. During the preparation process, I discovered my bravery stems from embracing who I am. It's so easy to conform and be like everyone else, but for me, bravery is giving myself the freedom to completely be myself regardless of what others may think.

A massive thank you to singer, wife, mother-to-be, friend, phenomenal woman Monique Thomas. Without events like this, us women forget to support each other and unite . This event is continuously encouraging, refreshing and uplifting!
Monique is probably unaware of this, but she is someone who truly inspires me. The conversations we have motivate and push me to be something great! Thanks Monique!! Continue to be an ELECTRIC LADY!!!

STYLE TIP: Another woman's beauty is not the absence of your own! BE BRAVE!

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