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Over the last week or so, I have been spring cleaning and getting my life into order. Throwing out old clothes, keeping the things that have sentimental value and preparing myself for a fresh start. Moving house is a big deal, especially when growing up in an environment that has impacted your life thus far. Whether it has been for good or bad, there is always a lesson to be learnt. 

Cleaning for me is always quite therapeutic and soothing. It clears my mind and opens up my thoughts.
I found myself looking back at photo albums of my childhood, right through to my teen years and University days.
I'm sure many others have said and thought this, but isn't it crazy how the people you think will forever be in your life, barely make it through those pivotal moments?!

Sometimes we aren't prepared for the changes in our life and most of the time when we aren't, we don't embrace them, but those are probably the times we need to. I have made numerous plans for particular things to happen at a certain time and point in my life, but the beauty about life is, we can't control everything. You really do have to let go and let God. When things don't always go our way, it's so easy to get frustrated and upset, but if we make a conscious effort to accept and embrace the change, nothing but good can come from it.
This new venture of moving into a new place is exciting! It wasn't apart of my initial plan but it's a chance for me to clear out the garbage within me and around me.



With already having the mind set ready for change and cleaning out the old stuff and installing the new, I realised that without knowing your purpose or passion, it's a little more difficult to do so.
When you realise that you have something amazing to give/share with others that is beyond your intellect talent or strength, you've then begun to walk in your purpose.
I had planned for this post to be up at my regular scheduled time last Friday around 7pm. Other things took up my time, however I came across a paragraph this awesome guy posted on Facebook (Matthew Lambden: amazing choreographer) later that evening. The moral behind his status was, not allowing the fear of being out of your comfort zone to hinder you from making strides towards being a greater you. He finished by saying that he will continue to feel awkward in that environment until that awkwardness turns into confidence. Very inspiring words that gave me a boost of energy and motivation.
It left me thinking about my purpose, character and impact on others. We all can sew a little greatness in someone's life (the way Matthew did for me) and I want to ensure I apply that to my everyday lifestyle.
Striving for greatness isn't JUST about how amazing you are at what you do. How you affect others around you in your particular environment is what leaves your trademark. Are you kind? humble? encouraging? honest? helpful? I not only want to make a mark in this world being successful at the things I love, but by leaving an imprint of value in other people's lives. Clearing out my house has reminded me to continue to do these things:
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people. Your companions are a reflection of you. Don't compromise your morals for peers.
  • The way you speak about others behind their back is a reflection of who you are, regardless of others bad behaviour. "Let no man pull you low enough to hate him."- Martin Luther King
  • You are your environment, look around you. A clean house= a clean mind (I don't know about your heart, but we can work on that).


A detox is a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic, unhealthy substances. This is a healthy thing to do mentally, physically and spiritually. I'm trying to make a conscious effort to detox myself from all things that don't have a positive affect on my life. As silly as it sounds, I've stopped myself from watching talk shows like Jeremy Kyle and The Wendy Williams Show. Disclaimer: I would only watch The Jeremy Kyle show if I had absolutely nothing to do and nothing to watch, but I did realise that those few times I tuned in, I became argumentative with the people around me. Without realising we subconsciously behave or are influenced by the things we see.
Now usually I love me some Wendy Williams, she's super silly and crazy, but that woman gossips about anyone and everyone. I don't want to become someone that talks about other people and their business... it's just not cute!!

Shameless Maya is a positive gal on You-tube. I like to follow her whereabouts. She is fiercely positive... check out the vid!

Whilst boxing things up, I came across a book my cousin gifted me growing up, which just so happened to be fitting for this blog post. The author is Iyanla Vanzant, and the title is 'Don't Give It Away!'. It's actually a workbook of self- awareness and self- affirmations. Like Maya said, things like this are ideal for everyday growth.
From the book:

Accept your goodness, your beauty, your value, and your worth!

Believe in yourself!

Choose for yourself only those things that are good for you!

Discipline yourself to always do your best and to do it on time!


Victory is the prize!

X-pect the BEST always!

You are the light of the world!

Zealously nurture, honour, and love yourself!

STYLE TIP- Embrace change! Whether it be a dress size, a season or environment, wear the moment with elegance and don't forget to bring a hand-bag of smiles!
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