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In order to look a little sassy, it doesn't mean you need to show all your organs. The picture to the right is a clean example of how to remain in style, clothed and sassy. You will see me use the word 'sassy' instead of 'sexy' because, in my opinion you can not be called sexy without someone objectifying you.

A lot of us females sometimes like to draw attention to the assets we like the most...whether it be because we've been slaving in the gym to achieve that picture perfect body, or just plain feeling ourselves on a particular night...but nooo sugar honey!!! When it comes to covering your body, less is NOT more!
Your body is a temple, it's not for everyone to see. I understand that for the most part we are all built the same, but I strongly believe that that little body of yours, should only be seen by a select few (God, yo mama, husband/wife).

I have always gone by this motto.. If you're gona show one thing, cover up everything else! Modesty girl! Yes your booty may be sitting high and plump, but wearing something tight, short AND see through is NOT necessary. You have to also bare in mind the kind of attention you will be attracting. Unfortunately for you, when you bare it all, you're sending out a message to those thirsty guys that want a quick fix for their organs! We don't always have control over what or who we attract, but it is possible to decrease the attraction of thirst. If you choose to wear next to nothing, you will be treated like next to nothing.

Here are a few looks on how to keep it cute! Enjoy!

If you are someone that likes to show your mid-drift, here is an example of how to cover the other curves in the body. I teamed this beige crop-top with some high-waisted floaty trousers to keep this look chic.

TOP- American Apparel
HAT- London


Above I have paired a flirty faux leather skirt with a classic pale pink t-shirt. This look is for the leggy ladies that like to show this part of the body. As you can see, I have chosen to cover my upper body because of the shortness of the mini skirt.

TOP- Next
SHOES- Chinese boutique

I must admit, I am a fan of the figure hugging, body-con dresses. This style of dress is easy to wear, great for all seasons and can kind of do no wrong. I chose this dress in particular because, the neckline is modest and it also has long sleeves. The sleeves are not ideal for summer, but I wanted to make an example of how to ensure too much is not revealed. With this type of dress, the sassiness is in how the dress sits on every curve. Most young ladies I see, make the mistake of not only wearing a tight dress, but a short backless and a bit too revealing (in my opinion) type dress. There are no rules or regulations as to how much skin you show and what you should or should not wear, but keeping it calm and cute is a much better look ;-).

STYLE TIP: Know your worth, protect your image...You don't want to look available. Think classy and chic, not tacky and cheap!

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