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Lipstick is such a fun accessory!
When its comes to makeup, although I love a mean face beat with contour and highlighting, I've never quite got the hang of how to do eye shadow, so I just stick to lipsticks. It's actually become a MUST! My whole outfit is incomplete without a lipstick of some sort. You most likely will always see me with something bold and matte. Although I have a makeup bag full of lipsticks, I only really wear 5 colours. I tend to buy similar colours in a different brand lol. I want to share them with you guys...I know there's a lot a ladies that aren't really into makeup or are unsure of how to apply etc., so avoid it altogether. If you do want some spice in your life, you can never go wrong with a bit of lippy. It brightens up your face and adds that extra oomph!


This red lipstick is my absolute favourite. I wear this colour the majority of the time I'm feeling myself lol. It's bold, bright and fun!
MACs lipstick have some of the best colours and textures, however when wanting to achieve a matte finish, they can be quite drying. I purchased this exact colour by MAC (Lady Danger) a year ago, but since stumbling upon a drugstore dupe, I haven't looked back! (sorry MAC).. I'm also paying half the price.
You can find this lipstick in Superdrug or boots.
LIPSTICK- Bourjous
COLOUR- Velvet 03 (matte)
This Velvet range by Boujous is so on point. These lipsticks actually feel and look like velvet on your lips. They apply wet and dry matte. I made sure to purchase all my favourite colours in this brand.
This deep red is great when wanting to wear red/orange clothing. I find it to be less clashing and little more chic. I'd recommend this type of red for deeper skin tones. My bestie has a lovely chocolate skin colour and tends to run away from all red lipsticks.. it's the fear of looking clownish (we can all relate to this when it comes to makeup) however if you are blessed with a beautiful rich skin tone, a deep red is ideal. With a lip liner I feel all skin tones can wear whatever lip colour they want :)
COLOUR- Velvet 08 (matte)

A bright pink lipstick screams summertime!! It's cute and girly.
Pink is a colour I'm not too fond of, simply because I don't class myself as a girly girl, however it's quick way to add a feminine touch to a boyish outfit.
This lipstick alone is very vibrant and eye-catching. I usually mix it with a subtle lip liner as a base (purple) to tone it down. I would definitely advise a lip liner in general when wanting to wear a colour this bright, to avoid looking clown-ish.
If you are looking for a hot pink but don't want to draw crazy amounts of attention to your lips, Sleek have a similar colour; Mystic which can also be found in Boots or Superdrug.
COLOUR- Vibrant Pink (matte)

  •  90s BROWN
When I see something I feel I can't do without, particularly when I'm on a mission looking for something in specific, once it's found, it's an INVESTMENT!
When I purchased this lipstick I knew it was going to be my edgy 'girl with an attitude' lipstick! It's a lot darker than the usual bouncy colours I wear. In person and up close it's a lot richer. The texture is spot on. This is one of the many MAC lipsticks I have that isn't as drying.
It's great for the colder seasons, late night fashion events and gives an all white number that biker feel.
My BFF helped me find this perfect colour. She lives for dark lipsticks and wears them well! I was channelling my inner Shanelle when we saw this one (that's her name).
COLOUR- Sin (matte)
  • NUDE
This is the only nude lipstick I live by. I'm sure if I tried MACs Velvet Teddy it'd be my holy grail, however this lippy is from your local drugstore Boots. It glides on like a lip balm but also has a slight matte finish.
For those days I don't want to wear a bright colour, I opt for this. It gives me that 'no make-up' makeup look.
Depending on your skin tone, what is considered nude for you will differ. I tend to watch a lot of makeup tutorials and they say for you to wear a lip liner to define your lips. It prevents them from blending in with your foundation. I haven't found a lip liner to wear with my nude, but I do recommend to invest in one, it makes a difference.
LIPSTICK- Soap & Glory
COLOUR- Super Nude (sheen)
STYLE TIP-  Brighten up your face with a lipstick... smile!

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