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London Fashion Week is where it is at! Day 1 was a fun filled fashion forward event, full of paparazzi, models, designers and street style. It was mainly held at Somerset House, but there were also other shows being held at places, such as The Freemasons Hall. I am so glad I made it to take a peak at some of the SS15 designer collections.

 I unfortunately don't have pictures to show details of what I wore, but here you can see that I kept it bright and chic! I chose to wear something simple and comfortable as I knew it would be a busy day walking around. I wore a black long sleeved blouse with mesh detailing and a pair of cropped tailored high-waist trousers. I livened up the all black by throwing on an orange oversized blazer, topping it off with my wide brimmed mahogany fedora. On my feet were flat 'Dr Marten style' patent shoes.

BLAZER- Alexon
TOP- Ebay
TROUSERS- Charity shop
SHOES- Newlook
What I loved most about day 1, was the energy around me. Everyone there was networking, working for a fashion magazine company, up and coming designers showcasing there work, fashion bloggers connecting with stylists etc etc. And lets not forget the street style!! I mean...from these pictures you will see the creativity, the style and the expression. It was so great to be around.


I met a lot of my favourite beauty/fashion vloggers from youtube. It was so nice to have briefly chatted with Tasha Green. She was super humble and sweet. This monochrome look Tasha wore, was clean, neat yet stylish. Check out her youtube channel:
I just so happened to spot fashionista and creator of Serge De Nimes fashion label, Proudlock from Made In Chelsea. I loved his camouflage suit. This print on print two piece suit was definitely eye catching yet swauve. Check the lady in the back though... those wide-legged cullotes were beautiful, teamed with her neon coral heels, clutch and pink hair. She was working it!

The street style was incredible. Everyone had their own personal thing going on. No-one looked like the next person. There were similar colour palettes, but for the most part the level of uniqueness was inspiring.

Here are few snaps of the first show I attended. SS15 Eudon Choi. I loved the masculine yet feminine touch to his pieces. The garments were perfectly tailored, the lines were clean and the shapes were interesting. This collection was one of my favourites because of that androynous feel, which is what I apply to my everyday style.

Across the way from Somerset House was MELondon Hotel. A media lounge was especially there for the people of London Fashion Week to mingle, network and chill in between showcases. I bumped into RoughCopy and caught up briefly with Kaz. I really liked his ensemble. He had quite an ethnic feel to his style.

Overall the day was epic! I had such a great time meeting new people, sparking conversation about life, fashion, style etc and just being back in London in the 22 degree weather! DAY 2 LFW stayed tuned!

STYLE TIP: Be inspired by the people around you..dress to up and show off! People are interested in you!

Stay stylish ! :) Ciao xx
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