Sunday, 30 November 2014

Boatlife- Omars Birthday!!

Hey everyone!!! I hope y'all had a great and productive week!

My weekend was spent with family. My (not so) baby cousin Omar, turned 21!
All Omar's close friends and family were invited to celebrate at Westminster Pier on a snazzy boat ride around the River Thames. We all got dressed up, mingled, ate and danced the night away.

I chose to wear another simple chic outfit. A black fitted blazer from the Kardashian Kollection, a gold lace shirt and a pair of high-waisted tailored trousers. The little details in each of these pieces, are what made this outfit classic for the occasion.

BLAZER- Kardashian Kollection
SHIRT- Charity Shop
SHOES- Monkey Schuu

The emphasized shoulder pads, add structure to this blazer. I paired it with a gold shirt, as it really softened the structure complimenting the shape. The collar and cuffs, highlight the gold detailing. I chose a plain pair trouser to bring the look together. Although the trousers are simple, the fit is what tied the whole look in. The cropped leg and tailoring, teamed with a nude shoe allowed for a sleek overall look.

I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my family. To celebrate the life of my handsome (not so) little cousin was a blessing. I really value my family. Even if I don't see them often or speak with them as much as I would like, I love them dearly. I try not to take them for granted. It's so easy to get wrapped up and consumed with work and everyday living, but it's so important to cherish your loved ones.
Now that my cousins and I are older, although we live distances away from each other, we're developing new bonds and friendships. It made me smile to see Omar on his birthday! He threw himself a grand little boat party for us all to enjoy! I'm super proud of him and excited to see his journey as a young man!

STYLE TIP: We all take extra care of the things we like, love and value... Take that extra care with the people you like, love and value!

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Comfort Clothes!

Leather Jackets & Jumpsuits

I'm sure we all have items of clothing that we will always feel MOST comfortable wearing. There are usually pieces in our wardrobes we reached for most frequently. 
My favourites are usually a pair of harem trousers and an lose fitting top, however since I got my hands on a few jumpsuits/boiler-suits over the summer, I can't live without them! 
I found this thick, quality vintage suit from an online store called Thriftwares. Its great for this season and simple to rock. I bought it in a size bigger than I usually wear although, it also has a belt which allows for it to be worn in a more feminine way too.
Sometimes, I'm very guilty of repeating an outfit 2 days in a row! Don't judge me, I know y'all be doing it too!. I know its a fashion crime...daaahhh well, as long as you are smelling good!!! I do however switch up the way in which I wear these things. A change in shoe and jacket can make such a difference. 
My go to jackets lately, are the leather ones. I have a variety of these jackets in different designs and colours. 

I recently checked out the Eastend Thrift Store and purchased a few great finds. This acid-wash green leather jacket, being one of them. It effortlessly edges up the khaki boiler suit and brings out the colour.

JACKET- Eastend Thrift Store
SHOES- Monkey Schuh

I also purchased this old fashioned lengthy leather from the Eastend Thrift Store. It requires some tlc and revamping in maintenance, but it was an absolute steal! 

JACKET- Eastend Thrift Store
SHOES- Somewhere in London 

I tied the belt to cinch in my waistline and paired this fit with a bright leather jacket. The richness of the red is quite contrasting to the khaki green suit. The slight alterations to how the boiler-suit is worn with this jacket, allows for me to look casual and feminine.

JACKET- Primark
SHOES- Somewhere in London

I've had this particular jacket for quite a while. I like how it feels and fits. The sleeves are slightly shorter than the standard fitting jacket and also has a box cut shape. As you can see, it changes the dynamic of how the boiler-suit looks emphasizing its shape. I teamed this ensemble with a white pair of stylish heels.

SHOES- Chinese Boutique 

The versatility of this suit is what I enjoy most about wearing it. Being that I bought it a few sizes bigger than my size, allows for me to wear it lose and boyish when I'm feeling chilled.

It has detachable sleeves ready for any season. They simply unclip so that they are shortened to a capped sleeve. I love the fact it buttons right up (turtle neck style).

Another bonus to this suit is the belt, which can be tied to your liking. Depending on how tight, it will show off your waistline. This can lengthen your figure and give shape.

STYLE TIP: Sticking to what you know gives you stability, but try not to get complacent...risks should always be taken in style.

Thursday, 6 November 2014



Now that the nights are getting colder, the street lights are on earlier and Christmas is around the corner, I'm preparing for a cold winter in style. 
I already own a pair of thigh-high boots, but these Tom Ford lookalikes caught my eye a while back! I was waiting for these boots to arrive and they came early! :)
I threw together 3 quick outfits, showing easy breezy ways to wear them. These boots are very much a statement piece, so less is more.

An over-sized baggy top or jumper dress, is right on trend at the moment. Here I am wearing a lose fitting top and a knitted cardigan for simplicity, which allows for the boot to be the centre piece.
Because these boots can easily look like hooker heels or a little too sexy (depending on what you wear them with), I have styled these to my personal taste, straying away from anything too tight, short or revealing.

HAT- Cow Vintage 
TOP- Ebay

I was very much inspired by Pharell Williams when putting this look together. The styling is faintly masculine. This box cut shirt, buttoned to the top is paired with tartan shorts and worn over the thigh-high boots.

HAT- Cow Vintage
SHIRT- Hammer
SHORTS- Charity Shop

This a very minimal ensemble. A silk shirt, a pair of grey skinny jeans and an exaggerated scarf compliments the boots. No real effort or thought is needed, when in a hurry or want to look fab without the hassle of thinking about 'what to wear'.

SHIRT-My mama
JEANS- Topshop
SCARF- Topshop (years ago)

STYLE TIP: Whether its a statement coat or boot, don't let winter dress you down!
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