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Hey kids!! hope y'all are well?! So I wanted to post on self confidence, simply because it can play a major part in how we choose to present ourselves to the world. WHAT YOU WEAR, is the probably the first thing people pay attention to. Whether it be a subconscious or subliminal thing, it usually is what you are judged on...unless you have a stank attitude or uber great personality!!
The definition of self confidence is, ''the feeling of trust in one's abilities, qualities and judgement''. For me, self confidence takes a certain level of poise, composure and huge amount of presence! 

I would say I'm confident when it comes to my appearance and not in a conceited way... I enjoy playing around in clothes, dressing up or down, experimenting etc, so I take pride in what I present to the world because, I am happy with MY exterior. So if I receive a compliment, I can confidently say thank you, because regardless of how anyone else feels about my exterior, I like me, I like how I look. Now I'm not superhuman lol...I'm flawed. I have genuine moments where I'm insecure, however, the insecurities aren't because of anyone else's opinion. Anything I'm not happy with, I change. For instance, my weight will fluctuate due to my eating the gym i go..  my wardrobe will constantly be updated with new clothes, thrift-wear, brands, charity shop finds; and I do this because sometimes I won't be happy with how I look (I'm also a shopoholic)...things you aren't happy with, YOU CAN CHANGE, which will ultimately enable you to become somewhat confident in yourself. It is a process lol

Confidence starts with accepting yourself. Accepting the way you look, accepting your abilities, accepting that you are different or unique and accepting that you are an ORIGINAL. The sooner that happens, the less you care about the acceptance of society.

It is so easy to compare yourself to the next person. It's pretty normal to do so. As women we sometimes want longer hair, smaller hips, clearer skin, bigger feet... well maybe not bigger feet lol and as men we probably want to be taller, richer, powerful etc. You can work towards achieving these things (maybe not the height sorry) but in general, be confident in who you are, your physical assets, the talents and skills you have and the potential to be great!! I feel like a motivational speaker writing this mini paragraph lol. If you have watched ''Cool Runnings'' you will know the scene I'm thinking of...when Yul Brenner tells Junior to look in the mirror and shout 'PRIDE, POWER' lol ...classic movie! Little things like that are confidence boosters!

Anywho...Here are a few people that inspire me, each for different reasons:

This is my dear friend Yasmin. She is a dancer, model, presenter, actress and super quality friend. She inspires me majorly!!! She has a go-getter attitude. She is fearless, shameless and so determined to live life. Yasmin is unafraid of challenges and grabs opportunity by the horns. What inspires me most about Yasmin is, she is honest with herself as well as others, she is vulnerable..especially with failures but never gives up. Yasmin is confident!! A phenomenal woman.


This show-stopper is Nqobile. She is 1/3 of an African dance group by the name of CEODancers and also a choreographer/creative director. Nqobile inspires me. She dreams BIG. I don't know her personally, (I follow her on instagram lol) but she has a contagious character. I can tell she enjoys her life, fearless of what others are doing. She has performed on numerous stages in front of 1000's of people. It takes a certain level of belief in ones self to be sure of your muscle memory, ability to execute a type of 'feel' when performing and confidence that you will hold stage presence. Nqobile is in her own lane. Her look in itself portrays a confident woman. Stunning! 


Amber Rose...SHE IS CONFIDENT. To shave all your hair as a woman is a big deal. In this day and age not so much, but not all women can or will pull off such a short hair cut and colour. Not only is it grade 2, maybe 1, it is dyed platinum blonde. Amber Rose's look is daring, and VERY eye-catching. She is bold and fearless in how she presents herself. She switches up her look and carries it well because of her acceptance of herself. I can't say for sure whether she is confident, but she sure looks it. From a boyish baggy, lose a figure hugging organ showing dress, this girl has confidence.

STYLE TIP: Self confidence is a journey for many, sometimes established at a young age or developed as we mature. Either way, take time to work on knowing who you are and what you are capable of. Start with the exterior, (its a little easier). Look in the mirror and accept yourself..flaws and all. 
I hope this post finds you well.

 Confidence is not JUST an exterior thing by the way! 

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