Monday, 25 April 2016

Are You Trying To Fit In?

At one point in my life I tried to fit in! 

I think at some point we've all felt the need to be accepted. Being accepted means, we're doing something right, right? WRONG!!

I recently had an interesting conversation with a close friend of mine on this exact subject. We both have the desire to be successful but face the struggle with the question... AT WHAT COST? 
In every area of our lives, whether it be, relationships, career or leisure there are decisions and choices that will always need to be made. We constantly need to give in order to take, invest in order to gain and put forth a certain amount of effort in order to receive; but in some cases you may have to compromise SOMETHING/SOMEONE for the bigger picture. I guess depending on what it is, determines the weight of the decision.
Entering a new environment, have you ever noticed that there are always little bundles of cliques?! Take a look at wildlife... have you ever seen pigeons hang out with monkeys?! No, because "birds of a feather, flock together" (a lame example but you get the point). In our case, why must we conform to the way the majority of our peers choose to do things in order to be accepted?
We shun each other when we don't quite understand things. Not everything is acceptable and not everything is unacceptable and that's OK (really think about it). KNOW YOUR WORTH AND IT KEEP IT PUSHING!

One day people with will warm to the magic of you. It shouldn't take for you to become something you are not and behave in a way that is not authentic to be accepted. As much as it can be a nice feeling to engage with people that like you and what you have to offer once you conform, however it means the conditions will have you constantly proving to them you are worthy of their attention. 
The beauty of real genuine people is, they will take you for you. 

Two of my closest friends are professional dancers. They are considered to be exquisite, incredible and undefinable when they move but yet struggle with getting work when attending auditions and castings. Obviously for each job there is a specific brief and appearance plays a big part, but what about those occasions the client is purely looking for talented dancers... why is that there is a "standard" look that is considered to be commercial or marketable?

Unfortunately cliques, circles and trends will expose how different you are, but who cares. Stand out, eat alone and soar like an eagle! At some point, the world will make room for you.
It's refreshing to come across people that are transparent enough to show you who they are, who are unapologetically themselves and who are unaware that they are different. Don't let anyone or anything con you into thinking you need to be something you're not! 

STYLE TIP- Do what you gotta do to get where you're going, use wisdom and don't play yourself!

Thursday, 21 April 2016


Isn't it crazy how it's never the people you expect to hurt you, that hurt you?!

Life has a funny way of showing you the truth. It is the subtle situations, brief encounters and minor mishaps that teach you so much. I (along with many others) have experienced things with friends and family that has allowed me to now quickly sharpen my tolerance for foolishness and as I grow older, I find myself leaving no room for strike 2 let alone 3. This paragraph reads super aggressive lol but it's not :)

I'm sure we all want a peaceful life, less grief, no pain and no doodoo, but unfortunately that's not how the cookie crumbles. The things we have experienced and will continue to go through, ultimately build our character. I have endured some dodgy situations this year and its cray cray how I haven't allowed those things to affect me negatively. With all things in life, as long as you 'get on with it' and stay positive, there's nothing you can't conquer.

If only we could prepare for what is to come, if only we had chances to relive certain situations... but I guess that's the beauty of  learning, maturing and enduring certain trials.

Being the only girl and youngest in my family, I was totally spoilt by my mom. She made a big effort to spend time with me in every way as a child. I worked out my personality quite early on and realised balancing her traits along with my daddy's traits would mould me into the person I am today.
My mama is super sweet, and soft spoken, while my daddy held presence and took no prisoners! I've learnt how to control the other characteristics I've developed (stubbornness, impatience, ratchetness).  I actually pride myself in how I deal with situations because of how much growth and understanding/knowledge I have gained. I say all this to make the point that, no matter how much someone will TRY YOU, you can't allow them emotional access to you.
It's so easy to sometimes react to petty behaviour but, why ? What will it do for your life? What will it achieve? You may feel better at the time but it the long haul, you've given them power over you. Self-control is a must!

