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What I Wore

This time every year I thoroughly enjoy  playing dress up for Fashion Week. I wanted to be a little more playful and extravagant seen as summer has come to an abrupt end and Autumn has crept in. I decided to have fun with my colour palette and chose to wear orange, tan and grey  tones.
I found this lovely faux fur gillet on-line. I instantly fell in love and purchased it 3 sizes bigger than what I would normally wear. The rich vibrant colour alongside the soft moveable texture made for such a statement piece for this event. I teamed it with a plain tan vest top I borrowed from my mama and of course a pair of harems. These harems have a slightly different  shape to the others I'm used to. What I like about them is the culotte-esk feature. The drop crotch hangs a little lower giving the illusion of a skirt. The patterning of the harems pulled my whole look together adding detail with it's print. I wore some flat silver shoes and carried a plain black handbag. I was comfortable all day and looked stylish (if I don't say so myself). I love to experiment with my style and sometimes often feel I don't have any where to wear my cool creative outfits lol... London Fashion Week will always be that place.

Brewer St Car Park

As some of you fashion enthusiasts know, LFW is usually held at Somerset House. This seasons SS16 shows are being held in Soho among other places. I must say the change of location is a little inconvenient for all the street style lovers, press and fashionistas. Brewer St is not closed off which results in the road being filled with bloggers, media and celebrities all trying to, not only enter into the Designer Show rooms and BFC Space, but stand and look pretty for the magazine photographers and just plain get around.  The outside space compared to Somerset House (in my opinion) does not compare. It has made it difficult to capture the true ambiance of the street style. However I was not completely let down, the fashionistas are out to play! Be inspired!

This cool dude oozes the word 'chill'. He is a French model and stylist living in London. I had to capture this candid moment of him. His style is so clean and effortless.

I found myself falling in love with the style and flair of the photographers. This lady captures the whole essence of street style but embodies it too.

Marsha Campbell is UK fashion blogger known as LondonTallGirl. I'm a big fan of her attention to detail. This pink ensemble was a show stopping number.

Bumping into Ramario (far left) and Payzee (middle right) is always a pleasure. I eagerly look forward to seeing their creativity. Their fashion taste is a form of art.

Fashion blogger and designer Juliette (aka RomeosFashionFix) waltzed on the scene and slayed. For me she does no wrong!!

Street style is the most authentic way to be inspired. There is a plethora of individual expressions. 

"fashion says 'me too', style says 'only me'.
- anonymous. 

LFW is a place for us stylists to experiment, inspire, aspire and showcase. It's very unlikely that people will be dressed the same, the street style is very much a "this is me" moment. Although London in general is a city that embraces all shapes, sizes, colours and dress sense, fashion week is somewhat a platform and occasion to 'do you' without so much judgement.
I sometimes shy away from anything that is too extrovert or eye-catching to avoid drawing attention to myself, but I'm learning that my style and taste in clothes is apart of me. People will look, stare, laugh, smile, enjoy or detest you whether it be for your exterior. Being you is who you are, to change or adjust in the hopes you will make others feel more comfortable about something they do not understand, only takes away a piece of your individualism. Stand tall and walk proud in all that you are!

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STYLE TIP- Let your style announce itself!

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