Thursday, 24 December 2015



Of course I had to show out in red, ready for Christmas day, it screams FESTIVE! Tomorrow is the day to feel glam, whether you're lazing around the house, going to that annoying relative to eat Christmas lunch or actually having a fabulous event to attend, today is the day!
I feel that looking great can sometimes help you, to feel great. Choose to be positive, loving and caring, all in the joy of the celebration of Jesus' birth. Now I know some of you sensitive Sandys' will moan about the fact that you don't celebrate Christmas, never have, never will blah blah blah, but try something different this year and be joyous for no damn reason!! Give generously, smile often, let go of any grudges and choose to LOVE!
You'll find that it changes your atmosphere.

JACKET- River Island
EARRING- Topshop

As always, a great pair of high-waisted trousers are so flattering for the shape. I chose my favourite go-to leathers because of the comfort, I wanted to allow room for extra desert. I dressed them with this pale bluey/grey bodysuit to separate the heavy colours. My statement piece was my berry red jacket. It is very fitting for this occasion bringing the Christmas spirit. To tie this look in I threw on these strappy sandals. Not only are they comfortable but compliment this edgy number.

STYLE TIP- Wear red, it brings out the boldness in you! MERRIH CHRIMUH :)

Wednesday, 23 December 2015



This slinky dress is a daring choice for the confident, going to THE Christmas do! It says 'I'M HERE HONEY' haha. 
A soft pink mini, with thigh high boots (for me) is doing the most lol so I toned it down by adding a faux fur gillet. Again this is a cute simple ensemble that can be accessorised to add that extra umph! A statement necklace, a bold belt, some arm jewellery are some of the ways to create more detail and glitz.

A clutch bag would compliment this dress as well as the handbag I chose. The electric blue fur gives a pop of colour and fun.

DRESS- No name
GILLET- Select
BAG- Coast

These boots are from an on-line boutique I found on EBay a few years back. Although they are laced from toe to thigh, there is a zip in the back, which makes life sooo much easier.
They're an edgy statement that don't require much styling. I find wearing this simplest outfit with these boots is the best way to show them off.
The black matt against the soft satin is a feminine contrast. These boots are NOT made for walking, but they sure look cute :).

STYLE TIP- Always put your best foot forward... just make sure you're wearing nice shoes!

Tuesday, 22 December 2015



For those of you that work away, you probably can not wait to get home to your family and friends. It's so nice to have time off from work and other commitments to spend time doing exactly what you want to do. I thoroughly enjoy spending time with the people that mean the most to me.
I have the advantage of having my loved ones live near by or a train journey away, so when wanting to pack an over night bag to hang out, my faux leathers and leathers are the first options that spring to mind.

This outfit is practical for this season. It is such an easy accessible choice of neutrals ready to wear after travelling to an afternoon/evening gathering.

BLOUSE- Handmade by mama
SKIRT- EBay dress customised into a skirt
SHOES- United Footwear
CHOKER- H&M Bracelet

I actually stole this blouse from my mama's wardrobe. I love the unfinished edges and dusty gold tone. It hangs effortlessly over this maxi faux leather pencil skirt. The two textures blend nicely allowing room for exaggerated accessories. I opted for less by choosing a simple gold choker.

STYLE TIP- Get'chu some faux leather girl, it's simple and sassy!


Sunday, 20 December 2015



I don't know about you, but I love to be in my pyjamas when I have no intention of leaving the house. They (along with a good tracksuit) are the most comfortable clothes to be in.
Now I don't own a pair of designer pyjamas to be wearing them out the house as an outfit, but I think I've come pretty close.
This ensemble was a steal from a random was sooo cheap I can't even tell you how much I paid for it! Unfortunately the shop has closed down so I can't share where it's from either, buy I'm sure (if you like this look) you'll find something similar or better.
This pink co-ord set is satin silky soft. It hangs effortlessly and needs no work. I actually purchased the items separately and saw that there was also a mini dress to go with. I loved the idea of this set paired with a floaty satin oversized waterfall jacket...(which I'm yet to find), so bought this outfit with that in mind.

COAT- Unknown
COORD SET- Unknown
CHOKER- River Island
SHOES- Timeless 
LIPSTICK- Colourpop (Limbo)

I didn't want to draw any attention away from the pink, opting for black shoes and a simple choker. The red statement coat was the only jacket I had similar to the waterfall jacket I had in mind, which actually compliments this look really well. It's festive, simple and comfortable to celebrate Christmas singing Christmas carols.

