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An outfit is never complete without some type of accessory. Whether it be a hat, earrings or belt, that extra piece of spice always completes the look. It also adds some flavour and style.

I like to accessorize with a hat or a pair of glasses! I love wide brimmed fedoras and baseball caps. They suit my personality and are ideal for bad hair days.
A great pair of glasses for style purposes, really spruces up an outfit. It not only brightens up your face, but adds character.

Now, for the sistas, we usually wear a headscarf for protection and maintenance purposes, however it can also be worn as an accessory. As shown in the picture above, it can be styled in a bow to look youthful and flirty. Throw on a lose fit pair of jeans, an oversized t-shirt and a fitted blazer and your look is complete. You could also rock this look with a playful skater dress and biker jacket, giving off an 80s vibe.

Fedoras seem to be right on trend at the moment. They are very structured and quite chic. As shown in the picture above, I have tucked away, all my hair so you see nothing but face and the hat is the focal point. I would rock this look with a heavy knit jumper, a pair of skinny jeans and some heeled boots. A long pea coat, a mini (leather) skirt and blouse would also look great with this hat as an accessory.

The sporty look, is a great medium for those days you do not want to make an effort but still want to look attractive. The cap worn in the picture above can look very feminine by teaming it with a turtle neck, a pair of high-waisted joggers/harems and a boyfriend blazer. You could also throw on, a long lose fit t-shirt (to cover the booty), a pair of jeggings and a baseball jacket.

A belt is a great accessory to play with. Depending on how you wear it and what you are wearing it with, it can either enhance or highlight a part of your body.
Here I am wearing an oversized wool cardigan. The cardigan is not only very big, but has detailing that emphasizes it's size. It can be worn as is for a casual look. To create some shape, tying the belt around your waist shows your waistline and cinches it in .

My favourite accessory is a pair of glasses. There are so many shapes and sizes that can add character to your face.

A pair of glasses can be the staple piece of a really simple outfit. For any formal occasion, the pair of cat-eye glasses are a nice touch of style. They are flirty and sophisticated. These could be worn with a power suit for an interview. You don't have to look boring just to be taken seriously.
Pictured in the second shot are a fun pair, for a games night with friends. They are 'geeky looking' to wear with a preppy ensemble. A pleated skirt, a denim jacket and some converse would pull this look together.
The aviator style glasses are my most worn. They remind me of the prescriptive glasses my dad used to wear. They have that vintage feel.
These would compliment a leather jacket, a maxi skirt and an over-sized scarf; with a pair of booties.
The last pair of glasses pictured above, are becoming a trend. I first purchased these from Camden a few years back and broke them. Of course I had them replaced and noticed recently, a lot of bloggers and fashionsitas have also gotten their hands on a pair. They're quirky, different and oversized! These could be worn with a cropped pair of trousers, a cropped tee and a fitted blazer. A pair of loafers or ballet flats would really complete this overall look.
As well as diamonds being a girls best friends and jewellery playing a big part in accessorising an outfit, shoes are also a girls best friend. The right shoes can take an outfit from a 5 to a 10.
The right shoe is dependant on your body shape as well as the fit of your trousers, jeans or skirt.
If you are like me and have really skinny ankles, a more dainty shoe is definitely more flattering.
If you are a victim of the 'cankle' (calf & ankle are not defined in ratio) then a strappy shoe (1st pic) can alter the shape of your legs.
A heel is always more feminine for a dressy occasion. I'm not the type to accessorize by matching a handbag with a choice of shoe, however I have seen it done and it most definitely can bring a look together. 
Shoes, bags, jewellery, hats, scarfs and glasses are definite options when wanting to add that extra 'something' to an outfit.
STYLE TIP: A woman's best accessory will always be her smile and character! Ensure your choice of accessory compliments you! 

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