Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Outfit Of The Day!

I went to Notting Hill Carnival this year and I must say it was pretty epic! I went with my bestie, who was determined to have a wild time, even though it rained the entire day. And we did exactly that. This was my first time attending Notting Hill Carnival, so I had no real expectations other than to enjoy myself...I felt like a tourist. I found myself staring at people, taking pictures, soaking it all in. Despite the rain, the energy and ambiance was almost as if it wasn't raining. Everyone around me, seemed full of life.
I dressed extremely comfortable wearing a very laid back outfit. My friends and I spent hours walking around, following the floats, dancing and eating so I made sure to wear flat comfortable shoes. Here are a few pictures, enjoy!

TOP- Cow Birmingham
TRAINERS- Footlocker

Even though the weather was pouring with rain, the temperature was warm. My friends chose to wear simple clothes for comfort and leisure; a tee and short shorts. I didn't get chance to snap any fashionistas because I didn't actually see any interesting street style.

Carnival was full of people from different ages, shapes and sizes. It was nice to see everyone embrace each others cultures. The music united everyone, even in the rain. 

What I wore:

I am most comfortable wearing lose clothing, so I flinged on my cropped leather trousers, pairing them with a bright neon oversized vest top. To ensure I wasn't cold, I carried my new favourite long black shawl. I live to wear black, but I wanted to be in the spirit of carnival, so the neon green top was the pop of colour I needed. On my feet I opted for these Nike Roshe trainers.

Style Tip: Dress according to your body type, shape and size. If you like the way you look, you're good to go!!
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