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Sometimes it's so much easier to look a hot mess but I can't bring myself to do it lol. I most definitely have days I look so bad I'm unrecognisable, but for the most part if I'm not feeling fashion savy, these are the looks I go for.

To be an attractive woman doesn't take a whole lot, it should be based on your demeanour, how you carry yourself, the way you treat others and the characteristics you have. However a lot of us human beings are attracted to what is attractive, which usually for the male species is femininity. 
We aren't all as shallow as a kitty pool focusing solely on the outward appearance, but I can't lie and say the exterior isn't something I notice! We all have a wondering eye. 
There is a high percentage of men out there that don't mind a woman who can get down and dirty with the guys, that too is an attractive quality, but I reckon most men would prefer a woman that has the stereotypical feminine style I.e. figure hugging dress and heels, well kept mani and pedi, and a sweet smell. To ensure we are "well kept" (in general, not for the opposite sex specifically) it takes a certain amount of effort. For me, I like to feel good about myself, I enjoy the girly things like doing my hair, putting on make-up and doing my nails but lately girrrl, I just haven't been that bothered.
These are my style secrets on how to find the balance in looking shabby chic!


TOP- Oasis Market

Wearing a hat solves a bad hair day, gives a little "incognito" style and allows you to look somewhat put together. I have quite a few fedoras but I always seems to reach for this basic black baseball cap when trying to achieve a decent fit. It's perfect for that sports luxe style and or the "I just came from the gym" look.


JACKET- Charity Shop
TOP- New Look
JEANS- Primark

I can not stress to y'all how much a blazer can take an outfit from zero to one hundred real quick. It gives structure to your ensemble. A good boyfriend blazer is super cute and fresh over the top of casual outfit as well as taking it down a notch when in a figure hugging frock. 



As silly as it may be, sometimes wearing a cool pair a glasses makes me feel a little hidden. It probably defeats the whole object when the glasses are as big as these show stoppers (hehe) but it does (sometimes, somehow) make me feel like I'm covered. Not only do I feel a little more comfortable, I ooze style :)

I hope these 3 style secrets help you conquer those days you feel less that pretty.

STYLE TIP- Remember, to be attractive is to be you! Possess a pretty aura, a beautiful personality and a contagious smile!  

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