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Have you guys noticed how the weather is back to being glorious! It's a bit annoying cause I've already been layering up, but I won't complain! haha
Yesterday was my niece's christening and the sun was shining!! It was such a nice day. I prepared to wear something wintery because I was convinced that the weather man was lying about the 20 degree climate... but I guess he was telling the truth.
This is what I wore:

I chose a white blazer to wear over the top of this embroidery textured, purple top. Underneath that, I had a satin white vest, to emphasise the detail of the embroidery. I paired this with, cut off leather trousers and pink heels. I chose to wear these pink shoes especially for my little princess. They were very girly and fitting for the occasion.

JACKET- Chinese Boutique
TOP- Marks & Spencers
SHOES- Chinese Boutique

To celebrate the life of my niece and to pray over her future, that she be protected and surrounded by love, was a lovely occasion at church. She had proud parents oozing with pride, happy grandparents, Godparents ready to spoil her for a life-time and friends of the family in support of ensuring she is thoroughly looked out for. It really does take a village to raise a child, and having her christened showed how much support my brother Matthew, his wife Kim and the little princess Krystle really do have. 


I love this picture of the Pastor holding the princess. I believe that Pastor Trevor is a man of his word and I truly hope Krystle will get to grow up in this church. Revival Fires is not only a church but a family.

I must say, I'm very proud of my brother. He is so committed and dedicated to creating a better life for his family. In today's society, it seems as though people aren't afraid to walk away from responsibility and lead double lives...but noooo honey, my mama and daddy (rip) didn't raise no fools! Matthew is one of the very few good men out there. Being that he is a professional musician, it so easy for him to fall into that crazy life style... the groupies that throw themselves at him, the constant partying, drinking etc...yet he has never drifted or surrendered to the pressure of certain peers. He remains humble, faithful and reliable. I'm super proud! 

Aww isn't she adorable! She is the sweetest little baby. She was content the whole day, happy to be held by everyone that wanted to cuddle her and just look soooo cute! I love my little princess! Aunties favourite girl. If her parents allow me to dress her lol she will be the most stylish little girl walking into nursery lol.

STYLE TIP: Clothe yourself in pretty pink positive things. Be present...especially when it comes to your style choices.

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