STYLE TIP- Do what works for you! Think fun and festive!

Saturday, 19 December 2015




The weather is my main collaborator when looking for the right outfit for  any occasion. Being that it is winter, we've experienced quite a few windy and rainy days. 
Over the Christmas period, I'm used to the drastic change in weather, awaiting the snow to fall, but so far it's just been dark and gloomy. 
I like to be prepared in case of a wardrobe malfunction, which means co-operating with the clouds is somewhat a must. Rain= a mac, a pea-coat or a duffer coat. Because it is the Christmas holidays we have to eliminate the duffer coat for any type of "dressy" occasion.
So with that being said here is an effortless style, fit for the darker nights.


I purchased this jacket around 9 years ago on a shopping spree with my mom. I remember seeing it and feeling like I couldn't leave without it. 
It was one of those days my mom had no intentions of buying me anything that wasn't already on her 'to do list' so the odds were already against me lol.
Even though I knew she would say NO, I still tried it fit like a glove and looked oh so chic! She too fell in love (long story short) and decided to treat me!
I have probably worn this jacket 3 times since. One of those times being my first time interning at London Fashion Week. 
It is a show-stopping number and definitely needs to be worn right. I decided to be a little matchy matchy (which I usually feel is gross) and pick out the main co-coordinating colours, ebony and ivory.

LIPSTICK- Colourpop (Limbo)

This romantic blouse is a simple touch to the outfit and has its own detail worn without the jacket. I opted for a mesh boot to tone everything down slightly.
Adding a dash of bling would tie in this whole look ready for a glamorous evening somewhere.

STYLE TIP- Evening attire is always welcome in my book, you can never be too dressed up. It's better to be over dressed than under dressed!


Friday, 18 December 2015


CHRISTMAS IS THE TIME OF YEAR WE CELEBRATE THE BIRTH OF JESUS! While most believe it's a pagan holiday and others are tied to another religion, I believe Christmas should be an excuse for ALL to dress up, treat oneself, spoil a loved one and just plain love on each other!!

I adore this time of year, it brings back so many memories. My family and I growing up would always have the longest lie in and coincidently wake up around the same time to open presents before watching all the classic movies on TV. Sister Act, Home Alone, Matilda, Mrs Doubt-fire... and lets not forget the most exciting part of this day... the fooood!!! My mom would literally cook all day, I would help decorate the table while my Dad and brothers ensured the ''TV was working'' haha.
The best part about Christmas day was hopping from family to family. 
We would start at my Grandmas where there was even MORE FOOD!! I don't know how my Grandma would do it, there was literally always enough for around 30 people to eat, and go back for seconds! Most of the time we would arrive to Aunties, Uncles and cousins. If we did not get to see everyone altogether, my family and I would try to make an effort to stop by each relatives home, throughout the Christmas holiday period.

Now Christmas is 7 days away! I'm sure many of you have already been invited to work parties, friendly dinners etc. etc... Need a little inspiration?  7 days, 7 posts 7 outfits!!! 


JACKET- Cow Vintage
TOP- Primark
SHOES- United Footwear
LIPSTICK- Colourpop (Limbo)

A pair of fussy trousers paired with an embroidery top is the perfect little combo when going out for a "casual" dinner. I slipped on a strappy silver sandal to bring out the hint of silver in these soft shimmered trousers. To keep it 100% casual, my men's sized leather biker jacket did the trick. Tying my hair back and adding a dark lip colour keeps this whole look season appropriate.

STYLE TIP- Celebrate Christmas is style!


Friday, 11 December 2015


Throughout my childhood I have always been given the option to choose what I want to look like and how I'd like to dress! My mama installed a lot of confidence in me... She told me I always have options!

From birth my mama made a huge effort and would take pride in dressing me and my brothers well. We weren't little dolls to her lol but she ensured we looked just as grand as she did.
Going to nursery I would wear hand made clothes by my mum. I had a few favourite dresses that I would literally never take off. There was one particular dress my mum would ensure was washed and ready for school the next day, knowing I'd throw some sort of fit if I couldn't wear it :).

I owe a lot of my creativity and expression to my mum, she never limited my crazy choices in style and found diplomatic ways to encourage better options I got older that all changed! My mum soon gave me her opinions when I didn't ask for them hehe quite bluntly and direct too! Her allowing me to find myself, my taste and my style has given me the confidence to be sure about what is I want my outfit to say when getting dressed. It's not always that deep haha... but I do dress to my mood as well as the occasion.

