Thursday, 7 August 2014



Hey kittens,

Here is quick outfit of the day/night that I wore to Roundhouse in Camden. I went to support two of my friends who were opening up for Fuse-dog at an event called Music Potential. Tim Victor who completely owned the stage, did an incredible job performing and also Marika Beckford aka KASS, showed up and showed out!! Her huge vocal cords and dynamic moves left the audience in awe.

I didn't want to dress up as I knew it would be a chilled casual vibe so I opted for flats, but I intended to stop by at the Expendables Première after party, so I also didn't want to look too dressed down. I ended up bringing a change of shoes and some earrings to change my day outfit to a night outfit. I didn't get to take pictures on the actual night, but here you can see the two minor differences.

I chose to wear black as its chic, simple and worked for this occasion. Although the weather was beautiful, I was aware that the temperature would drop slightly throughout the night, so I ensured I carried a shawl to take the chill off my back.

Hat- COW
Shawl- EBAY

I simply changed my flat shoes, to high, mesh, pointed heels. I changed my oversized vest-top from front to back to create a lower neck-line so that it was a little more feminine and sassy. 
Choices in accessories would add to enhancing this day look to a night outfit. Dangly  earrings, bracelets or a heavy beaded necklace.

STYLE TIP: Dressing up or down can be altered simply by changing one or two things about what you wore in the day. Style doesn't have to be complicated. Add or take something away!

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