Sunday, 28 September 2014



HEY LOVES! I hope you're grand! :)
I went to church this morning and left feeling great as per! I wanted to share with y'all my outfit of the day. I wore a black turtle neck and a pair of mustard cropped trousers. In general I dress quite simple, not wearing a lot of prints but mainly neutrals. A hint of fuss and splash of colour with these leopard prints heels and faux fur electric blue bag completed my look. The sun came out to play, so this black turtle neck was not so fun standing in the heat lol.


BAG- Coast

Even though the weather is not proving autumn is near and here, we will soon be transitioning to jumpers, thicker jackets and longer coats. Waiting for the autumn leaves to fall, I am always inspired by the colour palette. My favourite colour in this season is khaki green. I have many coats and have a habit of buying different styles but in the same colour lol. These 4 khaki jackets have different shapes and can be dressed up or down. 

JACKET- Cow Birmingham
This light weight khaki jacket is great for the current climate. It is heavy enough to keep me warm yet cropped and slightly oversized to allow the breeze to sweep in. Khaki green is an earthly tone complimentary to other colours.

For cold summer nights, this long dusty green cardigan is ideal for me to throw-on over whatever it is I am wearing. Typically I usually wear an all black number and fling this on with a sproocey scarf. It's simple but warm, because of the wool and cashmere blend. I nicked this from my mama, so I don't wear it often...she won't let me claim it... yet! hehe :).
JACKET-  Market
This bomber jacket is one of my new favourites. It is definitely a autumn/winter must. For me, it has the balance of keeping me warm without weighing me down. I can get away with wearing just one layer underneath. It is more for a casj night out with my girlies and needs specific styling...the colours work well, but I wouldn't wear these particular pieces together.

COAT- Alex&Co
I bought this coat from a charity shop a good while back and it has not let me down. I love how oversized it is. It pretty much goes with anything, although I feel it is more geared towards casual wear. I like to wear this coat over the top of a slinky dress or with loads of layers and ripped jeans. This is one of my favourite autumn/winter coats.
I hope the different styles inspire you as you transition into autumn/winter wear.
Style Tip: As the season changes, switch up your colour palette and style! Be inspired by your surroundings.
Enjoy your week! Stay stylish! x
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