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 Do you check his shoes too?! lol I know I'm not the only one! In all honestly, when looking for a suitor, the exterior isn't ALL that matters. For me personally, I would like for my future boo, to take a little care in his appearance.
Most guys are really laid back when it comes to what to wear. They have the luxury of simplicity. They, throw on a tee, some jeans/joggers, a jacket and their favourite trainers. On a good day, they'll iron a shirt and maybe wear that one pair of 'nice shoes'.
 In all fairness, it is VERY attractive for a man to be rugged and 'not so put together'. However, for the ladies who want their hubby to clean it up slightly and the men who wouldn't mind a few tips... this post is for you :-).

A nice long pea coat/trench coat is something to invest in. It is timeless, smart and fitting for a gentlemen. Here the model Tim, is wearing a grey pea coat. I styled him in a plain white t-shirt, adding a cardigan. This khaki cardigan opens up the colour palette, contrasting against the shoes. Adding layers to an outfit, will not only keep you warm, but will give some dimension to your overall look.

A contrast of colours is one way to enhance ones style. It's ok to be matchy matchy, however coordination is my preference. Although this grey coat has a simplicity about it, the detailing is what creates the drama. This statement coat is what I call an 'all purpose' piece.

COAT- Disorder Boutique
TEE- River Island
CARDIGAN- River Island
JEANS- Primark
SHOES-Cow Vintage

A pair of jeans can go a looooong way. A good pair of jeans are what every man should definitely have. A slim fit pair are ideal... they look more flattering for the shape and work for most occasions.

Tim is wearing a plain black tee, a pair of light weight jeans and a khaki jacket. To create a more stylish look, I added some texture using a few accessories. A simple look like this, is easy to achieve. Accessories make all the difference. The scarves add colour, picking up the detail on the jeans.  

JACKET- Disorder Boutique
JEANS- Disorder Boutique
HAT- Vintage
SCARVES- Vintage

The sport luxe look, is a great look for a date night. It shows a nice amount of effort without looking too eager to impress. It can be pulled together with your favourite jeans, a neat pair of trainers and a sports jacket. For this particular style, I have opted for the pea coat shown earlier.

An all black outfit always looks clean, chic and put-together. With this 'all purpose' pea coat it gives the ensemble that extra umph! Because the coat is very fussy, wearing all black pulls the look in.

COAT- Disorder Boutique
TEE- Primark
JEANS- Primark
TRAINERS- Converse

 It's all about the FIT when wanting to look effortlessly great. It's easy to wear the latest trends, but ensure you wear clothes that are suited to your body shape. Here Tim is wearing a plain jumper and a snazzy pair of stretch jeans. Although this is a very minimalistic look, the way the clothes fall on his structure is what makes the difference.

Knowing your size is important. Most men are guilty of guessing what size they are in shirts and t-shirts usually, opting for a L or XL. It must be an ego thang, but be real with yourselves, it's ok to be a small or extra small. As long as your clothes are flattering for your physique, that's all that matters. Ensure you know the correct measurements for your trousers. Sagging jeans ain't always cute! Wear a belt when needed. 

JUMPER- Fruit of the Loom
JEANS- Disorder Boutique
TRAINERS- Converse

Investing in pieces of clothing that are interesting to look at, as well as complimentary to your physique and individual style, are a must. A suit blazer that can be worn without the full suit is convenient to have. You are then able to wear it to an informal occasion with jeans and tee.
A pair of harems are a nice change from your standard trouser, jean or joggers. They are not only comfortable but stylish and different. They can be quite fitting for most casual nights out. However, depending on how they fit, they can appear to shorten your legs. 

These suggested items are for the fellas who are interested in something different. They do not necessarily need to be worn altogether as shown in the picture above, but can be styled individually with other pieces that aren't so dramatic. The trousers (pictured on the model Tim) are a great staple piece. The zip detailing on the leg, allows for you to have an harem-style look. You can also zip the trouser leg right up! It stills gives these slim fit trousers some flavour!

JACKET- Disorder Boutique
JACKET (underneath)- Disorder Boutique
TEE- River Island
TROUSERS- Disorder Boutique
SHOES- Primark

STYLE TIP: Dress to impress yourself, but be mindful of what you want to say in what you wear! Think about the FIT and invest in some staple pieces (they're easier to recycle).

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