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Not imitation!

Hey viewers :) 

Being a new blogger, and exercising my passion for fashion, I am even more inspired by the people I see, the places I visit, the conversations I have and also the smells and sounds I come across. From childhood I have always been an observer. I was that little girl that would stare at you for whatever reason, until you felt uncomfortable lol. As a grown woman, I still have that habit. I really like to take in and digest what I'm seeing. 

Now that the sunshine is in full effect, I have had a lot of time to people watch (don't judge, I know y'all do it too). I am inspired by so many things especially the people that are uber creative with their appearance. 
Inspiration is NOT imitation. If I am inspired by a certain look, I always make it my own. It's important that I am me. I add my own flair.

When it comes to my style, I would say that men inspire my overall look. Not in THAT way lol...SOME men know how to carry themselves, it inspires my outfits at times. My style is best described as androgynous. I love to wear my hair short, I ensure my features are softened by my choices in make-up, especially if I will be wearing oversized clothing or something quite structured; that feminine touch is always very apparent.

Fittings are a big deal for me. The picture above shows two men styled to the 'T'. The fit of the gentleman's suit on the right, allows for his physique to look tall and slim. Although his trousers are cropped, they are tailored well to suit his body shape.

I've never been one to match the colour of my shoes with my belt and handbag etc, (No) co-ordination is more chic in my opinion. However, the gentleman's look (above) is very simple. The tan against the white is quite contrasting, allowing for a spring/summer feel.

Now we all know Kanye does no wrong in the fashion world. This picture taken from his spread in GQ magazine shows his casual street-wear style. The use of layers and ruffles add to the simple pieces he is wearing (detailing in sleeves and jeans). This is something I am a BIG fan of. Simplicity is something we have in common...the minor changes to how these pieces have been styled make all the difference.

Accessories also make a huge difference to an outfit. It can hide your bodily sins (rolls, tan lines etc). As you can see in the above pictures, without the hats, suspenders, glasses and even rings, these looks would not look the same or be complete. It addS STYLE and FLAIR!!

A mixture of patterns and textures is something I am also a really big fan of. It can enhance a plain outfit, making it busy and eye-catching. It can also distract from the fact you are wearing just one colour, because all the items you may be wearing, have different textures. It can transform a day outfit to a night outfit and vice versa.

Here is a few examples of what I consider androgyny at its best: Rita Ora and Rihanna.

Rita is wearing an oversized tee. She has paired it with a lace skirt and some heels. The overall look is a mix of sports luxe. She has that boyish feel but her appeal is still 'lady like' because of the choice of clothing she has pulled together.

Here Rihanna looks as though she has thrown on an effortless relaxed suit. Sporting a short hair cut, and wearing flats, Rihanna still brings that sexy feminine feel because of the bra-let she has on underneath.

Mixing mens-wear and womens-wear is my thing, so I know a thing or two about how to dress a man.
Menswear post coming soon...Guys if your shoes ain't right, there's no date night!!

STYLE TIP:  Be inspired by other looks when experimenting with your style, but DON'T copy...put your own twist on things...ensure its unique to you.

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