Monday, 25 April 2016

Are You Trying To Fit In?

At one point in my life I tried to fit in! 

I think at some point we've all felt the need to be accepted. Being accepted means, we're doing something right, right? WRONG!!

I recently had an interesting conversation with a close friend of mine on this exact subject. We both have the desire to be successful but face the struggle with the question... AT WHAT COST? 
In every area of our lives, whether it be, relationships, career or leisure there are decisions and choices that will always need to be made. We constantly need to give in order to take, invest in order to gain and put forth a certain amount of effort in order to receive; but in some cases you may have to compromise SOMETHING/SOMEONE for the bigger picture. I guess depending on what it is, determines the weight of the decision.
Entering a new environment, have you ever noticed that there are always little bundles of cliques?! Take a look at wildlife... have you ever seen pigeons hang out with monkeys?! No, because "birds of a feather, flock together" (a lame example but you get the point). In our case, why must we conform to the way the majority of our peers choose to do things in order to be accepted?
We shun each other when we don't quite understand things. Not everything is acceptable and not everything is unacceptable and that's OK (really think about it). KNOW YOUR WORTH AND IT KEEP IT PUSHING!

One day people with will warm to the magic of you. It shouldn't take for you to become something you are not and behave in a way that is not authentic to be accepted. As much as it can be a nice feeling to engage with people that like you and what you have to offer once you conform, however it means the conditions will have you constantly proving to them you are worthy of their attention. 
The beauty of real genuine people is, they will take you for you. 

Two of my closest friends are professional dancers. They are considered to be exquisite, incredible and undefinable when they move but yet struggle with getting work when attending auditions and castings. Obviously for each job there is a specific brief and appearance plays a big part, but what about those occasions the client is purely looking for talented dancers... why is that there is a "standard" look that is considered to be commercial or marketable?

Unfortunately cliques, circles and trends will expose how different you are, but who cares. Stand out, eat alone and soar like an eagle! At some point, the world will make room for you.
It's refreshing to come across people that are transparent enough to show you who they are, who are unapologetically themselves and who are unaware that they are different. Don't let anyone or anything con you into thinking you need to be something you're not! 

STYLE TIP- Do what you gotta do to get where you're going, use wisdom and don't play yourself!
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