Sunday, 31 August 2014


Like-minded People!

Hey lovelies! I went to an event yesterday day time and I'm so glad I went. I was feeling a little lazy to be honest and wanted to have a relaxed day in..but I changed my mind and made tracks after hitting the gym.
The event was called Kreative Recruit. The name itself called for an entertaining afternoon. They held workshops, networking opportunities and showcased local talent. It was nice to be around young business minded people who were supportive of each other, pushing to strive for bigger and better things in their field of work. It was held at Sticky Toffee Dance Studios. The only down-side was the fact I forgot to insert my memory card into my camera, so please do excuse the poor quality of the pictures. I made do with my phone lol.

This was the little princess who hosted the event. She was so warm, chilled and encouraging. You can follow her on instagram at @shannieloves where I'm sure you will find contact details about more up and coming events she will be holding.

Helen Martin (pictured above) is a talented little gem. Her work was displayed around the venue for all to see. She was also in her element doing live portraits.

Helens artwork comes from a heart of passion. ''Its more than a hobby it's my life saver... There is no competition no judgement, just me and my scribbles.'' -Helen Martin

It was a pleasure to be around her, a very humble, driven and sweet individual. To see more of her work follow her on instagram @elly_what_the_funk . You can also contact Helen by email

Everyone who attended Kreative was dressed very well and these little fashionistas caught my eye. The lady on the left was right on trend for Autumn/Winter with her printed mini skirt and thigh high boots, while the lady on the right showed out in her statement blazer and eye-catching,Indian inspired, head piece.

I didn't manage to get a picture of the ensemble I chose to wear, but here you can see a peak of the colour palette. I wore a khaki green satin vest with cropped leather black trousers, pairing those with a two-toned corduroy jacket and my bottle green sleeveless blazer. These vintage glasses were the only accessory I needed.
The beauty next to me goes by the name of Cindy!
Cindy was one of the many people I got to chat with. She is writer and a young lady with many talents. You can follow her blog at and stay updated with her on instagram @cindyjvega.

There was dancing, singing, poetry and designers displaying their pieces. This lady Tenneil (righ of picture below)her brand is called Badleydrawn. There was nothing badly drawn about her design. This was a two-piece she made especially for the event. I was very impressed with the detail of this piece.

  My favourite showcase of the day was by far the talented Alima! This doll-face has the most authentic vibe I have come across. She is chilled, real and funny. She plays the acoustic guitar and sings like a blooming Goddess. The few times I have seen her perform, its like discovering a new artist every time. She is fresh! This is a very poor quality picture, but look out for her! She really has something! Follow @affiejam for twitter, instagram and soundcloud.

It is so important to encourage each other and support the kreative talents and abilities of the people around you. Finding the motivation and determination to push forward and grab your dreams, can sometimes be draining. Praising someone and telling them they are great at what they do, can do wonders for their self esteem, could change their outlook or give them that extra umphff to continue on their tracks. It is also so crucial that you are around like minded people, people that want to see you succeed and progress. I have experienced people that only want me to do well as long as it isn't better than their situation. Remember to stay in your OWN lane, DO YOU! don't compare yourself to the next person. You will always have something to offer. Be confident in your journey and enjoy it. It isn't a race...most important thing is that you achieve the goals/dreams you've set for yourself.
This young lady below reminded me of some of these things. She is a personal stylist and entrepreneur. Ruva is her name. You can reach her for business enquiries This is her blog where she posts her inspiration Also follow Ruva on instagram @KO_LAB.

STYLE TIP- Wear your company with pride! Invest in pieces (friends) that are timeless. You will grow out of clothes and sometimes seasons change, but the timeless pieces (people) are usually the genuine, real and durable materials (friends) that last no matter the occasion. 

Friday, 29 August 2014


Bye Summer!

 Hello love-bugs! Are you feeling the weather change? I'm not, I would like summer to return please. I'm already contemplating wearing my fur coats. The temperature has dropped and before you know it, winter will be here. So to transition your attire from the easy breezy summer fits, you must prepare in style. A fur coat will keep you warm, but I think its a little too soon for all that. Why not invest in a camel coat. Its light, warm and goes with almost everything.
I am a little obsessed with neutral colours, anything beige, cream, tan or taupe. They are soft colours that compliment stronger tones and they also help to steer away from wearing black. I have a lot of coats because I hate the cold and I just so happen to have a variety of camel coats. Here I have thrown together a couple of outfits to help style this style of coat. Enjoy!!

