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This weekend I had the pleasure of attending my first Ugandan Traditional Wedding. I was a part of the bridal party, which meant I was dressed in full Ugandan attire.
From the prep to the ceremony, the meal and dance, it truly was a beautiful day to celebrate a union of love.

I arrived at the Mount Hotel in Tettenhall at 12.30pm. I was greeted by the bride-to-be surrounded by make-up artists, hair stylists and close friends. It was a waiting game from then on for me as I came semi-prepared. I was NOT about to be fighting for the mirror lol so I did my make-up ahead of time. The bride had a whole football team of bridesmaids; including myself, there were 9 of us. We all wore the same style of dress, however the colour palette and patterning was slightly different.
The whole attire reminded me of a Geisha, lots of floaty long satin material.

The bride (Jerolyne) had 4 changes altogether...anybody would've thought she was getting ready for London Fashion Week lol. With each change of dress, hair and make-up was also modified to complete each transformation. She looked like such a doll in each look. Stunning!


Jerolyne had all her dresses made and flown from Uganda. Each dress was custom made exactly how she specified it to be. This pretty flush of orange was a soft choice against her skin tone.
The elaborate accessories were a bold yet elegant combination. 
Home-girl was decked out with the BLING BLING :)

Of course each look was not complete without the right shoe and she nailed it with each one. I unfortunately did not get the chance to get my hands on any of the shoes to show you all pictures, but take my word for it...you would not have been disappointed.




We all changed into plain black dresses to compliment the brides final look after the ceremony and dining. Jerolyne wore a classic white dress to dance the night away and her hubby complimented her look wearing a cream linen suit with a white shirt. Philip's vows (the groom) were straight from the heart and tear jerking. It's always such a beautiful thing to see how smitten, in love and happy the bride is, but it's the most endearing thing to see the love in the grooms eyes towards her; knowing she will be taken care of, respected and unconditionally loved. I was honoured to be apart of such a beautiful day to witness their commitment to love each other for life!
Although it wasn't a typical church ceremony, the traditions were done and two families became one! Check out the pictures from the stunning day!

STYLE TIP- Embrace culture, learn, laugh, love and live in new experiences... it will make you a little more cool and interesting to talk to :-p

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