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The media has a great way of influencing our everyday thoughts. Whether you realise it or not, you are your environment. What you read, watch and subconsciously retain, can sometimes affect the way you see yourself; whether it be your body image, intellect or abilities/skills.
The cover girls (men as well as women), dancers, entertainers all portray society's perception of perfection. If you look at most magazine covers, the person on the front page looks glossy, snatched and the bone structure is everything!!!
Naturally you look in awe and sometimes envy, wanting to feel beautiful, be adorned or just plain look like homegirl on the cover. I think its completely natural to feel that way temporarily but, to begin to constantly compare yourself to that standard is unhealthy. Lets not forget that it takes a team to produce that one shot... an outstanding photographer, a lot hard work in editing, a stylist who is great at their job and the celebrity who probably eats well and exercises.

Comparison can sometimes be the reason why we lose ourselves. It's so easy to get wrapped up in wanting to be like the next person, or trying to fit in with what everyone else is doing to be successful. To stay current and relevant, it is important to have knowledge of what's going on around you. Its vital that you don't belittle your craft in the process of knowing what's out there, which brings me to body image, style and fashion.


Style is an individual preference. It's your take, your expression and your way of doing something
I think we can agree that there is a general similarity in taste, when it comes to fashion. The trends are in almost every high street store. (an example) Summer 2015 denim will make its comeback! Most stores will stock up on all things denim and  I can confidently predict that there will be a high percentage of people wearing something denim.
There is a MAJOR difference between being on trend and looking stylish! BUT the foundation has to be set...  to love the skin you're in.



We are all built differently. We have similar shapes and sizes, which soothes the difficulty in figuring it out alone.  
Knowing the shape of your body, makes a huge difference when clothing it. It allows for you to accentuate the good and take away attention from the bad. However, the most important detail is deciding to accept you as YOU.
Making a conscious decision to 'Love the skin you're in' is a big deal. It sometimes takes years to acknowledge the beautiful assets of our exterior. Without thinking, I'm sure you could straight away name all the things you don't like about your body. This isn't always negative. It means there is room for change, whether it be to gain more weight, to enhance your curves or eat healthier to tone the body. Putting more emphasis on the things you like about yourself should be more of a focus. Changing the way you think, look and feel about yourself will make a huge difference in how you present yourself to the world. It can change your demeanour, attitude, the way you walk and style!
(I will do a separate blog post, for those of you that have difficulty in finding clothes to suit your shape).

Gabourey Sidibe is undoubtedly someone that sees who she is! She can look at herself and enjoy her reflection. Not solely based on her exterior, but a combination of what she can offer to the world. This quote says to me, that Gabourey has accepted the great things about her and chosen to focus on how to continuously enjoy and enhance those great things. Your body is your temple. How you view it, treat it and what you enter into it, determines its outcome.
  • Work out
  • Cream your skin
  • Plenty of rest
These things replenish your body physically and maintain youthfulness.
  • Read
  • Conversate
  • Think
Socialising is also an important element to help stimulate your mind. Isolating yourself can sometimes hinder you from learning the natural abilities to listen, engage, contribute and relate.
  • Healthier eating
  • Soul searching
  • Self expression
What you eat plays a big part in how your body feels and behaves. Taking the time out to ensure you attain a standard for yourself morally, reflects on how you treat others. Ensuring you have 'ME TIME' is a must; you can learn so much about yourself.

Invest in yourself. Love what you see in that reflection. Make those changes if you don't. Focus on the good. What matters most is what you think and how feel about you.

STYLE TIP: ''Your body is your temple, it's your home, and you must decorate it.'' - Gabourey Sidibe

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