Because I had been given so much freedom growing up, (to an extent) I would get easily bored with the same look and want 'a change'. 

I did go through a phase in secondary school where I felt I lost my personal taste and wanted to look like my friends. I was shorter and lot more curvy than a lot of them, which meant that certain clothing they wore didn't quite sit the same on me.

Fashion is a popular and generic way of looking OR behaving. Being that I found fashion so interesting so young, I didn't quite understand I had my own style before wanting to fit in with the trends.
School was THE place I latched on to the trends and tried to "fit in". The years when the Academiks tracksuits were the "IT" thing, Tommy Hilfiger coats, skirts worn over trousers lol, Pony trainers, rings on every finger, jelly shoes,(which are still on trend) etc etc.

Growing up it was so easy to decide that I wanted what everyone else wanted, before actually giving it any thought, because I was sometimes the only person who didn't have the latest. It was only when I pulled away from constantly being around friends (as well as my mum pointing out my look was 'off!') that I discovered my taste.

Not everything everyone is wearing or doing is going to suit you. 

What I soon realised as I continued to experiment in finding myself, was that style is ME, INDIVIDUAL... ORIGINAL!! Wearing or doing what I personally wanted was a reflection of me. 
I have made many fashion faux pars... I wish I had pictures to share with you all... It'd be a lot of fun to look back and laugh! I do actually look back at recent pictures wandering how and why I chose to put certain pieces together, but I guess that's the beauty of growing up and figuring yourself out.

I am a firm believer in the world of fashion...its creative, its different, engaging, spontaneous, interesting, inspiring... it is a world of it's own!! 
Style however is's apart of who you are and who you intend to be. It's the past you, the present you and the evolving'll always be a reflection of you, as long as you stay true to YOU!

STYLE TIP- Style over Fashion... it's a personal statement! Don't be afraid to laugh at yourself throughout YOUR journey!

Friday, 4 December 2015


Basic items along with neutral colours are a great basis to work around a statement piece of clothing! 

I am a sucker for soft colour palettes as well as pastel colours. It (for me) is the epitome of femininity, along with floaty textures. Silks, satins and delicate furs teamed with heavy denim or leather-like materials, creates a cool edgy look. I love the idea of mixing the two to create some androgyny. 
Although I enjoy bringing a little drama to an outfit, I mainly like to keep it simple with class, minimalism and faint masculinity.
With cream, taupe, tan, nudes and neutrals (black, white and grey) it is so easy to dash a bit of colour or texture in, to brighten or dress up a look. 
These 3 looks I decided to leave the drama at home and wore each item as is.



This is the kind of look that can easily be altered to your liking. A simple jumpsuit like this is wearable in all seasons, created for any body shape or size and ready to throw on for any occasion. 
I decided to dress this up by putting on a few accessories and added heels to lengthen my body. I purchased it 2 sizes bigger for comfort reasons, however it stills hangs nicely. If worn at the correct size, the leg of the harems would be a lot more fitted and every where else would hug my shape.
Adding a belt to cinch in the waist... a blazer to bring in some structure or even worn with trainers and a bomber jacket for a sporty look!


SHOES- Merry Hill
CHOKER-River Island 

Another easy outfit to work around is this taupe maxi dress. I styled it with a velvet choker and a pair of knee high block heeled boots. This look is also accessible to all shapes and sizes and can be altered to your liking. A voluptuous figure would fill out this dress perfectly allowing the dress to hang onto every curve. It is just as flattering for a tall slim model-esk type figure...worn with stiletto heels, hair scrapped up into a top-knot with dramatic earrings, completed with a tight fitted jacket worn on the shoulders! Honey the pavement is your catwalk!!


JACKET- Vintage
TRAINERS- United Footwear

A basic suit can be worn in many different ways depending on your creativity. We tend to see a suit and think 'formal wear' or 'work attire' but I like to wear mine with flats. It allows me to feel chic, comfortable yet slightly dressed up.
I teamed a nude body suit with a pair of beige trousers and pulled this vintage taupe blazer out my closet to wear over the top. A simple t-shirt or crew neck jumper would dress this look completely down. A blouse or fitted shirt worn with heels would dress this look up.
A blazer and a great pair of tailored trousers should be in your wardrobe as part of the basic pieces to work around. This look with a change of shoe, a few accessories and the right clutch will take you from day to night real quick :)

STYLE TIP- Basics and neutrals are a MUST!! They will change your life...esp for those days you think you have nothing to wear! hehe

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