Sunday, 31 August 2014


Like-minded People!

Hey lovelies! I went to an event yesterday day time and I'm so glad I went. I was feeling a little lazy to be honest and wanted to have a relaxed day in..but I changed my mind and made tracks after hitting the gym.
The event was called Kreative Recruit. The name itself called for an entertaining afternoon. They held workshops, networking opportunities and showcased local talent. It was nice to be around young business minded people who were supportive of each other, pushing to strive for bigger and better things in their field of work. It was held at Sticky Toffee Dance Studios. The only down-side was the fact I forgot to insert my memory card into my camera, so please do excuse the poor quality of the pictures. I made do with my phone lol.

This was the little princess who hosted the event. She was so warm, chilled and encouraging. You can follow her on instagram at @shannieloves where I'm sure you will find contact details about more up and coming events she will be holding.

Helen Martin (pictured above) is a talented little gem. Her work was displayed around the venue for all to see. She was also in her element doing live portraits.

Helens artwork comes from a heart of passion. ''Its more than a hobby it's my life saver... There is no competition no judgement, just me and my scribbles.'' -Helen Martin

It was a pleasure to be around her, a very humble, driven and sweet individual. To see more of her work follow her on instagram @elly_what_the_funk . You can also contact Helen by email

Everyone who attended Kreative was dressed very well and these little fashionistas caught my eye. The lady on the left was right on trend for Autumn/Winter with her printed mini skirt and thigh high boots, while the lady on the right showed out in her statement blazer and eye-catching,Indian inspired, head piece.

I didn't manage to get a picture of the ensemble I chose to wear, but here you can see a peak of the colour palette. I wore a khaki green satin vest with cropped leather black trousers, pairing those with a two-toned corduroy jacket and my bottle green sleeveless blazer. These vintage glasses were the only accessory I needed.
The beauty next to me goes by the name of Cindy!
Cindy was one of the many people I got to chat with. She is writer and a young lady with many talents. You can follow her blog at and stay updated with her on instagram @cindyjvega.

There was dancing, singing, poetry and designers displaying their pieces. This lady Tenneil (righ of picture below)her brand is called Badleydrawn. There was nothing badly drawn about her design. This was a two-piece she made especially for the event. I was very impressed with the detail of this piece.

  My favourite showcase of the day was by far the talented Alima! This doll-face has the most authentic vibe I have come across. She is chilled, real and funny. She plays the acoustic guitar and sings like a blooming Goddess. The few times I have seen her perform, its like discovering a new artist every time. She is fresh! This is a very poor quality picture, but look out for her! She really has something! Follow @affiejam for twitter, instagram and soundcloud.

It is so important to encourage each other and support the kreative talents and abilities of the people around you. Finding the motivation and determination to push forward and grab your dreams, can sometimes be draining. Praising someone and telling them they are great at what they do, can do wonders for their self esteem, could change their outlook or give them that extra umphff to continue on their tracks. It is also so crucial that you are around like minded people, people that want to see you succeed and progress. I have experienced people that only want me to do well as long as it isn't better than their situation. Remember to stay in your OWN lane, DO YOU! don't compare yourself to the next person. You will always have something to offer. Be confident in your journey and enjoy it. It isn't a race...most important thing is that you achieve the goals/dreams you've set for yourself.
This young lady below reminded me of some of these things. She is a personal stylist and entrepreneur. Ruva is her name. You can reach her for business enquiries This is her blog where she posts her inspiration Also follow Ruva on instagram @KO_LAB.

STYLE TIP- Wear your company with pride! Invest in pieces (friends) that are timeless. You will grow out of clothes and sometimes seasons change, but the timeless pieces (people) are usually the genuine, real and durable materials (friends) that last no matter the occasion. 
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