Friday, 16 January 2015


As a creative person, I find myself wanting to share my creative juices, especially when they have not yet been exercised or activated. I have a natural tendency to sometimes over share with people I assume are trustworthy, secure and encouraging; however not everyone wants the best for you! The shade is real!!
Evaluating the people in your life is a must!



The term 'frienemy' is used to describe people who have ulterior motives and hidden agendas, posing as a friend but living as an enemy.  I personally do not want to associate myself with anyone that isn't genuinely wanting to see me win. If you can't be happy for me, why are you here???
Building a friendship and creating a bond with someone, takes valued time and effort, so it sometimes isn't as clear to see that you're dining with the devil. You almost don't want to accept that YOUR friend, ain't your friend! tut tut :(
I believe the true definition of a frienemy is someone who is either insecure, intimated or both!
Insecurity, comparisons, jealousy and intimidation all go hand in hand. People with these issues, occasionally 'act out' towards the people who they feel 'have it all'. In the midst of this, its important that you mind your own business and ensure they mind theirs lol!
Everyone is on their own journey, so to compare, compete or feel intimidated by the next person, is pretty pointless. It only slows down the process to your progression and distracts your focus.

Ensuring you are surrounded by like minded people is a bigger deal than we sometimes realise. Your peers shouldn't be your competitors. We all hold something unique in character, ability and style.


When a positive attitude is not reciprocated towards you and your goals/aims/accomplishments, it is important to be selective with who you allow, to access to your life. Paying close attention to who celebrates your successes, gives insight as to whether they genuinely want you to soar... And belieeeeve me, those haters are gona HATE! 
While you continue your journey, protect your craft. It's okay to have haters... your thing won't always be everyone's cup of tea, just ensure you don't allow the haters emotional access to you. Getting caught up in all the negativity will only hinder you. You can block, unfriend and delete! Stay focused on your business.


Life gives us the opportunity to live. We have free will (to an extent) and are able to make choices and decisions for ourselves. Our up bringing shapes our mentality. Whether negative or positive, you make the choices to exist or live! To live consists of taking action, challenging yourself, stepping out of a comfort zone and trying new things.  Once you reach the age of adulthood, you set the standard for your life style.

Being insecure about your ability, looks or intellect is a state of mind. CHOOSING to ACCEPT and believe the negative words you may think of yourself, or have been called, is the reason why you feel insecure about the insecurities you have. Changing the way you think, is 80 per cent of the change you need to make. The other 20 per cent consists of faith and action! Once you give that 100 per cent of commitment to unleashing the greatness in you, there's no going back!! I'm telling you girl! :)

 STYLE TIP: Don't share your clothes (gifts, ideas, abilities) with people who don't know how to take care of them! Keep your stuff to yourself. What you have is precious!

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