"Never make permanent decisions on temporary emotions"

Sometimes you can not change how people see you or how they think of you. As much as your character will prove them wrong, they've made up their mind.
I am big on respect! I've realised it can be earned and sometimes shouldn't always be given away. I believe that you should always treat people the way you wish to be treated but not to treat people the way they treat you if it is wrong. I am most definitely not saying to allow others to disrespect you, but never allow them to take you to a place that is out of your character. It is easier said than done TRUST ME, but there is so much more satisfaction in forgiveness,  and taking the high road. It frees you from the burden of that exchange.

Being that I am a chocolate sista, I unfortunately at times experience racial profiling. There is the stereotype that I am "ghetto, loud, angry, difficult" etc etc... some of those people that choose to look at me in that light, have had the pleasure of being around me, quickly to discover that I'm cool as a cucumber; while others are annoyed that they can't find those traits and pick fault.
There's also the frienemies that play super nice, watch you like a hawk, criticise your whole existence but then imitate your life... I mean GIRL LET ME LIVE lol.

"When life throws you lemons, make lemonade!"
 These growing pains are so valuable! I love who I am, who I am becoming and what I can share/teach/impact others with, because of some of these experiences.
I completely appreciate that I am able to be compassionate towards others even though they do me wrong. I love that I have found the ability to overlook things that could easily get under my skin.
Taking the high-road is soooo satisfying.
Never let anyone ruin your day! Make that lemonade!! You're going to be thrown many lemons! Always strive to leave a long-lasting reputation of humility, kindness and strength ;)

'Situations, will arise in our lives but you gotta be smart about it..' -Usher (lol)

Think of the bigger picture, think about where you are going, what you plan on achieving and the imprint you would like to leave on people's hearts. Be kind, be patient, be less ratchet, think about how your words affect people, take a breath to register what is happening and make a smart decision that will benefit you and others around you.


STYLE TIP- "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel"- Maya Angelou


Monday, 18 April 2016

She's Wearing A Skirt!!


I was inspired by this tartan skirt and had to show you my outfit of the day!
As some of you may know, I'm a lot more edgy than feminine at times (depending on my mood). I often stray away from wearing anything that is too girly, mainly because of comfort. However this day I mixed the tomboy in me, with a pencil skirt and came up with this preppy look.

All things high-waisted (in my book), are always quite flattering, ensuring the fit cinches you in at your waist accentuating your curves.

I chose to wear pair this tartan skirt with a Givenchy jumper. I like that the monochromatic print picked up the black and white in the skirt. Although the jumper has a slight masculine fit, I altered the sleeves and tucked it into the skirt to ensure I didn't lose my shape. A nude shoe kept this look simply sophisticated. 

JUMPER- Givenchy
SKIRT- Charity Shop

This look is so easy to achieve and suitable to wear as work attire, to a lunch date or even a social event.
The 'sports luxe' look, is a timeless trend. Grab your favourite hoody, tracksuit bottoms or baseball cap, throw on a pair of feminine heels and team the tracksuit bottoms with a blazer, the hoody with a flirty skirt and there you have it...casually chic. 

STYLE TIP- When you are you, you can never get it wrong!

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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Is It SUMMER Yet???

I am trying to be patient but I just CAN NOT with the rain! Sunshine where are you!

Honey I am so ready to wear cute colours and light weight jackets. The sun has been peaking in and out, and on the days it's been shining a little longer than 5 mins I've been ready girl lol.
As some of you may know I'm forever inspired by classic lines, fun colours, and edgy textures. While the weather is been annoying, I've literally been wearing all black everything, but I want to be a little more playful. Black is that one tone that can be worn all season long, however spring and summer encourages vibrant, loud, obnoxious styling :)

I recently spent some quality time with my mom while she was off work. We went to a local rustic pub to grab a bite to eat.
I'm a big foodie (and sometimes wonder if the fat girl inside of me will ever come out), so was looking forward to a healthy portion of whatever they had on the menu.

