Friday, 20 May 2016

I am not my hair!


I love the fact that a new hair do, brings about change. It sparks a motive, it stirs up a feeling of transformation. When you look great, you feel great... as much as it can sometimes be a temporary feeling of greatness, it usually subconsciously encourages our inner self to want to do great things.

I change my hair style religiously at least every 2 weeks. Part of the reason is because I get bored and also the fact that I love to feel 'brand new' haha. I have had many hair styles over the years and with each of them I have paid attention to the looks, stares, reactions and compliments. I personally enjoy the creativity style brings... my hair is another style accessory I thoroughly love experimenting with it. It can determine how casual I look, it can enhance how fancy I am dressed and it can also expose how long I have neglected my appearance.

What I find interesting is how hair can highlight our best features and sometimes draw attention to a feature(s) that usually go noticed. Not only does it create the illusion of a rearranged face, it also can age us immensely.  

With every hair style I have rocked, I have come to the conclusion that the shorter the hair, the more beautiful I feel. I love the feeling of not hiding behind the length or texture. I am beautiful without this accessory. 
We sometimes equate beauty to a particular aesthetic, no honey... we're beautiful full stop! Individually, uniquely, perfectly beautiful AS IS!

Thursday, 19 May 2016


Recently I have been feeling super casual, with no desire to dress up. These have been the extra basic outfits I've been rocking over the last couple days... be inspired!

  • DENIM 

A little black dress paired with an oversized denim jacket is the summer essential! Whether it be skater dress or a figure hugging number as pictured, it will effortlessly work every time!


It's always refreshing to see vibrant colours when the sun is shining. I love to colour block (as said in previous blog-posts). It is the safest way to gently add colour to your wardrobe, especially if you love to wear black.


Of course the last thing you want, is to be overdosed in layers when the sun is shining, but for the sake of style do it lol. A light weight sleeveless jacket, waistcoat or gillet is harmless and can create a cuter outfit!


String vests come out every summer. Whether they are worn right or wrong, they're out to play! Opt for a nude under garment and throw on a loose fit pair of bottoms and you're good to go!

STYLE TIP- Casual only works for casual settings! Don't be fooled... if in doubt, overdress!

Friday, 13 May 2016

OOTD | Outfit Of The Day


Body suits are a cute alternative to wear with jeans, trousers and skirts. They seamlessly tuck into anything you choose to pair them with.

This bottle green body suit is the body suit I reach for most frequently when wanting to achieve another effortless look. It is comfortable, slimming and not black... I tend to buy everything in black but opted for a neutral-ish colour that would be great to wear throughout all seasons.

The cut and fit of this particular body suit is very feminine. It has a soft scoop neck in the front, a deep plunge in the back and a little more length on the sleeve. I chose to pair it with these wide legged, high-waisted (of course) denim jeans.

When I purchased these jeans I loved that they were obnoxiously oversized, but I have gained weight since. They unfortunately don't fit how I would like them to, however teamed with feminine little tops like this body suit, compliments this day to day look ready for summer.
With a dainty detailed belt or even a thick statement piece, you could take this simple look from minimal to major!

To add a little flair and my signature style, I popped on a grey hat.

HAT- Vivienne Westwood
BODYSUIT- American Apparel
JEANS- Oasis Market (Birmingham)

STYLE TIP- If in doubt, style it out... Remember less is more!

Friday, 6 May 2016


I live by wearing comfortable simple statement pieces and the jumpsuit is exactly that. Now that we are finally basking in some heat go grab yourself a jumpsuit! 

It is the easiest 'throw on' piece you could invest in. Worn with a heel, trainers or flat shoes you will not go wrong.

These are a few of my favourites that get worn often. I prefer to go a few sizes up when purchasing a jumpsuit so that I have the option to alter its style.

  • The Boiler Suit

TRAINERS- United Footwear
LIPSTICK- Colouredraine- Spiked Punch

This boiler suit is one of my favs, I love that it is khaki green and good quality. I bought this from a boutique on EBay that specialises in vintage clothing. The awesome thing about this suit is that it also has a belt and removable sleeves, which takes this look from day to night and summer to winter. I chose to wear a simple pair of sneakers and accessorised with these oversized specs.

  • The Denim Suit

LIPSTICK- Coluredraine- Spiked Punch

This jumpsuit appears every summer without fail, along with every other denim item I have. It is my all time favourite jumpsuit, particularly because of the sizing. It is super baggy, light-weight and effortless. I prefer to wear it as pictured where it has no shape and kind of hangs on my body. Paired with extra feminine shoes it could definitely be dressed up. I added these old-school glasses to carry out the 'brandy bunch' vibe I was going for.

  • The Safari Suit

LIPSTICK- Colouredraine- Spiked Punch

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