Tuesday, 22 December 2015



For those of you that work away, you probably can not wait to get home to your family and friends. It's so nice to have time off from work and other commitments to spend time doing exactly what you want to do. I thoroughly enjoy spending time with the people that mean the most to me.
I have the advantage of having my loved ones live near by or a train journey away, so when wanting to pack an over night bag to hang out, my faux leathers and leathers are the first options that spring to mind.

This outfit is practical for this season. It is such an easy accessible choice of neutrals ready to wear after travelling to an afternoon/evening gathering.

BLOUSE- Handmade by mama
SKIRT- EBay dress customised into a skirt
SHOES- United Footwear
CHOKER- H&M Bracelet

I actually stole this blouse from my mama's wardrobe. I love the unfinished edges and dusty gold tone. It hangs effortlessly over this maxi faux leather pencil skirt. The two textures blend nicely allowing room for exaggerated accessories. I opted for less by choosing a simple gold choker.

STYLE TIP- Get'chu some faux leather girl, it's simple and sassy!

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