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I am really looking forward to entering the new year, with an EXRA fresh outlook! I vowed to myself that I would end 2014, how I intend to enter 2015. I have set goals and stayed consistent in doing things towards those goals. I want to take things up a notch in all aspects of my life and I'm thoroughly looking forward to a new beginning.
Everyone sets 'New Year Resolutions'... I think it's a healthy thing to do! Once you tell yourself you are going to do something, you work towards doing it. HOW to achieve, WHAT needs to be done, WHEN will it be accomplished. Planning ahead makes a huge difference. An old friend of mine taught me the importance of planning. It allows for you to dream big and take action!!

I'm sure many of us have plans, to celebrate making it through 2014 and feeling blessed enough to see 2015. I have a black and white do at my church. So I have thrown together a few basic outfits to work around. These fits are just the basis of an outfit...you can add accessories, a blazer, layers etc to look more glam!

A leather top and a pair of white trousers can go a long way. Wear this with a stiletto heel and printed blazer or jacket to spice up the look. If you're wanting to look extra glam, a statement necklace or dangly pair of earrings will do the trick.

TOP- New Look
TROUSERS- Charity Shop
SHOES- London
BAG- Charity Shop

 Again this is a plain outfit to work around. I'm wearing a black bralet, a pair of leather high-waisted jeans and a cropped jacket, made by my mama. To sprinkle some fabulousity onto this outfit, adding gold accessories (a gold cuff, necklace or earrings) a statement clutch and a bold lipstick, will enhance the whole look and have you ready to dance around in style.

HAT- London
JACKET- My mama
BRALET- Primark
SHOES- United Footwear

This look can be enhanced by adding layers. A boostier or waist coat over the top of the shirt will add some flavour. Or even a thick waist belt with the shirt tucked in will allow a chic sassy feel. Adding pieces of jewellery always gives that extra glamour!

SHIRT- My mums
SKIRT- Boohoo.com (Altered in skirt, was a dress)
SHOES- United Footwear

A pair of thigh-high boots are a great staple piece for a night out! I am wearing it with a soft mohair white jump-dress. This look is comfortable and cute. To vamp up the whole look, a loud hair-do and sultry makeup will pull this look together.

BOOTS- Ebay (Chinese Boutique)

I hope these looks have inspired y'all in getting ready for the new year! Go out in style!!

STYLE TIP-  Ensure the choices you make serve a purpose! Be deliberate and courageous... Let go of all the negativity and think positive! Start a fresh, you have been given another chance! Stay stylish whilst doing so ;)

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