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How is everyone doing? :)I hope y'all are well, enjoying the sun, staying stylish!

Sooo if you follow me on instagram (@anne.rose), you would have seen that I posted this picture a few weeks back...

I purchased this 'suit' from a charity shop and it cost me £7! Yes, £7! Now I know not all of you are probably big on hand-me downs, second hand, used, worn etcetera clothing...but let me tell you!!! Charity shops, thrift shops, vintage shops carry some of the most high quality, on trend, branded, unique pieces and for a LOT less money! Girl, I can shop wherever and whenever there's a bargain. 

So let me tell you the details.. I was working with a client in Hampshire in a little village called Grayshot. I had to tag along to a wedding and had nothing presentable to wear. I took a browse around the area and found that I basically had no choice but to buy something from the only 3 clothing stores they had, charity shops. The first shop Macmillan, is where I purchased the 'suit' and a few other items.

This blazer is a linen blazer with a box cut shape, almost structured like a boyfriend blazer. It also has thick shoulder pads and shortened sleeves giving it a slight 80's feel. This was £3.
The trousers were a beautiful heavy weight texture with a satin lining. The pleat on these trousers allowed for them to look very formal. These cost me £4. I didn't originally plan on wearing these items together, but it evidently worked. I wore them with a standard tan long sleeve top, carrying a simple black bag.

Whilst in Macmillan I came across a few other things.
Seen as the sun is still here, I have been out and about in my new charity finds, pairing them with other items.

I also got my hands on this pretty pink pleated skirt. I don't have many skirts or dresses and usually don't fancy anything too girly, but this skirt I really liked. Its a little on the granny side but it's summery and can be styled! I'll do an outfit of the day when I choose to wear it and post here for you on my blog!
In this picture below I teamed it with a washed out denim jacket that I customised.

Sorry about the picture unfortunately hasn't picked up the detail of any of the clothing, (which is the whole point of the pictures lol). The sun was shining messing up all my shots! That also explains why I appear to be looking a little angry lol.

STYLE TIP:Don't limit yourself... take a risk and shop in places you usually wouldn't be caught dead'll be surprised at what you find!
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