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This day at LFW was a struggle for me. The weather was frostbite cold and windy. Although the sun was shining, it didn't help that I had the flu. Nonetheless I soldiered through the day and still had an absolute blast. I might've felt like death, but I sure wasn't about to look like it lol.
I chose to wear a simple dress by designer Burbo K'ture. This tartan print was effortless yet fussy. The detail in the shape is what gave the dress a slight edge. I could manipulate this tunic by adjusting the belt and wrapping it countless times around my waist adding more ruffles to become more figure hugging; or wear it quite loosely. I opted to wear it a little lose.

I threw on a long black coat ensuring the dress was the centre piece. Now don't get it twisted, it may look like this is all I wore, but honey I had on so many layers underneath this dress... two heat-tech long sleeve tops from Uniqlo, a vest top and a pair of tights AND a pair of leggings lol.

 JACKET- My mama
DRESS- Disorder Boutique (Burbo K'ture)
SHOES- EBay (Chinese boutique)
On my feet were a simple pair of mesh peep toe booties and I added my saucer glasses for style.


The designer showrooms, give buyers, press, bloggers etc., the chance to view beautiful collections from outstanding designers. Each showroom has a completely different vibe from the next. Two of the showrooms that stood out for me were the complete opposite in terms of the style and detail of the clothing.

 The Heavy Room presented Four different designers that all had one thing in common. Their collections were provocative, loud and extravagant.

Pictured to the left is the collection CHEEKLDN. Charlotte Yamanda is the mind behind this playful, youthful line. It is a womenswear brand geared towards the fun, tongue-in cheek type woman. Her classic mini skirts, candy colours and PVC textures are for an extravagant lifestyle.

OBSCURE REBELLION is another womenswear brand for the fearless. Not only are these pieces bold, but also quite futuristic. It takes a sexy lady with an attitude to rock this line.

 Along with there being showrooms showcasing designer's collections, a buyers and press lounge was available for bloggers to update their sites, keeping us all informed on social media of what was happening right then and there.
Maybelline also had a lounge where makeup artists were on deck.

 After being blown away by the plethora of designers, I came across Mark Kenly Domino Tan. This clothing line was one of my absolute favourites. Mark is known especially for sculptural tailoring and the use of fabrics and materials from the furniture house of Kvadrat in Europe.
These pictures absolutely do not give this designer's work justice (truly exquisite). The skirt to the far right was created from the same fabric as the interior in a Ferrari; meaning any spillages would vanish with one wipe away.
Mark's collection had a unique twist to the detail as well as tailoring. The textures were a cut above the rest and beautifully formed. Not only were the clothes pristine, but were made with unusual textiles such as carpets and curtains.
 Mark has presented his work at Fashion Week in Copenhagen and christened this seasons London Fashion Week showrooms.

I met and spoke briefly with friendly faces and strolled around being snapped by the many photographers. This bundle made my experience a lot more enjoyable seen as I felt like death warmed up! I met Sylvia during this season of fashion week. A Lawyer by day and Blogger by night ! She was giving us Olivia Pope-esk style!(far left). I also hung out with this hilarious lady by the name of Julda (third in from the right). A Fashion Marketing PR, thoroughly living life in the fast lane.
Not forgetting Artist, Journalist, and Model Tim Victor who had me crying with laughter. They say laughter is the best medicine... it really is! Can't wait for the next season!

 STYLE TIP- Learn ways to disguise your layers, don't suffer for beauty haha

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