Friday, 18 December 2015


CHRISTMAS IS THE TIME OF YEAR WE CELEBRATE THE BIRTH OF JESUS! While most believe it's a pagan holiday and others are tied to another religion, I believe Christmas should be an excuse for ALL to dress up, treat oneself, spoil a loved one and just plain love on each other!!

I adore this time of year, it brings back so many memories. My family and I growing up would always have the longest lie in and coincidently wake up around the same time to open presents before watching all the classic movies on TV. Sister Act, Home Alone, Matilda, Mrs Doubt-fire... and lets not forget the most exciting part of this day... the fooood!!! My mom would literally cook all day, I would help decorate the table while my Dad and brothers ensured the ''TV was working'' haha.
The best part about Christmas day was hopping from family to family. 
We would start at my Grandmas where there was even MORE FOOD!! I don't know how my Grandma would do it, there was literally always enough for around 30 people to eat, and go back for seconds! Most of the time we would arrive to Aunties, Uncles and cousins. If we did not get to see everyone altogether, my family and I would try to make an effort to stop by each relatives home, throughout the Christmas holiday period.

Now Christmas is 7 days away! I'm sure many of you have already been invited to work parties, friendly dinners etc. etc... Need a little inspiration?  7 days, 7 posts 7 outfits!!! 


JACKET- Cow Vintage
TOP- Primark
SHOES- United Footwear
LIPSTICK- Colourpop (Limbo)

A pair of fussy trousers paired with an embroidery top is the perfect little combo when going out for a "casual" dinner. I slipped on a strappy silver sandal to bring out the hint of silver in these soft shimmered trousers. To keep it 100% casual, my men's sized leather biker jacket did the trick. Tying my hair back and adding a dark lip colour keeps this whole look season appropriate.

STYLE TIP- Celebrate Christmas is style!

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