Friday, 20 May 2016

I am not my hair!


I love the fact that a new hair do, brings about change. It sparks a motive, it stirs up a feeling of transformation. When you look great, you feel great... as much as it can sometimes be a temporary feeling of greatness, it usually subconsciously encourages our inner self to want to do great things.

I change my hair style religiously at least every 2 weeks. Part of the reason is because I get bored and also the fact that I love to feel 'brand new' haha. I have had many hair styles over the years and with each of them I have paid attention to the looks, stares, reactions and compliments. I personally enjoy the creativity style brings... my hair is another style accessory I thoroughly love experimenting with it. It can determine how casual I look, it can enhance how fancy I am dressed and it can also expose how long I have neglected my appearance.

What I find interesting is how hair can highlight our best features and sometimes draw attention to a feature(s) that usually go noticed. Not only does it create the illusion of a rearranged face, it also can age us immensely.  

With every hair style I have rocked, I have come to the conclusion that the shorter the hair, the more beautiful I feel. I love the feeling of not hiding behind the length or texture. I am beautiful without this accessory. 
We sometimes equate beauty to a particular aesthetic, no honey... we're beautiful full stop! Individually, uniquely, perfectly beautiful AS IS!


I do love how much of a transformation a hairstyle can make. I tend to change my hair style in correlation to my mood, the season, my physique and preference. 
Side note: You'll know I'm totally feeling myself if my hair is super short haha. 


Being a black woman, I like to provide myself with many options in terms of hair styling sometimes due to the fact that my natural hair requires a lot of maintenance. My natural hair is thick, soft, full and energetic, which means that in order for it to look the way I desire, I would need to set aside a lot of time daily for its up keep; which is why relaxers, weaves, extensions, braids, canerows and sometimes wigs are a daily fix. 
The choices  made in terms of the hair texture for weaves/extensions are often questioned simply because, the natural textures that grow from our scalp, is not often bone straight 36 inch hair. However it never determines our mind set in regards to our origin. Wavy hair, straight hair and long hair can give us a 'global look', but it does not always mean there is an identity crisis at hand.         

When going out to a snazzy event, my preference depending on the attire is to go for an 'up do'. It shows off your bone structure, lengthens your neck and draws more attention to the beautiful outfit you are wearing.
Bone straight hair is great for a formal occasion, whether it be an interview, meeting or dinner. It is structured, edgy and simple.
Big loose curls and tight curls scream summer!!! They look effortless, fresh and fun. It works as an everyday, casual look and can easily be styled ready for a summer night dream.

STYLE TIP- Curl it, twirl it, cut it, shave it... experiment, get creative, it's such a fun accessory! 
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