Outfit 1.

Here I am wearing a trench style, light weight, tan coat. This coat is great for the transition out of summer wear. I have opted for a gold top, a pair of harem trousers that were cut into a cropped fit and a pair of black sandals. This look is calm and casual for everyday wear. As you can see the tan works well with the strong texture of gold and the pale blue jeans.

COAT- Uniqlo
TOP- Charity Shop
SHOES- Select

Outfit 2.

This camel coat is very heavy weight in quality. It can be dressed up or down. I first wore this coat over my bridesmaid dress to my brothers wedding. As you can see here, it is dressed down, for a more casual feel. I've paired it with a black vest top, some black high-waist joggers and a pair of peep toe ankle boots. Simple clean and direct.

COAT- Jaegar
SHOES- United Footwear

Outfit 3.

This wool blend coat is perfect for the weather change. It is long and snug to break the wind, keeping the cold chill off your back. I have teamed it with a grey ensemble. This cropped floaty top, teamed with some acid wash jeans, compliment the colour of this jacket. I am wearing leopard print shoes for a splash of print.

TROUSERS- Cow Birmingham

Outfit 4.

This is my favourite look. I love neutral colours, especially worn altogether. Here I am wearing a beige long sleeve top with some high-waisted cream, tailored, trousers. The different tones work really well with this particular shade of this camel. I opted for my comfy black and white trainers to keep this look casual.

COAT- Charity Shop
TOP- Uniqlo
TROUSERS- Made by my mama!

STYLE TIP: A coat can be an accessory to your outfit. If you aren't a coat type of person, you can layer up with jumpers and cardigans under a jacket. The camel coat is a statement piece. Choose yours wisely for the weather. Don't forget... its a style thang!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Outfit Of The Day!

I went to Notting Hill Carnival this year and I must say it was pretty epic! I went with my bestie, who was determined to have a wild time, even though it rained the entire day. And we did exactly that. This was my first time attending Notting Hill Carnival, so I had no real expectations other than to enjoy myself...I felt like a tourist. I found myself staring at people, taking pictures, soaking it all in. Despite the rain, the energy and ambiance was almost as if it wasn't raining. Everyone around me, seemed full of life.
I dressed extremely comfortable wearing a very laid back outfit. My friends and I spent hours walking around, following the floats, dancing and eating so I made sure to wear flat comfortable shoes. Here are a few pictures, enjoy!

TOP- Cow Birmingham
TRAINERS- Footlocker

Even though the weather was pouring with rain, the temperature was warm. My friends chose to wear simple clothes for comfort and leisure; a tee and short shorts. I didn't get chance to snap any fashionistas because I didn't actually see any interesting street style.

Carnival was full of people from different ages, shapes and sizes. It was nice to see everyone embrace each others cultures. The music united everyone, even in the rain. 

What I wore:

I am most comfortable wearing lose clothing, so I flinged on my cropped leather trousers, pairing them with a bright neon oversized vest top. To ensure I wasn't cold, I carried my new favourite long black shawl. I live to wear black, but I wanted to be in the spirit of carnival, so the neon green top was the pop of colour I needed. On my feet I opted for these Nike Roshe trainers.

Style Tip: Dress according to your body type, shape and size. If you like the way you look, you're good to go!!

Saturday, 9 August 2014


In order to look a little sassy, it doesn't mean you need to show all your organs. The picture to the right is a clean example of how to remain in style, clothed and sassy. You will see me use the word 'sassy' instead of 'sexy' because, in my opinion you can not be called sexy without someone objectifying you.

A lot of us females sometimes like to draw attention to the assets we like the most...whether it be because we've been slaving in the gym to achieve that picture perfect body, or just plain feeling ourselves on a particular night...but nooo sugar honey!!! When it comes to covering your body, less is NOT more!
Your body is a temple, it's not for everyone to see. I understand that for the most part we are all built the same, but I strongly believe that that little body of yours, should only be seen by a select few (God, yo mama, husband/wife).

