Thursday, 19 May 2016


Recently I have been feeling super casual, with no desire to dress up. These have been the extra basic outfits I've been rocking over the last couple days... be inspired!

  • DENIM 

A little black dress paired with an oversized denim jacket is the summer essential! Whether it be skater dress or a figure hugging number as pictured, it will effortlessly work every time!


It's always refreshing to see vibrant colours when the sun is shining. I love to colour block (as said in previous blog-posts). It is the safest way to gently add colour to your wardrobe, especially if you love to wear black.


Of course the last thing you want, is to be overdosed in layers when the sun is shining, but for the sake of style do it lol. A light weight sleeveless jacket, waistcoat or gillet is harmless and can create a cuter outfit!


String vests come out every summer. Whether they are worn right or wrong, they're out to play! Opt for a nude under garment and throw on a loose fit pair of bottoms and you're good to go!

STYLE TIP- Casual only works for casual settings! Don't be fooled... if in doubt, overdress!
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