Sunday, 3 April 2016


Hey Readers!!!  

I've been missing in action and boy did I need the break! Sorry to disappear without any notice but giiiirl, I am learning to DO ME!!
Being that I have so many things to think about, plans and decisions to make, I wanted to ensure my mindset is in the right place. 
I want to do what I love, love what I do, expand my brand and not limit myself to one title. I also do not want what I do to define me.
I decided to take a mini break away from social media to gather my thoughts and motivate myself. 

It is so easy to get caught up with what everyone else is doing, their successes, along with how happy they seem, but I was reminded by a fellow blogger that 

'What's yours is yours'
-Sharlene Monique-Morris

Not only can social media be the devil, it is an edited version of people's lives. We probably only see 35% of each others lives based on social media posts.  Although I've known this and know this, sometimes I get so carried away watching everyone live their glamorous lives, I forget to live mine. While I'm working a dry old dusty 9-5 job, the people I'm inspired by, are living out their dreams. 
It takes a LEAP of FAITH, a PLAN and the decision to SEE IT ALL THE WAY THROUGH.

I'm sure I've said these same words before in a previous blog post lol but honey I gotta remind myself! 
My motto for a while now is 'DO YOU BOO'- Shameless Maya. It reminds me to follow my heart, be confident in my ability and never give up on me. We are all capable of being amazing and living fulfilled lives, it just takes others a little while longer to get there. Remember through the tough times, your character is being built! Hang in there love-bugs, YOUR TIME IS COMING!

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Stay tuned loved bugs!!

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