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Do you mainly have black or white clothes in your wardrobe? Do you feel you're lacking some colour? Is black and white a little too plain for you? Well don't fret!! Monochrome is in!! 
Pieces that are black and white or just plain black/white are MUST HAVES! These are a good bases for any type of outfit. Especially black.

I believe a simple black quality tee will go a long way. Black tailored trousers, black comfortable jeans and a that little black dress. The same applies in white.

Lets start with a simple black t-shirt. Below, this model is wearing a plain basic black t-shirt. Now the fit of the t-shirt is the main thing you want to pay attention to, as well as the quality. Depending on your body shape, not all t-shirts will be flattering for your physique. 
As you can see below she is wearing a crew neck top. It sits on her neatly leaving a very laid back feel. She has paired this top with a floaty maxi skirt, a thick belt wore at the waist to cinch her in, adding femininty and some leather biker boots to put some edge. A simple black tee can be dressed up or down. Adding colour to something can NOT go wrong. This subtle blue is great for summer.

Black tailored trousers are perfect for the formal affairs and more 'put together' appearances. Whether cropped, flared or straight cut, they make a girl look direct. If you look at the image on the left as an example, you will see that although there is a strong texture to her trousers, they have a structure in how they are made to fit. She has teamed them with a simple boyish, white capped sleeve t-shirt and some heels for a girly feel
Again, the fit is very important. These trousers could be dressed down with some trainers, sandals, or dressed up with a fitted top and blazer. All around trousers. The texture adds more style and attention. 
If you notice, the fit of her white tee is also what brings this outfit together.

Finding the right pair of jeans can sometimes be a pain when it comes to our shape and size. We are all built differently and struggle with sometimes the same things, whether it be the length, the fit around the waist or hip or not enough stretch for the booty. Either way, once you find that perfect fit, purchase one in black! Black jeans are just as timeless as standard blue jeans. Why? Because they work with everything. A snug fit will be ideal for date nights; when you want to look a little sassy but effortless, lunch with the girls; you want to feel comfortable but look attractive and nights out; when you have nothing to wear and don't want to look like you tried to hard.
This street-walker is wearing skinny jeans. They are very form fitting and flattering for her slim figure. The simplicity in her black and white outfit has come together effortlessly. The round neck white t-shirt appears to be slightly oversized in length, complimented with the boyfriend blazer. This combination works very well with the skinny jeans, keeping the look quite chic yet casual. With a fedora, clutch and 5 inch heel, you are good to go! This would also look just as snazzy with some patent loafers, a fringe side bag making the look a little more casual.

Monochrome is so timeless. I did a photo-shoot a few years back, styling my dear friend Shanelle. Here you will see how I paired a simple white and black striped jumper adding very few items, to give her look some life. The simplicity with adding very few statement pieces, created slightly different feels. These are unedited pictures so the detail and texture you may not see.

Top (worn as dress) - H&M
Thigh high boots- SCHUH
Black & White Scarf- From a friend
Orange Scarf- H&M
Earrings- Vintage
Make-up- Dionne Miller
Photography- Richard Battye

The Velvet thigh high black boots made this look more dressy. I chose to add dainty neon green earrings for colour. The scarves were just to give this look a little more life. The way I wrapped the orange scarf allows for Shanelle to look more regale. The black and white scarf was wrapped tightly like a snood to make Shanelle casual. We did a very smokey EYE  using neutral colours for her make-up and a bold purple lip-gloss was applied.

I hope some of these looks give you inspiration and ideas for future outifits. 

STYLE TIP: Remember, these cold colours and can be warmed up with any other colour from the rainbow. If in doubt, don't be. Black and white looks great together.
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