Monday, 15 August 2016


STYLING. I thoroughly enjoy being able to bring a vision or concept to life. 

I not so long ago had the opportunity to style Breeny Lee. I like when shoots aren't so serious and demanding, because it gives me a little time to snap a few raw pictures behind the scenes.
Breeny Lee is always a dream to style because she is so blessed with MELANIN for the gawds!! We spoke briefly about what we wanted to accomplish for this birthday shoot ahead of time and then I was left to work my magic. We unfortunately did not get round to shooting all the looks but these are a few of outfits from the day.

Look 1: BODY

This look for me was a no brainer! I wanted her to look like an ethnic goddess decked out in jewels. 
We went for a more subtle look with chained chokers and an arm band. The hair was a big accessory too.
The yellow back drop added a bit spice to the look and helped create some ambience.


The business look was also easy to achieve as Breeny requested this specific suit. We decided the whole look would be clean and effortless. The hair stylist straightened this vibrant blue piece and slicked it back. We all agreed that she was giving us Amelia Banks vibes hehe.

A suit is always a powerful statement, being that this particular suit was form fitting and red, it gave a sexy edge perfect for what was requested.


I wanted to achieve the look of a care-free, single living diva enjoying life. What came to mind straight away was this simple textured look. 
A bodycon velvet dress, worn with a thick brown leather belt, tied together with this over the top vibrant pink mohair jacket completely did the trick.
I didn't want any distractions from the whole look which meant these yeezy replicas were a perfect fit.

STYLING TIP- See the vision, believe in the vision, create the vision!

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