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Hey y'all!! Another day of productiveness! Let me introduce you to Tim Victor (if y'all don't already know). Tim is a sanger!! Yes I said sanger. He is launching the beginning of his greatness, this Friday night at Velvet Rooms. The event is called Timtroduction. It will be an introduction concert for us to get to know more about his music. 
Now being an artist, YOU are your brand. Although your music is what you want people to remember you by, your image plays a huge part of the package.
Today we stopped by Cow in Birmingham as they were kind enough to supply all the goods for Tims d├ębut. The stylist that pulled the look for Tims final fit goes by the name Ramario Chevoy. Let me tell you!!! This guy is DIRECT and he knew exactly what he had in mind for Tim.

Ramario first got a feel for Tims personality. We all got chatting and caught up whilst he was scanning the rails. He pulled quite a good few looks which were all completely different to each other. 

  The first look: Tim was wearing a tartan green vintage blazer with a black silk shirt. Ramario pulled a pair of black corduroy trousers to finish the outfit. Ramario was unhappy with the finished product so opted for a change of shirt and a better fit in trousers.

With such a simple subtle change, the look was enhanced. Here you can see Tim wearing a silk beige shirt and satin trousers. Although this look was stylish, it wasn't what Tim had in mind for his night to come.
Ramario proceeded with showing other options.

Some looks worked, while others didn't. These trousers stood out with the print, texture and fit, but again it didn't represent Tims artistry.

Here Tim is wearing a 'biker style' black denim jacket, with a lavender print shirt. It was teamed up with a pair of black denim loose fit jeans. This was closer to what Tim wanted in terms of that 'laid back' feel, however the fit of some of these items allowed for an unfinished look. To see the chosen ensemble, you will have to get your butt to Timtroduction on Friday.

Seen as we were in one of my absolute favourite shops in  Birmingham, I couldn't help but take a look at a few things for myself. I was mentally shopping, buying things in my head lol. Cow Birmingham have a range of bags, fanny-packs, shoes, trainers, leather jackets and trousers, all types of denim...distressed, acid wash, high-waisted, skinny fit, jumpsuits, leotards, baseball jerseys etc etc. You will definitely find unique pieces and outfit for all types of occasions.

I came across many stylish and creative looking individuals that were shopping around. These guys caught my eye simply because they complimented each other as a clique. They were all dressed very casual in denim on denim, mainly with printed shirts or plain tees. This picture does them no justice. (Sorry guys)

Overall the day was very productive and a success. It was great fun assisting and catching up with an old face doing new things! Ramario is someone I am inspired by. His attitude alone is contagious. Ramario is a dancer, choreographer, model and fashionista. He is unapologetic for who he is, what he is about and how he carries himself as an creative. Follow him on instagram @ramariochevoy for all his looks. He definitely doesn't disappoint.

If you haven't heard about TIMTRODUCTION, find yourself at the event friday evening to get all the scoop and entertainment! You don't want to miss it. 

Velvet Rooms
200 Broad Street
B15 1SU

Time: 8pm
Entry: £6

STYLE TIP: Don't be afraid to seek for a little help when enhancing your look and finding your style. Other peoples perspective will always be fresh and different. Be inspired.

Stay Stylish, Ciao! 
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