Thursday, 7 August 2014



Hey kids!!

So this is a late post, but I want to share with you the easy breezy outfit I wore to church last weekend. 
I had the pleasure of attending a Pig Roast/BBQ/chill-time with my church folk and I had SO much fun guys.
A lovely couple from the church opened up their beautiful home and farm to us. It was so nice to mingle under the sun, join in with the kids activities and eat! I played innocently like a of catch, volleyball, football and it was even better that we were all out in the sticks, because it meant we had no service on our phones haha. There was even horse-riding.
After eating a LOT of food, the adults all joined together to play ROUNDERS!!!  Now let me tell you...if you want to see the real me, challenge me to a game of rounders lol... I am so competitive! This game was intense, but huge amounts of fun!! I was on the Pastors team, and we WON!! BOOOOYAAR! :)
Here are a few shots of the winning outfit. Enjoy!

It was 22 degree weather last Sunday and I was BAKING wearing all black, but the comfort of my clothes made for an easy breezy look and wear. I simply took my oversized, bat-winged shawl and tied it around my waist when hot. 

I accessorized with my favourite glasses and black studs, still keeping my look very simple and plain. The red lip (Mac Lady Danger) added a bit more colour to the overall fit.
STYLE TIP: Dressing for the occasion makes it so much easier to put your fit together... Comfortable, simple but never boring!
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