Thursday, 1 January 2015

Hey 2015!!!


You should never take life, people or dreams for granted. I am forever thankful that I have been blessed enough to see 26 years of life. I have experienced failed friendships, relationships, highs and lows in different fields of work and everyday drama with family..  but I'm still here!! woop!!
Now we're into 2015, I am literally so excited about achieving! I can truly say I have matured and learnt some life lessons the hard way.
At 18, I thought I was sooo grown. I really believed I knew it all, and had it all figured out...  but boy was I wrong!! lol Between then and now, I have found myself (and still continue to work who I am). I know I am deserving of nothing but the best, I won't settle or downgrade my standards and I certainly have the potential to be GREAT!
It took me a good few failed friendships to realise, not everyone is for you or supportive of your journey. Your closest friends sometimes don't  want you to succeed if it means you may be doing better than them.. I learnt that the hard way, but it has strengthened my character and taught me how to move on and let go.
The last relationships I  have been involved in, I have come to realise that, everyone has different standards, different ways of viewing things and not everyone respects your opinion or cares to hear it. Coming out of these situations I've learnt not settle. Compromising things to make someone else happy isn't always wise, especially when it can leave you feeling sad. Committing to someone is a big deal, whether married or not. Making that conscious decision to accept that person with all their flaws, simply because you want to love them regardless, is a challenging thing to do. Love shouldn't be conditional, but so often make it to be that way. Nonetheless I've learnt to dash way the people that don't hold the same respect and integrity I feel a relationship should hold. Compatibility is a must when it comes to morale.
Anywho, what I am trying to say is, DO YOU this year! Make you YOUR priority. Don't hold back and don't downgrade your dreams or your standards!!!

So, my New Years celebration was very low key this year, but it was perfect! I was with my family and church family. Everyone was dressed in black and white. We ate, danced along to the live band and said a little pray of thanks.
I chose to wear all black and a white blazer. Details below :)

I purchased the white blazer months and months back at a charity shop. I kept my look dressy and chic by keeping all the drama in the trousers. Because the trousers had a lot of texture, I chose not to emphasize anything else. A simple water fall top and strappy shoe, tied everything in.

BLAZER- Charity Shop
TOP- Primark
SHOES- United Footwear

I hope everyone enjoyed their New Year celebrations (if you celebrated). This time of year  most people get a little carried away and drank or have a super low key night and do absolutely nothing lol. Here are a few pictures from last night. Enjoy!

Everyone looked beautiful and I'm sure we all had a great time. Best dressed for the night in my opinion went to my twin! He looked real stylish and dapper. Didn't quite stick to the black and white theme, but what fashionista does! ;) (He was feeling himself lol look at the stance)

STYLE TIP-  Out with the old, in with the new!!! Lets go shopping haha :)
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