I have always gone by this motto.. If you're gona show one thing, cover up everything else! Modesty girl! Yes your booty may be sitting high and plump, but wearing something tight, short AND see through is NOT necessary. You have to also bare in mind the kind of attention you will be attracting. Unfortunately for you, when you bare it all, you're sending out a message to those thirsty guys that want a quick fix for their organs! We don't always have control over what or who we attract, but it is possible to decrease the attraction of thirst. If you choose to wear next to nothing, you will be treated like next to nothing.

Here are a few looks on how to keep it cute! Enjoy!

If you are someone that likes to show your mid-drift, here is an example of how to cover the other curves in the body. I teamed this beige crop-top with some high-waisted floaty trousers to keep this look chic.

TOP- American Apparel
HAT- London


Above I have paired a flirty faux leather skirt with a classic pale pink t-shirt. This look is for the leggy ladies that like to show this part of the body. As you can see, I have chosen to cover my upper body because of the shortness of the mini skirt.

TOP- Next
SHOES- Chinese boutique

I must admit, I am a fan of the figure hugging, body-con dresses. This style of dress is easy to wear, great for all seasons and can kind of do no wrong. I chose this dress in particular because, the neckline is modest and it also has long sleeves. The sleeves are not ideal for summer, but I wanted to make an example of how to ensure too much is not revealed. With this type of dress, the sassiness is in how the dress sits on every curve. Most young ladies I see, make the mistake of not only wearing a tight dress, but a short backless and a bit too revealing (in my opinion) type dress. There are no rules or regulations as to how much skin you show and what you should or should not wear, but keeping it calm and cute is a much better look ;-).

STYLE TIP: Know your worth, protect your image...You don't want to look available. Think classy and chic, not tacky and cheap!


Thursday, 7 August 2014



Hey kittens,

Here is quick outfit of the day/night that I wore to Roundhouse in Camden. I went to support two of my friends who were opening up for Fuse-dog at an event called Music Potential. Tim Victor who completely owned the stage, did an incredible job performing and also Marika Beckford aka KASS, showed up and showed out!! Her huge vocal cords and dynamic moves left the audience in awe.

I didn't want to dress up as I knew it would be a chilled casual vibe so I opted for flats, but I intended to stop by at the Expendables Première after party, so I also didn't want to look too dressed down. I ended up bringing a change of shoes and some earrings to change my day outfit to a night outfit. I didn't get to take pictures on the actual night, but here you can see the two minor differences.

I chose to wear black as its chic, simple and worked for this occasion. Although the weather was beautiful, I was aware that the temperature would drop slightly throughout the night, so I ensured I carried a shawl to take the chill off my back.

Hat- COW
Shawl- EBAY

I simply changed my flat shoes, to high, mesh, pointed heels. I changed my oversized vest-top from front to back to create a lower neck-line so that it was a little more feminine and sassy. 
Choices in accessories would add to enhancing this day look to a night outfit. Dangly  earrings, bracelets or a heavy beaded necklace.

STYLE TIP: Dressing up or down can be altered simply by changing one or two things about what you wore in the day. Style doesn't have to be complicated. Add or take something away!




Hey kids!!

So this is a late post, but I want to share with you the easy breezy outfit I wore to church last weekend. 
I had the pleasure of attending a Pig Roast/BBQ/chill-time with my church folk and I had SO much fun guys.
A lovely couple from the church opened up their beautiful home and farm to us. It was so nice to mingle under the sun, join in with the kids activities and eat! I played innocently like a of catch, volleyball, football and it was even better that we were all out in the sticks, because it meant we had no service on our phones haha. There was even horse-riding.
After eating a LOT of food, the adults all joined together to play ROUNDERS!!!  Now let me tell you...if you want to see the real me, challenge me to a game of rounders lol... I am so competitive! This game was intense, but huge amounts of fun!! I was on the Pastors team, and we WON!! BOOOOYAAR! :)
Here are a few shots of the winning outfit. Enjoy!

It was 22 degree weather last Sunday and I was BAKING wearing all black, but the comfort of my clothes made for an easy breezy look and wear. I simply took my oversized, bat-winged shawl and tied it around my waist when hot. 

I accessorized with my favourite glasses and black studs, still keeping my look very simple and plain. The red lip (Mac Lady Danger) added a bit more colour to the overall fit.
STYLE TIP: Dressing for the occasion makes it so much easier to put your fit together... Comfortable, simple but never boring!
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