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So last weekend I stopped by a video shoot to assist with some wardrobe styling. It was a shoot embracing motherhood of all ages and sizes. It got me thinking about how much I appreciate my mama and the fact that without her I'm not sure I would be as grounded as I feel I am.
Motherhood is a mahoosive selfless adventure. Your body completely changes from the shape you've known and toned it to be, to this weird big-bellied roundness lol. Not only do you begin to look different, but feel different. You become responsible for another life FOR LIFE. Being a mom doesn't stop just because your child has reached adulthood. Now, I'm not a mom yet, but I've realised and learned (already) from being in the presence of some amazing mothers that the gift of parenting is something to embrace regardless of unplanned pregnancies.
My mama has been my best friend since I discovered how annoying and funny she is! She has always been my number one fan even when she doesn't support the decisions I make. What I love about her the most is the discipline she has never failed to show me, regardless of where it would (temporarily) leave our relationship. She's fed my creativity as a child and gave me the freedom to try all the things I still really enjoy. Styling being one of the many, my mom is where I get it all from. She has a great eye for quality and pristine fashion. With that being said, over the years she has gained an 'older woman' perspective on how to dress. Staying away from anything that makes her look like she's 'trying to be on trend' as she says lol.
Along with my mom, a few older women have questioned my ability to create looks that are age appropriate for women of a certain age, whilst still being able to wear trendy items; skinny jeans, ripped jeans, denim jackets etc.

  • A mature woman doesn't have to look old.
  • A mature woman doesn't have limits with style or fashion.
  • A mature woman can be on trend, feel youthful and fresh and still look age appropriate.

I have styled my mama in 3 outfits that prove these 3 things. Here's a before pic of her everyday work wear.



Leather trousers for (some) older gals tend to be that risky texture that is  somewhat too edgy, young and ''hip'' to wear once you're over your 40s, but no honey! Age ain't nothing but a number! I styled my mom in a pair of skinny faux leather jeans and paired it with a simple lose fitting blouse. This flush of yellow is perfect for spring and nights out to the theatre.

TOP- Asian Shop
TROUSERS- Peacocks
SHOES- Blast from the past (old)


Denim is a material I consider timeless, ageless and limitless. It can be dressed up or down and can be worn (if worn right) in any season. The denim shirt compliments these tailored trousers taking the look from stiff to relaxed. An ideal smart/casual look for everyday wear. I chose gold as the accent of colour in accessories.

TOP- Basic Edition
TROUSERS- Jacques Vert
SHOES- Blast from the past (old)


My mom is really lady-like when it comes to shoes and ALWAYS wears heels. For a while I have tried to convince her to wear flat shoes when she rushing around running errands. Her reasoning is to look longer and leaner, which is I agree heels can do wonders!!! But finally she has given in! I styled her in this super free casual ensemble that is great for picnics in the park. A baby-doll fitting top hides a multitude of sins and is light-weight for hot weather. Teaming it with a pastel orange jacket and cropped jeans, keeps this look fresh and age appropriate.

JACKET- Project Classic
TOP- F&F (Tesco)
TROUSERS- Marks & Spencer's

STYLE TIP- A mature woman doesn't have limits to her style! Don't let your age define how you feel and dress. You can keep up with the trends and still look age appropriate.

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