I was pretty casually dressed adding a suitable heel and a light accessories for added spruce.
Here I chose to colour-block my outfit wearing splashes of colour. I went for a clean dainty skirt, a slightly oversized denim jacket and a white vest top.

JACKET- Oasis Market
SKIRT- Charity Shop
SHOES- Public Desire
GLASSES- Giant Vintage

High waisted pencil skirts are always flattering to any body type. The ankle boot compliments this look well taking it from frumpy to edgy.

STYLE TIP- A wide colour palette is a fun way to experiment with your style. Try something new! Colour-blocking is playful, simple and easy to achieve!

Friday, 8 April 2016

Less Is More!!

Now don't get it twisted!! I'm not telling y'all to wear less clothes...

I am a firm believer in effortless style. I love to see those minimalistic fashion enthusiasts who aren't wearing anything too fancy but look sooooo well dressed. Some people are naturally gifted in knowing how to throw things together, others have that creative flair, but most just don't get it!
For those that are clueless and can not understand the art of mastering a style, there are timeless trends that can assist in keeping you on point!

  • Black on Black on Black on BLACK!!! 
Black is such a classic, chic and secure tone. It is literally the lifesaver to all fashion crimes (depending on what you are wearing). A black jacket paired with a black loose blouse, black wide legged trousers, black high heels and a black body bag... effortless, edgy and stylish without being too 'extra'.

  • MONOCHROME is life! 
Again, black is a tone that works well as the basis when putting a whole look together. White too serves the same purpose. Together it can create such simplicity in styling. A black and white striped top, black mom jeans, a white denim jacket and black pumps, is a casual way of serving a minimal outfit.

Anything with an interested print does all the work for you. You can heavily rely on making a statement wearing one elaborate item of clothing, without worrying about what to wear the printed item with. Whether it be a fussy pair of jeans, a floral tee or an embellished blazer, that statement piece will do the work for you. Pairing basic staple pieces such as neutral coloured tees etc (black, white, grey, cream, beige) will compliment the look you are going for.

Sometimes it doesn't require a whole lot for you to look great! Less Is More!! There are many other ways to look great without the fuss of accessories, fancy hair do's and extra layers. Don't get me wrong, the EXTRA in any outfit can sometimes take you from a 'oh gosh' to a 'yasss, slay!!' but minimal is timeless.

STYLE TIP- Wear your most flattering fits!

Sunday, 3 April 2016


Hey Readers!!!  

I've been missing in action and boy did I need the break! Sorry to disappear without any notice but giiiirl, I am learning to DO ME!!
Being that I have so many things to think about, plans and decisions to make, I wanted to ensure my mindset is in the right place. 
I want to do what I love, love what I do, expand my brand and not limit myself to one title. I also do not want what I do to define me.
I decided to take a mini break away from social media to gather my thoughts and motivate myself. 

It is so easy to get caught up with what everyone else is doing, their successes, along with how happy they seem, but I was reminded by a fellow blogger that 

'What's yours is yours'
-Sharlene Monique-Morris

Not only can social media be the devil, it is an edited version of people's lives. We probably only see 35% of each others lives based on social media posts.  Although I've known this and know this, sometimes I get so carried away watching everyone live their glamorous lives, I forget to live mine. While I'm working a dry old dusty 9-5 job, the people I'm inspired by, are living out their dreams. 
It takes a LEAP of FAITH, a PLAN and the decision to SEE IT ALL THE WAY THROUGH.

I'm sure I've said these same words before in a previous blog post lol but honey I gotta remind myself! 
My motto for a while now is 'DO YOU BOO'- Shameless Maya. It reminds me to follow my heart, be confident in my ability and never give up on me. We are all capable of being amazing and living fulfilled lives, it just takes others a little while longer to get there. Remember through the tough times, your character is being built! Hang in there love-bugs, YOUR TIME IS COMING!

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Stay tuned loved bugs!!

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