Wednesday, 5 August 2015


#Cute and Comfortable

I'm sure I'm not the only girl that prefers comfort over everything when it comes to style. However it's  more than likely we're all guilty of suffering for fashion... or am I the only one whose bought a pair of shoes in a smaller size because they were too cute not to buy lol.
Lately, comfort over everything has been my motto!
As some of you may know, I am a big fan of oversized clothes, particularly jumpsuits, harems, floaty tops and blazers, all inspired by menswear styleI recently went out shopping and picked up a few bits and bobs. These items have been treating me well and can easily be dressed up or down. I did not feel the need to style these pieces because they stood out on their own.

Each look has a sporty edge to it! I opted for these quirky white heels to dress up the looks. Let me know which look is your fav! Comment below :)

  • Fashion Jockey

TOP- Oasis Market
BACKPACK- Cow Vintage
This look is ideal for window shopping with friends. I recently wore this outfit with trainers, furniture shopping with my mama. I'm not the type of girl to walk around in heels all day if it is not an occasion.. this casual look dressed with heels takes your outfit up a notch.
  • A Minimal Flare


TOP- River Island (mens)
FANNY PACK- Cow Vintage
CHOKER- River Island
The twists in my hair have me feeling very 70s, I sometimes find myself dressing quite hippy and bohemian at times. This simple look stems from my desire to be comfortable. The top I purchased from the men's section. I fell in love with the material, it's loose fit and the fact that it is black means it will get plenty of wear. Teaming it with these wool textured flares, is a dream to wear. I have the luxury of looking effortlessly cool and minimal.

  • Tom Girl

TOP- Cow Vintage
SHORTS- Primark
I am in love with these harem shorts! They have been so fitting for the sunnier days.  I chose a basketball shirt to wear with them to follow through with the athletic look. I like how the shoes also take this fit from looking 'too masculine' to 'feminine with a little edge'.
STYLE TIP-  Less is more... sometimes the style, lies within the pieces you buy! You don't always have to do the most... think cute and comfortable!

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